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The Federal Government is considering setting up of the National Council on Power in a bid to ensure adequate supply of electricity in the country.
When constituted, the NCP will be charged with the responsibility of harmonising policies of various tiers of government as they relate to power. News correspondents gathered from senior officials in the Ministry of Power on Friday that the body would coordinate development programmes in the post-privatisation power sector. And to further address the issue of system collapse, the Federal Government will on Monday (today) inaugurate a technical investigation panel.
He said the affected governments should seek the services of experts to complete the chain of action in the procurement of transformers and check the incidence of abandoned transformers not energised for use by benefiting communities.
This act, he said, though with good intention, did not provide for effective distribution of power.
Nebo called for collaboration among all tiers of government in ensuring that uninterrupted power was available to all.
The minister, while on inspection tour of facilities at the Olorunsogo Power Plant in Ogun State, said the plant was very critical to the quest of the government to increase the capacity of the national grid.
He said the plant would provide additional megawatts and assured the managers of the plant of government’s determination to bridge the funding gap experienced recently in its operations.
Electric network and says row nets, and touch welding welding with high quality low carbon steel wire net is a row welding, and then cold (electroplating), thermal plating plating, PVC plastic bag surface passivation, plasticizing processing, the net surface smooth, uniform mesh, firm, the solder joint local machining performance good, stable, corrosion and corrosion good sex. Wire nets widely used in industry, agriculture, farming, construction, transportation, mining, etc. Riaz Haq writes this blog to provide information, express his opinions and make comments on wide ranging topics.The subjects include personal activities, education, South Asia and South Asian community activities, regional and international affairs and US politics to financial markets and beyond. The report says that 60 percent of Pakistanis had access to electricity in 1990, 80 percent in 2000 and 91 percent in 2010.
The report identifies top 20 countries with the largest number of people to have gained access to electricity over the past 20 years.
In addition to access to electricity, the report also details access to non-solid fuels like oil and natural gas (fuels other than firewood, dung or charcoal commonly used in poor countries for cooking) as a key parameter of progress in terms of energy.
The goal of universal access to modern energy depends critically on  the efforts of 20 high-impact countries which include Bangladesh, China, India and Pakistan.
This tracking report is part of UN's Sustainable Energy For All (SE4ALL) Initiative launched in 2012.
For the newly-connected rural poor in Pakistan, even a couple of hours of electricity a day is better than no electricity all.
Seems like we are falling yet again in the Oil for loyalty to Saudi influence supported by the US.
The ability to store energy efficiently and cheaply would solve one of renewable energy’s greatest challenges. Energy storage would allow dispatchers to “flatten” power peaks and “fill” gaps that occur with use of renewable energy. Today, pumped hydropower is the most widely used energy storage technology, although other technologies also are available, including compressed air storage or electrical batteries.
One of the more promising ideas comes from a German research effort between the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy & Energy System Technology (Fraunhofer IWES) and the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Wurttemberg (ZSW).
In a first step, renewable electricity is used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen using electrolysis. No large-scale commercial “renewable methane” plant is in operation yet, but a 25-kilowatt pilot plant was built in 2010 in Stuttgart, Germany, by an Austrian firm. According to the research team, the CO2 that is used for methanization can be extracted from the atmosphere, derived from cement or chalk plants, or captured at biogas plants. Fraunhofer IWES and ZSW argue that their approach is the only one that allows reasonable large-scale energy storage, making the losses in efficiency less relevant. While the low efficiency of this approach may counteract its convenience and prove to be its undoing, the development of reliable large-scale energy storage alternatives for widespread deployment of renewable energy is necessary.
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Power distribution companies were tasked with achieving a recovery target of Rs54 billion in May 2012 but only Rs15 billion has been recovered so far. Bad governance and massive loopholes still prevail in the power sector as power distribution companies have failed to disconnect supply to power defaulters despite not paying dues of Rs80 billion. A senior government official said that Minister for Water and Power Syed Naveed Qamar blasted chief executive officers (CEOs) of power distribution companies (DISCOS) in a meeting held on Monday because of their failure to improve recovery of bills from consumers. He said that the management is responsible for disconnecting supply if consumers fail to pay bills for two consecutive months. Official said that heads of power distribution companies informed the meeting that protests and outrage of people due to outages had resulted in resistance when it came to paying bills. Earlier, top executives of the power distribution companies briefed the minister on their recovery position and their individual recovery targets.
Distributing responsibility: Provinces spurn inefficient power distributorsPunjab proposal to take control of DISCOs rejected by other federating units. Chinedu Nebo, decried the situation where states and local governments were procuring transformers without recourse to the power distribution companies. This report at least partly explains the dramatic increase in demand-supply gap and consequent increase in load-shedding in Pakistan. By 2010, 88 percent people of rural and 98 percent of the country's urban population had access to electricity.
Even a brief period of service enables them to charge up their cell phones and watch a little bit of television to stay informed and connected.These small things significantly improve the quality of life of those who lived without any electrical connections in the last decade or two.
The problem is that 50% of producers are not producing ANYTHING for price, payment and unpaid-debt reasons.
A planning minister said last weekend that all options must be on the table to resolve ongoing energy woes and that could include actually moving on a long-discussed natural gas pipeline from Iran. This is textbook operation from Baniya 101.Yup which is why we have more of less adhered to the IWT despite 4 wars!
It says here that our per capita electricity consumption is LOWER than sub-Saharan Africa"The whole South Asia region has lower per capita energy consumption than sub-Sahara Africa in terms Kg of oil equivalents. The only issue is that the Saudis will also support the Wahabi extremists and will expect Pakistani look away on those activities.
In reality, this means that electricity is stored when too much of it is produced, and consumed later when not enough power is available. But the storage capacity of existing technologies is limited, and researchers and companies are working to develop alternatives. Their so-called “Renewable Methane” approach is based on using excess electricity from renewable power plants to produce synthetic methane, which can later be used to reproduce electricity. Although the production and use of hydrogen as a possible energy storage source has been long elaborated (and largely abandoned because of high water usage and lack of storage infrastructure), the German researchers go one step further. Earlier this month, the same company, together with German car manufacturer Audi, started construction of a larger plant with a capacity of 6,300 kilowatts. Countries with developed natural gas infrastructure such as the United States or European countries would be able to store a great deal of energy. The conversion of electricity into methane occurs with an efficiency of only 60 percent (the pilot project that is currently in operation reaches just 40 percent).
But one has to ask if it is smart to let renewable energy plants operate at an efficiency of less than 40 percent. Thus, as long as no true alternatives for long-term energy storage exist, the approach of Fraunhofer Institut IWES and ZSW should be considered as a potential future energy storage technology by investors, the industry, and policy makers. CEOs said that the remaining amount of Rs39 billion will be recovered from consumers by May 31.

He directed Discos to disconnect the supply of private and government consumers without any discrimination in case of non-payment of bills. Power to the people: Proposal to increase gas tariff for captive powerOfficials discuss plans increase gas supply to mainstream electricity generation. Try getting the mullahs to pay and you will get bullet in your brain or they will ban wapda like facebook. In terms of electricity, India has by far the largest access deficit; exceeding 300 million people, while for non-solid cooking fuel, India and China each have access deficits exceeding 600 million people.
Eventually one hopes that the energy crisis will be resolved to  bring supply and demand in better balance. Its best interests will be served by developing its own cheap domestic shale gas ($4 per mmBTU) on an accelerated schedule with Saudi investment and US tech know-how.
This represents a challenge to distribution networks, which have been designed to be fed with a steady electricity supply from centralized power plants but which encounter problems when supply fluctuates.
By using methanization, they combine the hydrogen with carbon dioxide (CO2) so that the end product is synthetic methane. It will provide drivers of natural gas vehicles with a daily amount of 138,000 cubic feet (3,900 cubic meters) of renewable methane by 2013. Moreover, roughly half of the water used for the electrolysis is released in the process of methanization, some of which can be reused.
Germany, for example, could store the equivalent of the entire country’s electricity demand for a period of several weeks.
If the methane is later used in a natural gas power plant to produce electricity, the effiency falls to 36 percent.
The country direly needs to increase power generation levels in the coming months of summer.
The most impressive expansion of electrification occurred in India, China, Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh. For example, people living closer to the national grid being added in 1990s and the job getting more difficult later in 2000s to add those living in more remote areas.Second, the politicians often do things to gain quick popularity by doing things like giving service connections for elect and gas that create other serious problems such as increasing load-shedding for existing consumers. So that should be functioning.I strongly suspect that it is the IPPs who are not producing anything at all and still claiming the contractual minimum payments from GOP. However, the trend of providing gas to the power sector is declining since 2005-06 except in 2012, where there was a growth of 6 per cent. But Pakistan insists that the plants are unconnected to the country’s nuclear weapons program and are regularly inspected by the International Atomic Energy Agency.
If the Americans and the Saudis refuse to help, then Pakistan will have a stronger case to go with the Iran gas option. The so-called “renewable methane” can be fed into the natural gas grid where it is stored or used for such purposes as producing electricity in gas-fired power plants, for heating, or as a transport fuel. Pumped hydro storage, on the other hand, stores energy at an efficiency rate of between 70 to 80 percent.
The advances in these populous countries are of enormous significance for achievement of the global universal access target.
The capacity utilization is only 50% mainly because the producers do not buy sufficient fuel and choose to operate at only 50% of capacity and still enjoy soaring profits.
Moreover, synthetic production of natural gas allows countries that do not have mountainous- enough regions for large pumped hydro storage to build their own storage capacities domestically. A third of the installed generating capacity is owned by the independent power producers (IPPs).
Gas utility companies have planned to invest Rs17437 million on transmission projects, Rs27,265 million on distribution projects and Rs11,165 million on other projects, bringing the total investment of Rs. The current IPP contracts guarantee payments and profits with no requirement for fuel efficiency.Most private investors (IPPs) built oil-powered inefficient plants because of their low construction costs and short lead times, and the oil price has skyrocketed since these plants were built in 1990s. Sharif spent six years in exile in the Persian Gulf kingdom as part of a deal for his release from jail in Pakistan negotiated by the Saudi royal family, after he was overthrown in a military coup staged by Gen.

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