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An exploding high-altitude (25 to 250 miles) nuclear weapon can generate an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) that can zap electronic systems over a wide area — several could potentially take out electronic systems across the country. Periodically there are also solar flares emitted from the sun that could also have this effect. ELECTRIC POWER INFRASTRUCTURE After EMPs take out electric power systems, emergency power supplies will be limited by supplies of stored fuel, which are increasingly diminishing for fire safety and pollution reasons. BANKING AND FINANCE  The financial services industry comprises a network of organizations and attendant systems that process instruments of monetary value in the form of deposits, loans, funds transfers, savings, and other financial transactions.
TRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTURE   Combustion engines are vulnerable to EMPs because they have a lot of electronics to make the engine more efficient, reduce pollution, and so on.  “significant degradation of the transportation infrastructures are likely to occur in the immediate aftermath of an EMP attack.
Although we’ve known about EMPs for a long time, our infrastructure wasn’t built to withstand them because we have depended on MAD to deter an attack.  But now there are terrorist groups as well as rogue nations such as North Korea and Iran. The 1962 bomb exploded 250 miles above the Johnston Island affected the Hawaiian islands 870 miles away. In 1962 the Soviet Union also set off 300 kiloton detonations from 37 to 300 miles high that affected both overhead and underground buried cables up to 375 miles away, as well as surge arrestor burnout, spark-gap breakdown, blown fuses, and power supply breakdowns.
Mutually assured destruction, or MAD, is at the basis of our nuclear deterrent system.  If we’re attacked, we’ll counterattack.
There are hundreds of articles on the web about this topic.  The Foster article is the most comprehensive one that I found. This entry was posted in Electric Grid, EMP Electromagnetic Pulse and tagged collapse, electric grid, electromagnetic pulse, EMP, fast crash, infrastructure, solar flare.
Each donor receives a personal thank you email from Robert Steele that opens a conversation. A threat to any nation though would be a mobile launch from a ship just offshore using a short to medium range ballistic missile (SCUD or others), which would then lift an EMP weapon to sufficient altitude to detonate and cause mass electronic destruction below. One may reasonably surmise that such an action would certainly bring about mutual-assured-destruction of a nation like North Korea who dared to perform such an act.
What is interesting with this report regarding North Korea, is that the main stream has chosen to report it in the first place.
Any response other than an all out attack on Korea is an admission of provocation and wanting to see Korea use this weapon. The Power infrastructure in the US is VERY fragile, I am surprised this hasn’t been tried as of yet. However, in the article it said they didn’t have a deployment method, which they do, if they were to come close enough to our shores in a freighter then they could launch from the deck of the ship with the current arsenal they have and be highly effective with it.
Furthermore the electric distribution system is a very simple design and can be easily repaired. I agree that an EMP device knocking out our electronic infrastructure would be devistating to our country.
It might be because, if he did, he would be at war with NATO and probably a large portion of the world. In the end, North Korea was lost and the longest retreat in US military history was at the hands of the Chinese. Barbary War, War of 1812, Mexican American War, Spanish American War, Philippine American war, Panama War. I think they meant a neutron bomb, which uses fusion with the energy of an initial fission reaction. Indeed, no one on the planet has harnessed nuclear fusion in a controlled reaction for much more than a few seconds.
If anyone in The West actually had a fully functioning brain, they would nuke those lunatics off the planet, entirely ERASE that religion, same as Africa, where Islam has infected the minds there too, and teach those sand-kissing, pigeon-mooning s-for-brains that they truly are NOTHING but mindless and meaningless fleas on a rat’s ass. If u think destabilizing the world economy will make the world safer then yeah whatever u say. The Sikh would be able to do crap because your primitive Indian technology would be annihilated by the Chinese and so would your primitive culture. Yet they had enough cannon to make the British run, and have them declare Nalwa would rule Asia. I don’t know much about North Korea, but judging by their poverty and lack of oil, this all sounds very silly to me.
Veterans Day 2013 - 40 percent of New York City veterans are relying on soup kitchens and pantries.
Veterans Day 2013 - 40 percent of New York City veterans are relying on soup kitchens and pantries.(RT).
Earlier reports had indicated that last-minute objections by the French over the text of the final agreement, especially regarding the construction of Iran’s plutonium-producing reactor in Arak and the specific limits on its uranium enrichment, was the stumbling block in reaching an agreement in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Now Kerry says that all major powers, including France, did ultimately agree on a draft agreement acceptable to all six powers, including Russia and China, but the Iranians could not sign off on it without additional approval from Tehran. The rest of the $5 billion annual food-stamp cuts was taken when 2009 stimulus funds dried up.
Right now, the country’s poorest families of four are seeing food-stamp allotments cut from $668 a month to $632. Iran under mullahs' rule has been ranked a lowly 130th in a new international survey of gender equality in society. The regime was placed almost bottom out of the 136 nations assessed in the 2013 Global Gender Gap report by the World Economic Forum.
The study measures the access and opportunities for women in four key areas of health, education, economics and politics.
At the top of the table were the northern European nations of Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
But Iran was ahead only of Cote d'Ivoire, Mauritania, Syria, Chad and Yemen in the study which has again highlighted the repressive measures against women in Iranian society. The survey comes after a separate report last week ranked Iran 94th in world index of 'skilled and productive' workforces. The report measured the skills and capital that reside in people and that are put to productive use. Iran highest ranking was 68th for the level of education of workers, followed by 87th for the physical and mental health of the employed population and 88th the state of environment in which they work. But the regime was in 119th place - third from bottom across all 122 countries - for the quantity, talent and knowledge of the workforce.
Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei controls a business empire worth around $95 billion - a sum exceeding the value of his oil-rich nation's current annual petroleum exports - a six-month Reuters investigation shows. The little-known organization, called Setad, is one of the keys to the Iranian leader's enduring power and now holds stakes in nearly every sector of Iranian industry, including finance, oil, telecommunications, the production of birth-control pills and even ostrich farming.
Setad has built its empire on the systematic seizure of thousands of properties belonging to ordinary Iranians - members of religious minorities, Shi'ite Muslims, business people and Iranians living abroad. The Reuters investigation, which is detailed in a three-part series, documents how Setad has amassed a giant portfolio of real estate by claiming in Iranian courts, sometimes falsely, that the properties are abandoned.

Reuters reporters identified nearly 300 properties that Setad put up for auction in May alone, many worth millions of dollars.
The organization's full name in Persian is "Setad Ejraiye Farmane Hazrate Emam" - Headquarters for Executing the Order of the Imam.
According to one of its co-founders, Setad was created to help the poor and war veterans and was meant to exist for just two years. Almost a quarter-century on, Setad has morphed into a business juggernaut with real estate, corporate stakes and other assets.
Under Khamenei, the organization has expanded its corporate holdings, buying stakes in dozens of Iranian companies, both private and public, with the stated goal of creating an Iranian conglomerate to boost the country's economic growth. The Iranian president's office and the foreign ministry did not respond to requests for comment for the series. Setad's director general of public relations, Hamid Vaezi, said by email in response to a detailed description of this series that the information presented is "far from realities and is not correct." He did not go into specifics.
Video - Coming to a neighbourhood near you: A Thousand Dollar fine for your wood-burning stove. The EPA has banned the production and sale of the types of stoves used by about 80 percent of those with such stoves.
Most of the wood stoves currently nestled inside cabins and homes from coast-to-coast don’t meet the new environmental standard.
According to French press agency AFP, South Korea's intelligence services claim that North Korea is using Russian technology to develop nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons aimed at paralyzing Seoul's military electronic equipment. Seoul's National Intelligence Service (NIS) said in a recent report to parliament that the North had purchased Russian electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weaponry in order to develop its own versions of the weapon, for possible use against South Korea. EMP weapons are detonated at high altitudes to damage computers and other electronic equipment across a very large territory, effectively sending the affected area into the Stone Age without directly killing anyone. Arutz Sheva analyst Mark Langfan, who has been warning of the EMP threat for a long time, notes that North Korea and Iran have long been cooperating in the nuclear field, and that technology that reaches Pyongyang can be assumed to have reached Iran as well. Free Smart Grid Daily Newsletter: Smart Grid News is the leading source of news and analysis for the modernization and automation of electric power. North Korea has launched what it claims is a successful nuclear weapon test -- the fourth underground test since 2006.
Although it has yet to be determined whether this was a true nuclear bomb, or a hydrogen device, foreign adversaries can conduct high-altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attacks against critical infrastructure in the United States -- causing wide-area grid blackouts lasting for months or years. When a nuclear weapon is detonated in the upper atmosphere, a series of electromagnetic pulses radiate downward, impacting electrical equipment within line-of-sight of the blast. According to the Foundation for Resilient Societies, a single nuclear weapon detonated over Kansas could disable critical infrastructure in most of the continental United States, including all three major electric grid interconnections. The nuclear triad of the military, including land-based ballistic missiles, submarines, and strategic bombers is protected against EMP, consistent with the requirements of military standard MIL-STD-188-125.
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The electric power system in the US and interconnected areas of Canada and Mexico is outstanding in terms of its ability to meet load demands with high quality and reliable electricity at reasonable cost. As a result, the existing National electrical system not infrequently operates at or very near local limits on its physical capacity to move power from generation to load.
The transformation of the United States from a nation of farmers to a nation where less than 2 percent of the population is able to feed the other 98 percent and supply export markets is made possible only by technological advancements that, since 1900, have increased the productivity of the modern farmer by more than 50-fold.
For example, municipal road traffic will likely be severely congested, possibly to the point of wide-area gridlock, as a result of traffic light malfunctions and the fraction of operating cars and trucks that will experience both temporary and in some cases unrecoverable engine shutdown. Street light systems failed, burglar alarms were triggered, and a telecommunications relay facility was damaged. James Woolsey and [a former CIA analyst and Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, an Advisory Board to Congress] Dr.
North Korea itself would likely be minimally effected by such a blast because much of their infrastructure does not rely on modern technology. Even if such a weapon was transferred to others, there are methods to discover the origin of the nuclear materials.
However in this highly uncertain world today, a world including foes who are not afraid to die – and are actually trying to bring on Armageddon which they believe will usher in their Messiah, the risks are increasingly greater.
Not having heard mention of an EMP weapon from the MSM in quite some time, this is notable. An EMP weapon of sufficient yield and detonation altitude could certainly bring down the U.S. It is one of my Worst Case scenario’s that we have prepped for and was one of the original reasons I started prepping. He is a deranged Dangerous man that thinks he can do what he wants, when he wants and have no consequences for it. Or they could sell it to some one and they could effectively launch it from a shoulder rocket.
At a bare minimum, this EMP could theoretically damage electronic equipment south of the Korean DMZ. Wars are about objectives, but I don’t think we can have a nuanced discussion on that.
A normal TND uses a heavy lead or uranium casing which absorbs the initial burst of neutrons. It would be like the 1800s almost instantly, except some of the old beater autos before electronics would weather the EMP just fine as long as they have points and a standard 12 volt battery?
Korea got those EMP bombs from Russia, I would believe if they got them from China, as to how can they develop their own bombs I will pick China as the first one to help them out.
The little faggots from the Sikh Regiment wouldn’t even be able to kill a little Spartan girl. But with ObamaCare woes stealing the oxygen in Washington, there’s little urgency to replace dandelion greens served on recyclable trays with family-friendly buttered mashed potatoes. It may not sound like much, but understand that $36 is enough to buy a truckload of Kool-Aid and ramen noodles. The organization now holds a court-ordered monopoly on taking property in the name of the supreme leader, and regularly sells the seized properties at auction or seeks to extract payments from the original owners.
The name refers to an edict signed by the Islamic Republic's first leader, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, shortly before his death in 1989. While Setad controls a charitable foundation, it's not clear how much money goes to charity. Iran's embassy in the United Arab Emirates called Reuters' findings "scattered and disparate" and said that "none has any basis" but did not elaborate.
Reuters estimates it at around $95 billion, made up of about $52 billion in real estate and $43 billion in corporate holdings. George Baker, principal investigator for Resilient Societies, staff member of the EMP Commission, and manager at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency for development of this standard for EMP protection.

However, over the last decade or two, there has been relatively little large-capacity electric transmission constructed and the generation additions that have been made, while barely adequate, have been increasingly located considerable distances from load for environmental, political, and economic reasons. Therefore, the slightest insult or upset to the system can cause functional collapse affecting significant numbers of people, businesses, and manufacturing. Virtually all American economic activity depends upon the functioning of the financial services industry. Technology, in the form of knowledge, machines, modern fertilizers and pesticides, high-yield crops and feeds, is the key to this revolution in food production. Railroad traffic will stop if communications with railroad control centers are lost or railway signals malfunction.
The national security and homeland security communities use commercial satellites for critical activities, including direct and backup communications, emergency response services, and continuity of operations during emergencies. EMPs can fry the entire nation’s ground-based electronic nuclear command and control system.
There are too many lunatics and fundamentalists out there too willing to die for there cause. The thought of some on like N.Korea having a weapon like this should put every one on edge.
Also, Russia is openly selling freight containers that have been modified to launch SCUD missiles.
At higher power levels, a real EMP device can melt any electronic device or system within hundreds of miles.
This allows the gamma rays to spread out before they hit the atmosphere, creating a huge area of effect. Only that just saying it would be war against NATO and a large portion of the world is not the end of discussion. If a state has open carry and every man does not, versus another place where they do you can predict the outcome.
Militarily America could win any war with great ease, but that is not in the interests of bankers or corporations.
A neutron bomb uses a thinner casing which allows the neutrons to escape which takes the form of neutron radiation which zaps any human within a given radius depending upon the power of a given bomb, with like 8000 rads of radiation which would immediately incapacitate anyone caught in the burst and cause 100% mortality within 2 days. Taliban’s main fight was to oust the warlord system that supported, post-soviet regime. I mean a country that is isolated from trade from the rest of the countries, where do they get their materials from? His order spawned an entity intended to manage and sell properties abandoned in the chaotic years after the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The estimate is based on an analysis of statements by Setad officials, data from the Tehran Stock Exchange and company websites, and information from the US Treasury Department. Through Setad, Khamenei has at his disposal financial resources whose value rivals the holdings of the shah, the Western-backed monarch who was overthrown in 1979. It is not surprising that a single EMP attack may well encompass and degrade at least 70% of the Nation’s electrical service, all in one instant. Today, most financial transactions that express National wealth are performed and recorded electronically. Much of the technology for food production directly or indirectly depends upon electricity, transportation, and other infrastructures. Commercial air traffic will likely cease operations for safety and other traffic control reasons.
As the infrastructure becomes more interconnected and interdependent, the transportation industry will increasingly rely on information technology to perform its most basic business functions.
You may be interested to read this report, Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack.
Now toddle off into the hills and fight your Maoist guerillas that you’ve never managed to clean up.
There is still a blast with thermal and overpressure effects including destruction of infrastructure but not to the degree which a normal TND would inflict since part of the energy release is in the neutron radiation rather than solely blast effects. Nothing has 100% good intentions, and no one was the right thing always for the right reason. The amount is roughly 40 percent bigger than Iran's total oil exports last year, which totaled $67.4 billion, according to the International Monetary Fund. Virtually all transactions involving banks and other financial institutions happen electronically.
There is a fair amount of information on this subject out there if you search for it (some of it is BS, so you need to look at the source and credentials of the site itself). China is exponentially most powerful than it was during the Korean War and it has accumulated much. It is not surprising that a single EMP attack may well encompass and degrade at least 70% of the Nation’s electrical service, all in one instant”. Essentially all record-keeping of financial transactions involves information stored electronically. Supermarkets typically carry only enough food to provision the local population for 1 to 3 days. If a big EMP was detonated above the USA, the E1 burst would probably melt most of the electronics within 1,000 miles or so. They will never risk China’s gains for North Korea because their path cannot be repeated. The financial services industry has evolved to the point that it would be impossible to operate without the efficiencies, speeds, and processing and storage capabilities of electronic information technology. Supermarkets replenish their stocks on virtually a daily basis from regional warehouses that usually carry enough food to supply a multi-county area for about one month.
The large quantities of food kept in regional warehouses will do little to alleviate a crisis if it cannot be distributed to the population in a timely manner.
Since then, though, as far as we know, there have been no further testing of nuclear EMPs by either the US or Russia. That is just one example among many of what China did to grow today and how they cannot do it a second time. The E1 induces very high voltages in just about everything, causing wires to melt, fuses to blow, and insulators to break down and become conductors. E3 is hard to protect against, but its effects are generally only felt by larger electrical installations, such as power lines. With modern tooling and technologies, creating an EMP weapon isn’t particularly hard.

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