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I used for a special box for Choune be able to eat when she wants and to be sure than Titi, my other cat, can't steal her food.
We purchased this door several months ago after a racoon followed our cat in thru the old door, tore it up and ate all the cat food and treats.
Double opening door Electromagnetic lock--Paypal AcceptElectromagnetic lock SB-180D Surface mounted and suitable for wooden door, glass door, metal door, fireproof door. 350kg Flush mounted electromagnetic door lock.Suitable for wooden door, iron door, fireproof door etc.
Surface mounted mini electromagnetic lock Suitable for file cabinet, drawer, shopping cabinet etc. Detail more >> magnetic door lock magnetic door lock1.600LBS flush mounted magnetic door lock. Magnetic door lock (SB-280B)Flush mounted and suitable for wooden door, metal door, fireproof door.

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The Briton electromagnetic hold open device is suitable for use with overhead door closers and floor springs.
When used in conjunction with a suitable door closing device, fire alarm and detection system, the Briton electromagnetic hold open devices permit fire doors to be held open during normal operation.
The Firemark® series of electromagnets is designed to specifically to hold fire and smoke barrier doors open until released by a remote smoke detector or other switching device. The company has been assessed and granted the certificate of ISO9002 and honored as a member of the Chinese Security and Protection Association. To avoid inflicting twisting forces on the door leaf it is recommended that the electromagnetic device is fitted in the same horizontal plane as the closing device (or as close as is practical).

In the event of a fire or smoke detection the units are automatically de-activated and the doors will be closed under the normal action of the door closer. The complete assembly consists of an armature contact plate with adjustable pivot mounting for installation on the door and a heavy-duty electromagnet mounted on the wall or floor behind the door. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Failure to do so can result in the door leaf twisting which can prevent the door from closing properly in an emergency.

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