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TONIGHT AT 6:00 EDT a program about the EMP threat, entitled "Electronic Armageddon," will air on the National Geographic channel. WHILE WORLD MEDIA AND PUBLIC ATTENTION is focused on the Israel-"Freedom Flotilla" incident, Iranian mullahs in Tehran are celebrating their brilliant war strategy in advancing their nuclear program. Iran, anticipating a damning report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) revealing Iran has more than 2 tons of enriched uranium (two warheads' worth), had been actively working with Israel's enemies to divert world attention away from the alarming findings. Iran is manipulating operations in the Middle East and building alliances with like-minded jihadists driven by the same goal. As evidenced by weapons and material recovered from the ship MV Francop in November 2009, Iran is not a stranger to using the high seas as a way to smuggle weapons to Hezbollah and Hamas. Super solar storm On the solar front, the big fear is a solar super storm, a large, fast, coronal mass ejection with a magnetic field that lines up with an orientation perfectly opposite the Earth's own magnetic field, says solar physicist Bruce Tsurutani of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.
This summer could easily reprise the war of 2006, when Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon opened a two-front confrontation against Israel, sparked by Hamas' and Hezbollah's kidnapping of Israeli soldiers.
And who is talking about the IAEA report of Iran having two nuclear warheads' worth of enriched uranium?
The flotilla incident is nothing more than a spark in a larger web of explosives set and organized by Iran and is the first step toward accomplishing Iran's ultimate goals. PS Tip JarPlease support this patriotic task of exposing our great nation's constitutional enemies, Cherish liberty. The EMP Caucus is dedicated to protecting America from a terrorist attack using sudden pulses of electromagnetic radiation to damage or shut down critical electronic devices, and Mr. Press your menu button and find the option to bookmark this page (a star icon for some browsers).
This revelation comes in an article by Lou Xiaoqing who says the People’s Liberation Army sees an EMP weapon as the primary means of incapacitating Taiwan and disabling American defenders nearby. Xaoqing said that if the Chinese were to use a high-altitude nuclear device which would create the destructive EMP impact on Taiwan’s electronics, it would be exploded at an attitude of 18 miles to avoid damaging civilian and military equipment on the Chinese mainland, which might happen if the bomb exploded at a higher altitude. Contrary to popular belief, the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act does not require the United States to intervene militarily if the Chinese mainland attacks Taiwan. As WND previously has reported, China is giving a priority to developing EMP weapons that could be used against U.S. That policy is to challenge China’s claims over all of the East and South China Seas and the increasing assertiveness by Beijing, which is trying to gain exclusive control over vital minerals and energy in the region.
There already have been instances of military confrontations between China and neighbors such as Vietnam, the Philippines and Japan.
With a history of animosity, China and Japan now have conflicting claims of ownership over two South China Sea islands.
The report particularly said that China’s DF-21 medium-range ballistic missile could be the platform to be used to launch an EMP attack on Taiwan. In outlining China’s one-two punch, Xaoqing said that in the first punch the Chinese military would disable non-hardened electronics and command and control centers.

He said that an EMP would be especially attractive because it acts with the speed of light in any kind of weather, would hit multiple targets over a wide area and minimize damage in politically sensitive environments.
Given the relatively low altitude of 18 miles at which a Chinese EMP would be detonated over Taiwan, Xaoqing said the second punch would create certain health effects from exposure to an EMP.
He said that based on Chinese research in 2005 that assessed the effects of an EMP on heart cells, it would make peoples’ hearts unable to function as well as they should, with possible death or serious damage of the heart and, by extension, death to those exposed to an EMP. If exposed to explosions at higher altitudes, the effects of an EMP would be less damaging to peoples’ health, he said. While there wouldn’t be a 100 percent kill rate, Xaoqing said, he said it could lead to long term disability to those most susceptible to an EMP, such as the elderly, young and unborn.
12:45 pm August 9, 2013 By Julian Horsey Tweet Share52 +110Shares 62If you thought Electromagnetic Pulse rifles were just science fiction and video games think again, as engineer Jason has created a DIY fully automatic Electromagnetic Pulse rifle that is capable of firing 15 shots every two seconds. The new fully automatic Electromagnetic Pulse rifle is not the first Jason has created and follows on from the single shot coil gun he created a few years ago. The new creation is equipped with a barrel full of electromagnets that systematically switch on one after the other to fling magnetic steel bolts out of the non-magnetic aluminium barrel. The inverter was gigantic, heavy, and had a number of electrical issues that prevented it from being readily integrated into the coilgun design. For more information on the new Fully Automatic Electromagnetic Pulse Rifle jump over to the Delta V Engineering website for details. As world-renowned masters of the game of chess, Iranian mullahs can add "strategic marketing, public relations and media planning" to their resume. The IAEA report, released on May 31, the day of the raid, was virtually unreported by the media, as all eyes had turned to Israel and Gaza.
Iran's strategic operations surrounding Israel include setting up bases of operation and creating controlled and planned conflicts as part of a bigger strategy not only to suffocate Israel but also to distract the world community from its own nuclear development plans. By combining nearly 10 Islamic terror groups that shared the same ideology as Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Iran created a proxy Iranian army on Israel's northern border. Although the physics underlying the geomagnetic and nuclear pulses are fundamentally the same, they have different solutions. The conflict dragged Israel into an all-out war with Lebanon, and Iran and Syria were content to pull the puppet strings.
First, create whatever distraction is necessary, preferably one that inflames world hatred of Israel, to buy time to finish the bomb. Western governments must stand together against Iran and the new axis of tyrannical power that is developing. Ahmadinejad: Islamic Revoluion Seeking To Correct Whole World September 2, 2014 adminSenator Landrieu: I Live with My Parents in Louisiana August 29, 2014 xiomara10tqhpltbkgiShould She Resign? April 12, 2016 adminSaudi Tries to Whitewash Islam in Penn St Publication ~ North American Infidels Steps in! Halloran’s Democratic opponent is not yet known, but there are three viable contenders who are duking it out in the June 26th primary, none of whom has made a public statement on the issue thus far.

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The Japanese have evidence of their claim – in having purchased them from private citizens years ago – and the U.S.
The bombs are designed to be exploded at a high altitude to knock out all unprotected electronics, including electrical grids, computers and automobiles over a wide geographical area. Watch the video below to learn more about the Fully Automatic Electromagnetic Pulse Rifle project and see it in action.
I hoped to achieve a muzzle energy of about 7.5 Joules with a Rate of Fire (ROF) of 4 Rounds Per Second (RPS). While much of the world raged at Israel's legal right to enforce the blockade of Gaza, Iran continued its headlong march toward acquiring nuclear weapons.
After the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, Iran seized the opportunity to extend a helping hand to Hamas, a Sunni group that shares the Iranian Shi'ite leadership's aspiration to wipe Israel off the map. A geomagnetic storm essentially produces a long-building surge dangerous to power lines and large transformers. Second, attain the bomb and become the Islamic superpower of the world, with the ability to wipe Israel off the map.
While it is Israel that will soon face a nuclear-armed Iran, in the long term, it will be Europe and America facing an Iran capable of projecting its totalitarian ideology across the globe. However, the design disintegrated around the charging circuit, which was a monstrous 2.5kW DC-AC inverter meant to power appliances from a car battery.
We believe one of Iran's goals is to use nuclear weapons to initiate an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack on the U.S.
April 24, 2016Voting Cruz: War on Religious Liberty Affects Every American April 24, 2016Awake, British Students! Limiting the risk from the geomagnetic-storm-type threat involves stockpiling large transformers and installing dampers, essentially lightning rods, to dump surges into the ground from the grid.
Even if such steps cost billions, the numbers come out looking reasonable compared with the $119 billion that a 2005 Electric Power Research Institute report estimated was the total nationwide cost of normal blackouts every year.
A Russian submarine flying an Iranian flag docked in Beirut last month, where what is believed to be chemical weapons were unloaded by people wearing "hazmat" or chemical warfare suits.
Syria, working with Iran, has supplied Hezbollah with Scud missiles able to reach all of Israel. April 24, 2016 Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff is in America April 19, 2016 A Message From Fuel Freedom March 29, 2016 The Ingenious Menace March 12, 2016 BBC "Today Programme" ignores the cult-like nature of ISIS recruitment of young women in the UK March 6, 2016 You Are Ahead of Your Time March 5, 2016 Happening TONIGHT February 29, 2016 What Would You Ask Geert Wilders or Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff?

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