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The electromagnetic pulse technology is based on the utilisation of current driven electromagnetic forces (Lorentz forces) acting on the workpiece. Critical components of the technology are the coils, which are mostly application-specifically designed.
Robust and efficient coils which can resist magnetic fields above 20 T have been problematic. The overall aim of the ACODEPT project is enabling companies to produce faster and more efficiently by implementing electromagnetic forming, welding, and cutting processes. Providing the manufacturing industry with all essential information to make a considered decision about the successful integration of the EMPT-process in their production.
The experimental investigations will be performed by the Belgian Welding Institute (BWI) and Fraunhofer (IWU), both having an electromagnetic pulse equipment at their disposal.
The government’s perception management machine, sadly, plays hand puppet to the multi billion dollar military industrial complex lobby. An EMP, also referred to as a ‘transient electromagnetic disturbance’ is a robust burst of electromagnetic energy and is a phenomenon that can occur both naturally (lightning, electrostatic discharge, meteoric) and via man-made (power line surges, gasoline engine ignition, nuclear electromagnetic pulse: NEMP and HEMP) events. During the 1990’s Russia admitted to sharing its discoveries of multiple weaknesses in America’s critical infrastructure and EMP technology with North Korea.
America possesses the world’s largest energy distribution system and has been repeatedly referred to as a third rate, developing nation style grid. Defective management is compounded by current events detrimental to the security of the U.S.
The most realistic probability for EMP by way of asymmetric warfare would be one of America’s countless enemies, attaching an unsophisticated nuclear bomb to a satellite that rounds the south pole with remote detonation in orbit above the United States.
Taking out the energy grid automatically eliminates functionality of all other critical infrastructures that are dependent on the grid.
In all fairness pre 911 Congress did establish a dog and pony show called the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack.
If you want those liability protections the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act promised, you must follow DHS's new guidelines. According to the Motley Fool (via Nasdaq), the system is called the Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project, or CHAMP, and is analogous to the EMP version of a sniper rifle, rather than a bomb. The main development of CHAMP comes from Boeing, and it appears the project has been underway for several years.
In addition to its accuracy, it's also got another advantage; it can fire multiple times, unlike previous EMP devices that can only be used once at a time. In a single test mission in Utah, CHAMP successfully blacked out all seven of its targets in a single flight.
2014 new electromagnetic wave pulse foot massager, View electromagnetic wave pulse foot massager, HANSUN Product Details from Ningbo Hansun Electronics And Technology Co., Ltd. Biological Electromagnetic Pulse Foot Massager in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China - Shenhzen Haiyu Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Dear User, Please use the drop downs below to locate your city by first selecting the country and then the state. Woolsey and Pry wrote a pretty convincing piece on the necessity of the SHIELD Act for Breitbart Big Peace, and DR recommends our readers read it. Another Carrington Event that would collapse life-sustaining electric grids and critical infrastructures everywhere on Earth is someday inevitable. So, between all those big, nasty foreign meanies out there, and the SUN, the SHIELD Act looks like a national security imperative that Defense Review supports.

Could you do a review on products that claim to protect electronics and vehicles from EMP attack? Hot new products for 2015 biological electromagnetic wave pulse foot massage, View biological electromagnetic wave pulse foot massage, OSTO Product Details from Shenzhen Osto Technology Co., Ltd. The force application is contact free and no working media or lubrication is required, so that any disturbance of the surface due to wear is avoided and the cleaning effort during production is minimized. Durable, robust and efficient coil systems are however essential for a successful implementation of EMF in industry. Moreover, robust coils, able to withstand the process forces and temperature cycles, possess usually a low efficiency. As a prerequisite for this, the companies shall be provided with design strategies for durable, robust and flexible tool coils for specific applications.
EELAB of the Ghent University will use its expertise for the calculation of the magnetic forces and currents for the determination of the desired shape of the coil system. A non-nuclear EMP explodes a metal cylinder full of explosives inside a coil of wire, pushing out magnetic and electric fields that fry electric circuits.A nuclear EMP would explode a nuclear bomb in the atmosphere. Therefore the public’s attention is perpetually bombarded with visuals of a 17 year old ISIS member training on an elementary school jungle gym, rolling around in the sand sporting a ski mask and shooting a WWII style, rust coated rifle. But the biggest threat to the American public, by far, is the almighty Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).
The question is not “Will it happen?”, rather “When will it happen?” The federal government has been so busy with cyber surveillance of Americans that it has ignored the very basics and most obvious threats to Americans.
Threat and vulnerability assessments have been completed as a way of auditing substations, transmission stations and distribution stations. This process is eerily within the modest technological capabilities of even those deemed to be the most primitive of enemy nation states. Iran and North Korea, both in economic dyer straights from sanctions have verbally and historically demonstrated they are equally willing to undertake such an initiative. This commission was to assess the likelihood of state and non state actors who could acquire nuclear capabilities and facilitate an EMP assault within the next 15 years, our Nation’s EMP attack vulnerabilities in the civilian infrastructure as a matter of emergency readiness, our recovery capabilities and cost analysis for civilian and military systems to be used against such an attack. Possibility has become probability yet the legislative community has failed to make this asymmetric warfare part of the discussion of national security planning. Air Force has officially announced it — along with three other companies — has developed an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) device unlike anything seen before. The system draws power from a microwave-emitting generator capable of killing electronics with a much higher accuracy rate.
In theory, the CHAMP could quickly take out several targeted buildings in rapid succession.
Besides Boeing, Raytheon helped build the system's inner electronic workings, and Lockheed Martin built a special surface-to-air missile that delivers CHAMP to its targets. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. If you still can not find your city in the list, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for inclusion of your city. Up to now only very little independent application-oriented research has been carried out regarding the design and construction of EMPT coils for industrial applications.
The resultant gamma radiation would take in positive air molecules but push out negative electrons, sending a large electromagnetic field in all directions. Displaced fear mongering for purposes of capitalization is the name of the game when it comes to federal spending on defense.

An EMP event would instantly set us back to the pre-industrial age and eliminate our critical infrastructures. All it takes is a nuclear weapon launched by sea vessel or from our southern neighbors (a region that lacks early warning systems) and our archaic energy grid will be annihilated.
Each time these assessments have demonstrated massive gaps enabling novice terrorist and sabotage breach threats full access which could lead to nonreboundable catastrophe yet the untrained armchair jockeys at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission have refused to take action.
Fragile boarders, federally enforced weakening of vendor encryption capabilities, unprotected southern skies due to lack of early warning systems all have an effect on the deteriorating security of our energy grid and critical infrastructure.
The neophyte sophistication and limited accuracy needed for such a devastating offensive is as simple as the historical Hiroshima and Nagasaki retaliation for Pearl Harbor. To argue the case one step further; take away the technological capability of satellites, a weapon for this purpose could be launched from a meager weather balloon.
All it takes is a nuclear detonation, 300 miles above Kansas to obliterate power transformers throughout the United States. Rather than targeting entire blocks or even cities, the CHAMP targets only specific buildings. Called the Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile — Extended Range (JASSM-ER), it has a range of at least 600 miles and can be used by B-1 and B-52 bombers, F-15 and F-16 and the F-35 stealth fighter.
If we can't protect our electric grid infrastructure, including communications, transportation, banking and finance, food and water, then what's the point? A lo-megaton device detonated 200 miles (320km) above the centre of the United States would destroy every electronic device in the country but leave structures and life intact.Solar blackout 2013?In 1859, a great geomagnetic storm wiped out transmission cables and set fire to telegraph offices when the Sun went through a period of intense solar activity.
Everything we depend on: electric, water plants, banking, nuclear energy facilities, dialysis machines, Internet and all communications would cease functionality thus ending the American way of life.
A nuclear weapon ignited at high altitude is the most efficient way to eliminate our energy grid, telecommunications networks and all critical infrastructure. The argument is that the suggestion results from the briefings are too costly therefore these findings collect dust in a forgotten filing cabinet in an underused document warehouse. Bureaucratic agencies and do nothing politicians who neglect this paramount responsibility dance around the topic due to lack of comprehension and lack of insider alliances that could cure this diseased sector of the legislative landscape. Peter Vincent Pry's assessment that Congress pass the SHIELD Act, which would, according to them, keep the above scenario from happening to us, or, more specifically, being done to us.
The Sun can hit us with powerful EMP pulses, as well, that can cause dangerous geomagnetic storms, including something really scary called a geomagnetic superstorm. It is important to note that North Korea has a nuclear bomb size satellite rotating the planet and crawls the American sky from the south and at the precise altitude for an EMP attack.
One of these, called the Carrington Event, occured in 1859, and it was anything but pleasant. The Sun’s magnetic cycle peaks every 22years, while every 11 years the number of sunspots and solar flares hits a maximum.
If we were to experience a geomagnetic superstorm on the same scale as that in 1859, our many electronic devices would be damaged.

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