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The 838 Total Ground™ Carbon Conductive Coating is an economical, acrylic paint that is used to create conductive, static free surfaces with excellent characteristics. Tin-based materials for lithium ion battery have been proposed as new anode candidates owing to their higher specific capacity and relatively high lithium insertion potential.
XRD i”?i?¬eS” e„“e?? i??i§„ i?•i??e?? e‚?i?€e‚¬e?  500 a„? i‹?e?? i??i›„e¶€i„° i”?i?¬e°€ i?¬e?? e‚?i?€e‚¬e‹¤.
Tin-based materials have been extensively studied as possible replacements for carbon anodes in lithium ion batteries. Further, the cured coat is designed to withstand large temperature changes without cracking.
However, the large volume expansion results in severe particle cracking with loss of electrical contact, giving irreversible capacity losses which prevent the widespread use of tin-based materials in lithium batteries. FT-IR e?°e??i—?i„? 460 cm-1 e¶€e·?i—?i„? O-Si- Oi?? eµ?iz?i§„e?™, 960 cm-1i—?i„? Si-OH, 1080 cm-1 e¶€e·?i—?i„? Si-OSii?? e?„e?€i?­ i‹ i¶•i§„e?™ e“±i?? e‚?i?€e‚¬e‹¤[12,13]. 300 a„?i—?i??e¦¬ i‹?e??i—?i„?eS” i??~ i??i‹­ nm i??i¤€i?? iz…iz?i?¬e?°e?? e°€i§€e?  500 a„?i—?i??e¦¬ i‹?e??e¶€i„°eS” I?m i??i¤€i?? iz…iz?i?¬e?°e?? i„±iz?i•? e??i?„ i™•i?? i•  i?? iz?e‹¤.
Important Usage Info for 838 Aerosol - Do not use on thin plastics or on plastics where you want to keep original surface intact.
So remaining studies of tin-based materials are alleviating volume expansion and improving cycle performance.

SnO2eS” e¦¬iS¬ i??i??e?? 2e‹?e?„ e??i •i??e?? e°?i?‘i•?eS”e?° i•„ez?i?? i‹? (1), (2)i™€ e°™e‹¤.
XRD e¶„i„? e?°e??i—?i„?e?„ i??e?„e°€ i¦?e°€i•?i—? e”°e?? SnO2i?? i”?i?¬i?? i„?e?°e°€ e°•i•?i§„e‹¤eS” i‚¬i‹¤e??e?„ iz? i??i??i•?e‹¤.
The 838 spray contains solvents is designed to chemically etch plastic surfaces to help adhesion by melting the acrylic coating into the plastic substrate. In this work, SnO2-SiO2 composites were manufactured with sol-gel method to overcome their volume expansion. Electrochemical characteristics of these composites were measured with CR2032 type coin cells.
300 a„?e?? i—?i??e¦¬i•? i›„i—? i?„i†?i”?e?µi•? SnO2-SiO2 i™?e¬?i§?i?? i „e?°i™”i•™i ? iS?i„±i?? e°€iz? is°i??i•?i?€e‹¤. Carbon coated SnO2-SiO2 at 300 a„? heat treatment showed the best electrochemical performance.

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