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In chapters culled from popular and critically acclaimed "Electromagnetic Compatibility Handbook", "Electromagnetic Shielding" provides a tightly focused, convenient, and affordable reference for those interested primarily in this subset of topics.
Electromagnetic ShieldingPlane Wave Shielding The "Magic" of Shielding Waves Revealed The Impedance of a Wave Impedance of Air, Real Metals, and Real Insulators Reflection and Transmission Coefficients Plane Wave Power Single-Layer Conducting Shield Thin Shields and Reflection Loss Thick Shields and Absorption Loss Skin Depth Skin Depth for Good Insulators Skin Depth for Several Good Metals Complex Permittivity and RF Through Human Fat Microwaves through Human Fat Table of Dielectric Constants and Loss Tangents Loss in dB Per Skin Depth Reflection, Absorption, and Multiple-Reflection Losses Effect of Dielectric Constant on Shielding Near Field or Far Field?
Wave Impedance Electric Field Shielding The "Magic" of Electric Field Shielding Revealed Size is Important! Kaiser demystifies shielding and explains the source and limitations of the approximations, guidelines, models, and rules-of-thumb used in this field. The material is presented in a unique question-and-answer format that gets straight to the heart of each topic.
Using Capacitance to Model Shielding Capacitor Shielding Three-Terminal Capacitor Shielding Cans Finite-Conductivity Spherical Bodies Step Response of Spherical Bodies Finite-Conductivity Cylindrical Body Electric Blankets and Infants Typical Electric Field Strengths Current Through and Voltage Across a Field-Immersed Person Insulating Spherical Shields Insulating Cylindrical Shields EQS and Perfect Conductors Magnetic Field Shielding The "Magic" of Magnetic Field Shielding Revealed Magnetic Field from Simple Current Distributions Magnetic Fields for Other Current Distributions Magnetic Field Boundary Conditions Flux Shunting Explained via Boundary Conditions Self Shielding Nature of Coax Method of Images for Currents Wire Partners Can Reduce Fields Thick Poor Conductors Thin Good Conductors Spherical and Cylindrical Conducting and Magnetic Shields Pure Magnetic Spherical Shell Pure Magnetic Cylindrical Shell Finite-Length Cylindrical Shell Shielding the Source and Shielding Reciprocity Shielding a Cosmetologist with a Body Suit Power Line Shielding via Burying Wave Impedance Concept Flat Shielding of Current-Carrying Loops Grounding Shields Cheap Shielding Nonideal Shapes Reducing the Magnetic Coupling Between Inductors Typical Magnetic Flux Densities MQS and Perfect Conductors Decoupled Time-Varying Electric and Magnetic Fields Additional Shielding Concepts When Is a Shield Flat?

The book includes numerous examples and uses Mathcad to generate all of the figures and many solutions to equations.
Performance of a Shielded Room Laminated Shields Shields with an Air Gap Gold Coating on Glass Laminates for Magnetic Fields Rust Never Sleeps-Corrosion Surface Impedance Voltage and Current along a Chassis Impedance of Coated Conductors Nontraditional Shielding Materials Shielding Effectiveness vs. Surface Resistance Near-Field Electric Shielding Effectiveness An Equipotential Surface Electric vs.
Magnetic Field Measurements Single-Conductor Transmission Line TEM, TE, and TM Waves Cutoff Frequency of a Waveguide Attenuation Beyond Cutoff Seepage through a Seam One Large Hole vs.

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