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Basic Audio is a free introductory textbook to the basics of audio physics and electronics. The second type of shielding uses a different principle, but is also effective against magnetic fields.
Outside the shield, the two fields are in the same direction and the combined magnetic field is increased. With input transformers, which are particularly susceptible to magnetic fields because they have a magnetic core, the shielding often consists of an arrangement combining magnetic and electromagnetic shielding into one composite assembly.
Aleksander Vladimirovich KozinkinThe South Federal University, Research Institute of Physics, pr. Valery Grigorievich VlasenkoThe South Federal University, Research Institute of Physics, pr. Yuriy Aleksandrovich KozinkinThe South Federal University, Research Institute of Physics, pr. Stanislav Vladimirovich KondrashovAll-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials, Radio str. Nikolai Alexandrovich TaratanovIvanovo Institute of State Fire Service of Emercom of Russia, pr.

Magnetic, magnetic resonance, and structural properties of iron and cobalt nanoparticles embedded in a polyethylene matrix were studied. Electromagnetic shielding does not use a magnetic material, but rather one that conducts electric current well, such as copper or aluminum. As well as providing increased protection, the combination makes the arrangement more effective over the entire frequency range. The materials were prepared by thermal decomposition of cobalt or iron formate in a polyethylene melt in mineral oil and contained from 2 to 40% wt. When the magnetic field causing the induction fluctuates, it causes current to flow in the shield.
Because it depends on fluctuating fields, this kind of shield is completely ineffective against steady magnetism.
The magnetic shielding takes care of frequencies down to zero or d-c and begins to become ineffective at frequencies between 60 to 300 cycles. 49, Moscow 119991, RussiaAll-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Aviation Materials, Radio str.
This current in the shield sets up its own magnetic field that opposes the original inducing magnetism, and the two fields tend to cancel inside the shield.

It is also comparatively ineffective against low-frequency fluctuation, and only becomes really effective at higher frequencies.
The electromagnetic shield^on the other hand, begins to become effective between 60 and 300 cycles, and the combined protection is effective for all frequencies.
Transmission electron microscopy data indicate that the average diameter of particles is up to 8.0 nm. According to extended x-ray absorption fine structure and Mossbauer spectroscopy studies, the particles comprise a metallic core and nonmetallic shell which is chemically bound to the surrounding matrix. Electrophysical and magnetic properties of the materials prepared were studied along with their reflection and attenuation factors in the super high frequency band.

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