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With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. The small diagram on the back is an alternate firing setup if the momentary switch with 2 channels is not available. It would require another relay, momentary switch and 390 ohm resistor, and inexplicably a blue LED. Movie note: Jigawatts was an accidental mispronunciation of Gigawatts entered into the script as a kind of equivocational jab at complex scientific naming procedures. A higher capacitor value at C3 is specified with the fixed-frequency, or fence-charger version, for reasons of safety.
If no arc is drawn, the positive pulse on the collector of Q3 is followed by a negative-going excursion. One way to preclude breakdown with such a transformer is to always operate the fence charger with an appropriate load.
A type MJE5742 transistor is specified for Q3, rated at 400-volts under heavy inductive load.
Potentiometer R9 for the variable pulse generator project can be any 2.5 mega-ohm unit from the junk box. We have emphasized the importance of I1, the current-limiting lamp, and have specified a type 1156 automotive bulb. Omit R2 from the circuit board and don't connect the supply conductor to the plus end of T1 until ready to fire up. If you are using the author's recommended cabinet, situate the circuit board in the left end of its bottom. For variable-frequency or lab model, situate the 'rate' control R9 in the clear-plastic front panel.
For maximum safety, you should, if feasible, connect one side of the lab-generator power supply to Earth ground. If you have trouble getting lower output voltages, but not higher, the spark-plug cable may have pulled loose. Temporarily screw a pipe cap onto top end so as to protect the threads during hammering operation. Electronics" magazines and published by Gernsback Publishing, 1992 (Gernsback Publishing is no longer in business). Even if I had money to waste, I am not sure I would want to give the seller money just to open the thing up to see how rediculous the inside looks.
Years ago I was told of a scheme where you could put a dental mirror up the payout slot and it would confuse the slot machine.
The bottom half of the controller is the 1000v PIV full wave rectifier circuit connected to the capacitors. Unfortunately the Timing is not optimal over into PP more spacer used light barriers, part would be far better with only one coil!!!! The EM-15 is a gun that the military could get lots of use from if it ever goes into production.
Today, this system can not compete with firearms, because their firerate and punching power is much more higher than coilguns. And I have a suggestion: you should put a switch on the coilguns that adjusts its bullets speed. Now what I’m sure you would find is that the coil gun’s projectile probably only traveled 50 ft and fell harmlessly to the ground, while the tiny .22 rim fire made a nice round hole in the plywood.
Why no military is currently interested in coil guns is that they just can not match the energies of current weapons technologies. All in all, the idea probably has been around since the first solinoid was created, and that was how long ago?
The military are actually working on a controlled EMP (One that targets specific vehicles or objects) and a programmable computer virus that transmits enemy data before destroying all computer files however it can lay dormant for weeks in the system so it can spread.
We have nothing like the battery storeage technology to make worthwhile electronic weapons right now. Needless to say, it spits pellets about 200 feet per second and is fun for shooting cans with. In relation to the legality of the coil gun and I have discovered that they are legal, even in Australia with its very strict gun laws.
I wouldn’t recommend carrying it down the street, or even cleaning it outside your local police station. However the projectile is short and fat which increases the rise in the ballistic curve but also makes it hard to handle. I see real potential for police work especially if it were made to have a power selector switch.
To those talking about Kick back- Don’t forget that kickback is not caused by a hammer or propellant charge! If we briefly look at Newtons 2nd (F=ma) and 3rd laws (Every force has an equal and opposite reaction) we can explain kickback as a reaction to the projectiles acceleration. Bedini: Perpetual Motor - Solid State - Energizers 1 - Energizers 2 - Monopoles - Theory - Patents - Energenx Inc. I have been working in the energy field for over 30 years, I have come to the conclusion that their is no "Free Electricity". This energy makes up everything we touch and use in our electrical circuits as we know them. Abstract: This invention is a back EMF permanent electromagnetic motor generator and method using a regauging process for capturing available electromagnetic energy in the system. There are input and output coils created by wrapping each bar with a conducting material such as copper wire. The magnets of the rotor, which is located on a shaft along with the timing wheel, are in apposition to the magnetized pole pieces of the two bars.
Therefore, the total net energy output is zero in any such rotary process without additional energy input.
The invention relates generally to the capturing of available electromagnetic energy using a device and method for creating an electromagnetic force (hereinafter, EMF) and then using the available stored energy for recycling into the system as stored energy. An aspect of the device and method of the present invention is a new monopole electromagnetic motor that captures back EMF energy. The motor uses a small amount of energy from a primary battery to "trigger" a larger input of available energy by supplying back EMF, thus increasing the potential energy of the system.
If the energy in phase 1 (the power-out phase) is increased by additional available energy in the electromagnetics themselves, then the energy in phase 1 can be made greater than the energy in phase 2 (the power-back-in phase) without the operator furnishing the energy utilized.
That is, the motor deliberately creates a back EMF itself and its potential energy once at a time, thereby retaining each extra force for a period of time and applying it to increase the angular momentum and kinetic energy of the rotor and flywheel. When the desired energy in phase 1 (the power out phase) is thus made greater than the undesired drag energy in phase 2, then part of the output power normally dragged from the rotor and flywheel by the fields in phase 2 is not required. In the motor, several known processes and methods are utilized which allow the motor to operate periodically as an open dissipative system (receiving available excess energy from back EMF) far from thermodynamic equilibrium, whereby.
A method is utilized to temporarily produce a much larger source of available external energy around an energized coil. The motor utilizes this available excess back EMF energy to overcome and even reverse the drag EMF between stator pole and rotor pole, while furnishing only a small trigger pulse of energy from a primary battery necessary to control and activate the direction of the back EMF energy flow. Further, some of the excess energy deliberately generated in the coil by the utilization of the dual process manifests in the form of excess electrical energy in the circuit and can be utilized to charge a recovery battery(s). The motor utilizes a means to furnish the relatively small amount of energy from a primary battery to initiate the impulsive asymmetrical self back EMF actions. Design features of this monopole motor utilize one magnetic pole of each rotor and stator magnet. The sharp voltage spike produced in the coil of this monopole motor by the rapidly collapsing field in the back EMF coil is connected to a recovery battery(s) in charge mode and to an external electrical load.
A device and method in which the monopole motor alters the reaction cross section of the coils in the circuit, which momentarily changes the reaction cross section of the coil in which it is invoked.

By operating as an open dissipative system not in thermodynamic equilibrium with the active vacuum, the system can permissibly receive available energy from a known environmental source and then output this energy to a load. Abstract: A two-phase solid-state battery charger can receive input energy from a variety of sources including AC current, a battery, a DC generator, a DC-to-DC inverter, solar cells or any other compatible source of input energy.
Phase I is the charge phase and phase II the discharge phase wherein a signal or current passes through a dual timing switch that controls independently two channels dividing the two phases. The momentary disconnection of the capacitor from the input energy source allows for a free-floating potential charge in the capacitor.
It will knock out any near by electronics (temporarily) and could melt the wires if they are strong enough.
I would like to make one and get familiar with EMP's cause when I get older I want to design weapons. I have an array of 30 400v capacitors I made, I'd just need to find some wire that works well.
The coins would break an optical sensor registering the payout and if the sensor was blocked in a certain way it would payout the entire contents!  They no longer use that sort of system.
On the rotor you can see the small pulley made from CPVC and epoxied to a nylon washer, centered on the shaft and glued to the rotor. The reason being that to machine the slot up to this point (thereby allowing beam feedthrough) would only leave a small web between each slot which could result in unacceptable accelerator deformation.
But, if they find a solition for the batteries then coilguns will be 10 times better then firearms, because they dont kick back, their projectiles can travel faster and more accurate than firearms and they wont make too much sound.
OK, you cant carry a power generator in your backpack, so you cant use them as a handheld weapon, but they can mount coilguns on tanks, and make them EXTREMELY powerful.
And when technology does allow coil guns to match velocities of current bullets, those coil guns will have just as much kick as traditional arms. The gun laws only govern firearms (defined as any weapon that uses a controlled explosive to propel the bullet) or airguns.
The average cop I doubt knows what a coil gun is and will probably attempt to confiscate it without asking whether it is legal or not. For drawing tutorials like this one, i think of the the final image first and do some experimentation to achieve the specific look.Sometimes i play around with filters, patterns, brushes etc. Although the bullets mass is low the relatively high acceleration results in a large force on the gun and consequently the holder. The electrical circuits as we know them are flawed, meaning they burn up the dipole that is free in nature. The invention works through a process of regauging, that is, the flux fields created by the coils is collapsed because of a reversal of the magnetic field in the magnetized pole pieces thus allowing the capture of available back EMF energy. Field of the Invention: The invention relates generally to the capturing of electromagnetic energy using a method and device to create back EMF (electromagnetic force) and re-phasing of the back EMF to recycle and capture the available back EMF energy. The back EMF energy is rectified using a high voltage bridge, which transfers the back EMF energy to a high voltage capacitor for storage in a recovery battery. To use a present day magnetic motor, continuous energy must be input into the motor to overcome drag and to power the motor and its load. Hence, it is necessary to continually input all of the energy that the motor outputs to the load, plus more energy to cover losses inside the motor itself.
In this phase, the rotary motion (angular momentum and kinetic energy) of the rotor and flywheel is increased. In this phase, energy is returned back to the internal magnetic system from the rotary motion of the rotor and flywheel (the angular momentum, which is the rotational energy x time). Back EMF may be defined as the return pulse from the coil out of phase and is the result of regauging, which is the process of reversing the magnetics polarity, that is, from North to South, etc.
This is because to change the potential energy does not require changing the form of that potential energy, but only its magnitude.
This potential energy is expended within the generator (or battery) to force the internal charges apart, forming a source dipole. The captured back EMF energy maybe used to charge or store electrical energy in a recovery battery.
The system then utilizes this available potential energy to reduce or reverse the back EMF, thereby increasing the efficiency of the motor and, therefore, the COP. Specifically, this back EMF energy with its net force is deliberately applied in the motor of the present invention to overcome and even reverse the conventional drag-back (the back EMF).
Design features of this new motor provide a device and method that can immediately produce a second increase in that energy concurrently as the energy flow is reversed.
Then part of the available excess electrical power drawn off from back EMF created energy is utilized to charge a recovery battery with dramatically increased over-voltage pulses. The net result is that the coil asymmetrically creates back EMF itself in a manner adding available energy and impulse to the circuit.
Thus, by this new motor using only a small amount of current in the form of a triggering pulse, it is able to evoke and control the immediate change of the coil's reaction cross section to this normally wasted energy-flow component. As an open dissipative system not in thermodynamic equilibrium, this new and unique monopole motor can tap in on back EMF to energize itself, loads and losses simultaneously, fully complying with known laws of physics and thermodynamics. A back EMF permanent electromagnetic motor generator using a regauging process for capturing available electromagnetic energy in the system comprising: a. The motor generator of claim 1, wherein said magnetic pickup timing switch is a Hall Effect magnetic pickup semiconductor. The motor generator of claim 1, wherein the number of magnets in said rotor has a range of 2 to 60. The motor generator of claim 1, wherein said means for bar magnetic conduction may be ferrous, powdered iron, silicon steel, stainless magnetic steel, laminations of a conductive material or any other magnetic conductive material. The motor generator of claim 1, wherein the number of magnetic conductive bars has a range of 2 to 120. The motor generator of claim 1, wherein said means for transferring a force from said shaft may be a power take-off mechanism, gears, flywheels, belts or other methods of transferring force for the purpose of doing work. A method of producing a back EMF permanent electromagnetic motor generator using a regauging process comprising the steps of: a.
26 2003, Device and Method for Pulse Charging a Battery and for Driving other Devices with a Pulse, John C. A potential charge is allowed to build up in a capacitor bank, the capacitor bank is then disconnected from the energy input source and then pulse charged at high voltage into the battery to receive the charge. Once the capacitor has completed discharging the potential charge into the battery, the capacitor disconnects from the battery and re-connects to the energy source thus completing the two-phase cycle. The American military have been doing research into them because an EMP could be used to take out an underground bunker without killing anyone. The power requirements nesisary to even disrupt electronics fro 10ft away are far beyond what is coming into you're house. One of the other feedback call it:EMP GENERATOR MULTIFEQUENCY JAMMER SLOT MACHINE NEW MODEL 2014 (#181398751837)You get caught with that at a casino in the US and who know what could happen! And for demonstration purposes, I have a 14 volt bulb to visually display the pulses that would normally go to the battery being recharged. Any force used to push anything in any direction will have a certain amount of push back, and the hammer (there is no hammer anyway its a firing pin) in a conventional gun contributes nothing to the recoil.
For example, theese guns can fire tank shells 10 times faster if we give them enough power. This is because of the third law of motion: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Bigass solinoids will use more energy than a modern 18 pounder, and although there is a chance that in a battle, a ship’s magazine will be hit, wouldn’t it be worse if the ships NUCLEAR REACTOR WENT CRITICAL?
So basically you won’t feel any kickback because it is transferred into electrical energy. To make sense electronic weapons would have to be easily rechargeable, able to put out projectiles the weight of standard rounds as fast or faster. Sounds to me like it has great potential as a tranqualizer gun in say a zoo or something similar.

Since the coil gun does not fall into either of these catagories, the law does not catch them. It will only be when you get to court and you (or your lawyer) demonstrate to the judge that it is not a firearm as defined by the act that any charges relating to the possession of fire arms will be dropped.
So therefore the term free electricity only applies to those that have done away with the current or have figured a way to block it from completing it's path through the circuit. Back EMF is also referred to as regauging and may be defined as energy created by the magnetic field from coils, and only by coils, and not by magnets.
The stored energy can then be discharged across the recovery battery through the means of a contact rotot switch for further storage.
A rotor pole leaving a stator pole and creating a condition of 'drag' results in power having to be put back into the magnetic section by the rotor and flywheel to forcibly overcome the drag.
EMF motors are rated for efficiency and performance by how much energy 'input' into the motor actually results in 'output' energy to the load.
That is, the two flows of energy (one from the magnetics into the rotor and flywheel, and one from the rotor and flywheel back to the magnetics) are identical in magnitude but opposite in direction. The back EMF is shorted out and the rotor is attracted back in, therefore eliminating drag. Then the external closed circuit system connected to that source dipole ineptly pumps the spent electrons in the ground line back through the back EMF of the source dipole, thereby scattering the charges and killing the dipole. The stored energy can then be discharged across the recovery battery through the means of a contact rotor switch for further storage. The amount of energy recoverable, as expressed in watts, is dependent upon the configuration, circuitry, switching elements and the number and size of stators, rotors, magnets and coils that comprise the motor.
Hence less energy must be taken from the rotor and flywheel to overcome the reduced back EMF, and in the ideal case none is required since the back EMF has been overpowered and converted to forward EMF by the back EMF energy and force. The rotor maintains additional angular momentum and kinetic energy, compared to a system, which does not produce back EMF itself. Therefore, the motor is capable of producing two asymmetrical back EMFs, one after the other, of the energy within a single coil, which dramatically increases the energy available and causes that available excess energy to then enter the circuit impulsively, being collected and utilized.
Advanced designs can increase the number of self-back EMFs in a single rotor rotation with the result that there is an increase in the number of impulses per rotation, which increase the power output of this new motor.
The available energy collected in the coil is used to reverse the back-EMF phase of the stator-rotor fields to a forward EMF condition, impulsively adding acceleration and angular momentum to the rotor and flywheel.
As a result, the motor captures and directs some of this usually wasted available environmental energy, collecting the available excess energy in the coil and then releasing it for use in the motor. To distrou electronics (the only way for it to last more then a few seconds) it would need to be many thousands of times stronger. I doubt it works anymore since these have been around for so long, might get lucky and find some old machine somewhere tho.
It also has the 1000v PIV rectifier made from 4- 1N4007 diodes at the bottom of the controller board. Plus as long as your m-16 isn’t on 3 round burst and you have the proper grip on it, you will barely notice the kick, let alone allow it to throw you off target. So, when we want to shoot in long range we set it to H, it will shoot faster bullets with a lower firing rate, and when we get into a building (CQB) we set it on L so the weapons firerate will be faster and bullets will move slower.
And they will be just as loud because most of the heard sound from a gun shot is in fact the sonic boom of the bullet breaking the sound barrier. An animal under anasthesia is under conciderable stress as it is and is of great risk alone.
You can recharge using a handle (like in those flashlights you can get at your local hardware store), so it’s actually ideal for the military, as Iron filings take up such little space, and just turning a handle to recharge it means you never run out of power. Their are no meters to measure this radiant current, and when you catch it, it has the power of the universe and beyond. In a perfect, friction-free motor, the net force field is therefore referred to as 'most conservative'.
Normally, the Coefficient of Performance (hereinafter, COP) rating is used aas a measure of efficiency.
This can be accomplished by pouring in more energy, which overpowers the back EMF, thereby producing a forward EMF in that region.
Therefore, as long as the form of the potential energy is not changed, the magnitude can be changed without having to perform work in the process. Angular momentum is conserved at all times; but now some of the angular momentum added to the flywheel is evoked by additional effects in the electromagnetics rather than being furnished by the operator. Consequently, the excess angular momentum retained by the rotor and flywheel can be utilized as additional shaft power to power an external load connected to the shaft. By timing and switching, the innovative gate design in this new motor directs the available excess energy so that it overcomes and reverses the return EMF of the rotor-stator pole combination during what would normally be the back EMF and demonstrates the creation of the second back EMF of the system. If you think about it though, a nuclear bomb is an EMP, a NEMP (nuclear electromagnetic pulse) to be precise, because gamma rays from the nuclear blast knocks electrons out of their orbits.
This whole assembly is mounted on an old plastic wire spool attached to the plexiglas base. The fact that most bullets break the sound barrier, while I have yet to see a coil gun that could should be further proof that coil guns while cool are not powerful weapons.
So tell me, would you rather have a big explosion with lots of orangy pyrotechnics, or a f****ing mushroom cloud?
So any way of removimg stress during a proceedure (ie a gun that does not frighten the animal by goin bang!) would be of huge advantage. In simplified terms, it is referred to as 'power out' and 'power back in' phases with respect to the motor magnetics.
The motor of the present invention takes advantage of this permissible operation to create back EMF asymmetrically, and thereby change its own usable available potential energy.
As a consequence of this conventional method, it is a requirement to input and replace additional energy to again restore the dipole.
The important feature is that the operator only pays for the small amount of energy necessary to trigger the back EMF from the primary battery, and does not have to furnish the much larger back EMF energy itself. The electrons form an electromagnetic pulse which has a range varying on how high up the NEMP is. The invention works through a process of regauging, that is, the flux fields created by the coils is collapsed because of a reversal of the magnetic field in the magnetized pole pieces thus allowing the capture of available back EMP energy.
Without extra energy continually fed to the motor, no net work can be done by the magnetic field, since half the time the magnetic field adds energy to the load (the rotor and flywheel) and the other half of the time it substracts energy back from the load (the rotor and flywheel).
If there were zero internal losses in a motor, that 'perfect' motor would have a COP equal to 1,0. The circuits currently utilized in most electrical generators have been designed to keep on destroying the energy flow by continually scattering all of the dipole charges and terminating the dipole.
If the NEMP is on the ground the explosion has a larger range than the EMP but in the air (e.g. Perfectly legal when using your own machines, it's not illegal to own your own slot machine. The trigger and pwer coils are wound bifilar, and the recovery coil is wound on top, but connected with reverse polarity. That is, all energy input into the motor would be output by the motor directly into the load, and none of the input energy would be lost or dissipated in the motor itself. Therefore, it is necessary to keep on inputing energy to the generator to keep restoring its source dipole. Don't get caught, one might reasonably assume modern machines are immune to this and might even trigger alarm so cheaters are caught before they do anything.
Nothing special, they are using the high internal resistance of 9V batteries to limit the current.

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