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After more than 12 years of experience with pulse induction metal detectors we are glad to introduce you the new Megapulse SR 126, designed for the treasure hunter that does not want to bother with too many controls. Megapulse SR 126 is designed for detecting deeply buried or lost metal objects, metal pipes, unterground communication equipment, treasures and similar objects and can easily detect larger objects, buried at great depth.
Megapulse SR 126 is good choice not only for the treasure hunters, but also for archaeological detection and geophysical prospecting.

As the only turntable belt and phonograph specialist with the most extensive selection of turntable belts, we supply replacement belts designed for specific turntables.
It emits powerful electromagnetic pulses with a frequency of 100 Hz from the generator coil which forms a magnetic field above the ground. It is because this unit works by the principle of electromagnetic induction at a very low frequency, which allows penetration deeply in the ground.
We do not force fit a generic or OEM belt and size to a turntable—sadly a very common practice today. These impulses stop abruptly after a period of time and that magnetic field decay causes eddy currents in the metal object.

Holding the eddy currents in the metal object causes secondary magnetic field emanating from it. This secondary field induces a in the receiving antenna very low voltages, which are amplified by a special differential amplifier, filtered and processed by the host part of "FAU PULSE".

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