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EMP grenades released a 3-meter blast of disruptive electrical energy that damaged and disabled electronic systems. When rolled at just the right speed, EMP grenades could bypass the shield of a Droideka and disabling it, making them more effective than blasters.
Other anti-droid weapons that produced similar effects were the ion grenade and the Electromagnetic pulse launcher. UEG-The Systems Alliance wrote:Saw the first match, preferred it if it went by DW season 3 format without pictures, if there must be pictures at least add a link because it can be distracting from the reading. Last edited by New Emmerian Coalition on Fri Apr 20, 2012 5:23 pm, edited 8 times in total. Supreme Commander of Task Force AtlasGolden Rule: Respect me, and I'll be your best friend. Le Couteau : Existant deja dans battlefield 2 et meme avant, le couteau est tres utile lorsque l’on recharge et qu’on tombe sur un ennemi. Battlefield 2, les defibrillateurs sont employes pour reanimer et soigne les soldats se trouvant dans etat critique. Les Drones ont differentes tache assignable, comme indentifier les positions ou simplement ouvrir le feu sur tout ce qui n’est pas allie. Le RD-4 Dtus est un drone de reconnaissance a longue portee employe pour identifier le mouvement des forces ennemies dans la zone.
Le pilote est arme d’un lanceur electromagnetique pour desactiver les vehicules ennemis suffisamment longtemps pour pouvoir leur echapper.
Certaines variantes du AMV-2 sont meme equipees de nacelles d’assaut ejectables que les soldats peuvent mobiliser contre les cibles aeriennes.
Le UD-12 Shepherd a ete developpe avec un seul objectif : convoyer les personnels militaires au sein meme des champs de bataille.
En 2032, la CPA a developpe le vehicule rapide d’attaque UAZ-8 Ocelot d’apres un prototype du Bandit qu’elle avait vole.
Elle a ainsi cre un moyen de transport tout terrain souple et ultrarapide, a l’image de son modele.
Bogatyr, l’Arpenteur de combat T-1 de la CPA a definitivement modifie les regles de la guerre. Comparable a l’UD-12 Shepherd, son homologue de l’UE, le BTR-20 Yastreb se deplace lentement et demeure tres expose. Tous les images diffusees sur ce site appartiennent a leurs auteurs respectifs, toute utilisation commerciale est strictement interdite sans accord prealable de l'auteur.
Do you start ripping all those wires or slip an Electro Magnetic Pulse Grenade into the room? Anyways I hope for my match at least Geoff, Dorian and Mack will be present (Mack is my favorite) But the Judge and Player thing is confusing.If you mean the match I posted, then I did that to give my own take on things, and I thought it'd look more appealing to readers. This often comprises of ammunitions suited to the approprate weapon a perticular soldier may carry. Cliquez sur les mots en rouge afin de voir l'image associee a la description de chaque arme ou de chaque vehicule. Il faut compter au moins deux EMP pour neutraliser un Mecha (walker) sur une courte periode.
Un systeme de defense actif supplementaire permet au Tiger de supporter les attaques a l’artillerie lourde et aux missiles.
Son systeme de defense actif automatique l’aide a resister aux tirs de roquettes aeriennes et terrestres. I WOULD have been tempted to fire those new guns myself, but choosing the right gadget at the right time is important.

Luckily, Bolt has created an Electro Magnetic Pulse Grenade to deal with this kind of situation. These electromagnetic pulses were not quite as effective against organics, but were still capable of electrocuting or stunning lifeforms that had cybernetic enhancements.[2] Detonations also temporarily disrupted the sensors and visual displays of a clone trooper's helmet systems for a few seconds, somewhat similar to the effects of the reverse-polarity pulse grenade. I'm sure they can all exist without brownies because other pastries exist and the dessert may just go by another name in those countries. There are specialists within every squadron, somtimes equipped with medical equipment, extra explosives or ammo, combat display PDAs, desiegned to analyze situations and allow precise air strike marking. The Nationalist easily worked out all issues they could think of and promised multiple things, like ammunition counting, a a prototype to their Heads Up Display and it's retical link, these would have not make it in the final design and only show up in the late 21st century. Since the clone commandos had a more electronic helmet, the effect on them would last closer to an hour than just a few seconds. The fudgey dessert must be your favorite if you get so antsy when no one knows what a brownie is. Stryker is an elite cop who knows a thing or two about STARS, having served with them ever since they were initialized. Without much worry the finalized variant was being finished with multiple designs being proposed before hand. He has received training to the same standard as Special Warfare Unit operators and deployed with them in a support role making him highly knowledgeable of their training, tactics and equipment.
So please, calm down and go order a box of supreme fudge chocolate chip brownies from your local 9 and i convenience store; I understand they now deliver baked goods. Give em' a read if you've got the time, maybe tell me what I'm getting horribly, horribly wrong.
He is famous around the country for numerous acts of bravery in the capital city, even thwarting multiple terrorist alliances and stopping a plane crash with infected members on board.Chris was the pilot and marksman of STARS Zed Team. The weapon faced many challenges, many which were causing setbacks for the development of a weapon for the Freedom Fighters. He was responsible for getting teams to locations and supporting them on the ground as well.
The majority of the weapon’s body is made of high durability, lightweight, resistant fiberglass-reinforced polyamide, much like many future weapons would later use as well. He has worked with Stryker his whole career, and they have grown a brotherly trust amongst eachother. He desiegned a good number of prototype weapons that eventually became the armory of the TF-25 today. The exact make-up of each SWU varies by its task and mission, but it is always based around a cadre of specially selected Special Operations Group (SOG) personnel. Some SWU are permanently organised allowing them to maintain a high degree of preparation and readiness for deployment, while others are only recruited and activated when or as required. Having taken shelter in an old military fort, they are completely sheltered from any basic police force. Known for being a deadly shot in combat and an even better arm with a knife, he is not a soldier you'd like to point your gun at.
Bio-commanders inside panic, sending their most heavily armed and highly trained to take care of the problem. Destroying specific fortifications, assassinating high-value targets, spearheading assaults, and deploying the WMD EMPs. Much ambiguity deliberately exists as to how many Special Warfare Units exist, when they were originally created and by whom, and which operations they have taken part in. They are usally deployed from four groups of six to ten groups of twenty, all depending on the occasion.

They are deployed by Valkrie Fast Attack and Transport helicopters behind, in front, on the flanks or in the middle of the enemy body.
Wearing 'DragonScale' armor, the men and women of the TF25 can take a 50' calibre shot to the chest and emerge alive.
Yet despite their obvious value, status and importance they remain at all times volunteer citizen soldiers with families, a home life and domestic responsibilities that ground them. When destroying key fortifications, such as walls, trenches, buildings or any other structure, the Task Force will deploy with several demolitions experts on site.
During their careers they cross-train and cross-deploy with their parent units and international special forces. Using high-impact precision explosives, they can shatter a five meter thick slab of concrete with six five pound charges. When leading urban assaults, the TF25 will send in 5% of the forces already prepared to attack.
The TF offers expert advice to NCOs and gives superb morale boosts most generals can only wish for. In an EMP operation, one squad of four is deployed with one charge, sneak into target area, and detonate.
These EMPs have the power to overcharge electronics, (depending on size) to the point massive explosions are created. Cuircut boards spark and combust, cars explode, power plants and power lines go up like the fourth of july.Individually, a member of the task force must have at least two-thousand hours on the front-lines. After that, they go through five months lethal combat training before they are given easy assaignments. Depending on the specialization the particular soldier undertakes, extra training may or may not be mandatory. After this training is over, TF members are sent to the front lines for another one-hundred hours to re-ajust to real life situations. From deploying a mass EMP, to assassinating a prominent enemy, you will find their grip firm, and their ironsights steady.
The Task Force is reckognized as the CDSP's most powerfull infantry unit, and they certainly live up to a reputation.
Very seldom does an operation go wrong, and even less frequent, multiple friendly casualties. The task force twenty-five was created as a watchdog unit for keeping tabs(and occasionally causing domestic havoc) on the neighboring nation, the Sovietyeto. It can hit targets accuratly from 15 meters, and recoil may be dampened with certain stabilizers. These grenades are fairly lightweight, powered by a specially deseigned battery that can only release power once, but all at once. This weapons payload can burn a building down in a few minutes with a well placed shot, but be cautious.
The average TF trooper only carries two shots for the Gahkara because of the munition's volitile nature.

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