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Scientists Discover That Bacteria Have a Collective Memory Plastic Waste in the Ocean Will Outnumber Fish by 2050 When I Dream of a Planet in Recovery… Environmental Research Reveals Seattle Salmon are on Drugs — Thanks, Humans! Full Moon in Scorpio – Revealing Reality and Changing Our Core Beliefs New Moon in Aries – Giving Life to Our New Inner Reality Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Libra – Changing Our Minds to Change the World New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces – Removing the Boundaries to Our Sacredness The Full Moon Virgo – You Are The Universe! You might think the world is essentially what you can see in front of you, but think for a moment and you'll realize this isn't true. Photo: Water drops bend (or refract) short wavelength blue light more than long-wavelength red light, which is why rainbows arc across the sky when sunlight streams through rain, making a rainbow and revealing the spectrum "hidden" inside white light. Microwaves: Obviously used for cooking in microwave ovens, but also for transmitting information in radar equipment.
Up until the 19th century, scientists thought electricity and magnetism were completely separate things. The James Clerk Maxwell Foundation: Celebrating the extraordinary scientific achievements of electromagnetism pioneer James Clerk Maxwell. You might like my new book, Atoms Under the Floorboards: The Surprising Science Hidden in Your Home, published worldwide by Bloomsbury. The form of energy which emitted and absorbed by charged particles is known as Electromagnetic radiation or EM radiation or EMR. X-radiations or X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation from the range of 0.01 to 10 nanometers wave length and the corresponding frequencies 3A—1016 Hz to 3A—1019 Hz. A target material for the interaction with photo electron.When free electrons interact with orbital electrons or nucleus, they give up some of their energy in the form of electromagnetic energy known as X-rays. Where; h = Plank's constant, $\nu_{max}$ = the largest frequency, e = charge of an electron, V = applied voltage. X-rays generator consist of a tube, the high voltage generator, the control console, and the cooling system. Since there is a large electrical potential between the cathode and the anode due to high-voltage generator so electrons are strongly attracted to the anode target. The control console regulates the filament temperature, which corresponds to the intensity of the X-ray output. X-rays observation used in detection and study the X-rays emission from different celestial objects. Properties of Electromagnetic RadiationStatic Electricity: Contact with the slide has left her hair positively charged so that the individual hairs repel one another. The physician imaging specialist who is responsible for creating and interpreting imaging studies. Yes, there are limits to the amount of radiation a radiation worker (radiologic technologist, radiologist, etc) can be exposed to. There are two types of whole body security scanners at airports which are very different than the baggage scanners. Unfortunately, a recent television program erroneously over estimated the risks to the thyroid during routine mammograms. For more information on this issue, please see Summary of Thyroid Cancer Risks Due to Mammography by R.

In addition to the dose reduction principals we use for our patients, protective equipment plays a key role in decreasing exposure for hospital workers. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has created two posters with suggestions on how to reduce radiation exposure during fluoroscopy and interventional procedures for both patients and staff.
While the hands are not particularly radiosensitive, they are often in the direct path of x-rays during procedures. Together, dedicated to improving the understanding of radiation risks from medical imaging. When you close your eyes, the world doesn't cease to exist just because there's no light to see by. Then you could help pilots see in darkness or bad weather by detecting reflected radio waves.
The two waves vibrate in perfect step, at right angles to the direction they're traveling in.
X-rays discovered by Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen in the late 1800's during the experiment with a cathode tube and also termed as Rontgen radiation. Bremsstrahlung The term Bremsstrahlung is a German term stand for the "braking rays." In this process a high speed electron strikes to a material and get slowed or completely stopped by the forces of any atom it encounters. The maximum frequency associated with maximum energy or minimum wavelength is called the Duane-Hunt limit.
K-shell emissionWhen a proton beam interacts with K-shell electron, it's kicked out the electron and creates a vacancy in the K-shell.
Many satellites developed which can detect and transmit data about the X-ray emissions by space science.
This is not the person you typically see when you have your x-ray or CT scan (technologist), but the doctor who is specially trained to read the images. And if you were a camera sensitive to X rays, you could even see through bodies or buildings!
This diagram shows us something scientists only really understood in the 19th century: electricity and magnetism are equal partners that work together closely at all times. One of my books covering the story of electricity, from the ancient Greeks, through James Clerk Maxwell, up to modern-day electronics and computing (suitable for ages 9–12). The refraction of electromagnetic light produced a band of color like in a rainbow is termed as electromagnetic spectrum. The speed of electron decreases due to interaction of a high speed electron with the negative force of the electrons of target atom. For keeping the atom at low energy level, some electron transit from higher levels like L, M, N to K-shell vacancy and emits its redundant energy in a form of X-rays. Click here for original source URL.The magnetic field of a bar magnet revealed by iron filings on paper. The light we can see is only one part of all the electrical and magnetic energy buzzing around our world. The electromagnetic spectrum started from radio wave ended at gamma radiation of the short-wavelength and high-frequency end; hence it covers the wavelengths from thousands of kilometers down to a fraction of the size of an atom.

According to the law of conversation of mass "the change in speed of electron must be equals to the amount of energy radiate in the form of electromagnetic radiation that is X-rays." Some time the collision between photo electrons and the target completely stopped the electron due to the strong positive force of the nucleus and the radiated X-ray energy will have energy equal to the total kinetic energy of the electron. This process accomplished in an X-ray tube which is a main component of an X-ray generator. Just like visible light, they show wave properties like interference, diffraction and refraction. Click here for original source URL.The nature of electromagnetic radiation can be confusing. They have tendency to produce electric field and magnetic field which is perpendicular to their path of propagation.X-rays can travel in vacuum and not required an medium. On the one hand, it acts like a stream of particles carrying energy from one place to another.
On the other hand, it acts a stream of waves by displaying the properties of diffraction and interference. There are fundamental differences between a continuous dose over a year (background radiation) and a dose that occurs over a few seconds like in CT, but these are helpful comparisons.
They can be easily absorbed by matter and absorption power depends on the atomic structure as well as wavelength of X-rays. In physics, the word field describes something that extends through space, having a magnitude or value at every point. Because of their penetration power, they can ionized any matter and can emitted visible light when interact with a certain material.
Equivalently, there is an inverse relationship between the wavelength and the frequency of the wave. Red light has a wavelength of 7 x 10-7 meters, hundreds of times smaller than the thickness of a human hair. This is a wave big enough for you to easily imagine (but not see, because your eyes cannot detect radio waves). Since there is a simple relationship between wavelength and frequency, you can specify an electromagnetic wave by either quantity.
Radio engineers tend to characterize waves by their frequency (radio stations are listed in units of cycles per second or Hertz). Just as all matter is made up of indivisible particles in the atom, such as electrons, so radiation is also made up of indivisible units of energy called quanta. The discovery that light is distributed in discrete, or quantized units, was one of the major discoveries in physics in the last century.

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