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Ideation Stage: In this creative process stage, product design ideas and concepts are generated. The AIS software design team has worked on developing a variety software products for diverse categories, applications and market uses with visualization, control and monitoring equipment. Embedded software is a key driver in the success of today’s industrial equipment and products. AIS selects or designs product enclosures to satisfy the customer’s unique application and environment. AIS integrated leading-edge TFT-LCD panels ensure superior performance and excellent color quality and imaging in a broad range of indoor and outdoor operating environments. Outdoor Use Technology: Low reflection, high brightness and Transflective LCD modules and other features ensure AIS integrated LCD panels are ideal for continuous outdoor use. Leveraging the very latest in color optimization and image reproduction technologies, meeting industry design standards and offering the ideal product mix for industrial and critical military applications, AIS high reliability imaging and vision processing devices support all your specific requirements. AIS is fully dedicated to continuously monitor product line improvements and embraces the latest technologies in designing and manufacturing LCD displays that achieve realistic and true-to-life image reproduction.
Machine Vision: Machine vision refers to applications where operational guidance is provided to equipment for the execution of functions based on the capture and processing of images. Driver Assistance Systems: With keen focus on improving safety, automotive vision control systems process digital information from sources digital cameras or other sensors to perform tasks such as lane departure warning, drowsiness sensors, or parking assistance.
Industrial embedded systems, ranging from operator interface terminals and mobile devices to process control equipment, become increasingly sophisticated and run on an ever diverse set of hardware and software platforms. Recognizing these challenges for their customers, AIS provides complete engineering solutions and services to help them create winning embedded industrial solutions.
Many years of embedded hardware and software design has afforded us a unique understanding and insight optimizing solutions for our customers.

AIS functional safety design engineering is fundamental to enabling complex technology used for safety-related systems. Circuit Magic is an electrical circuits simulation program specifically designed for students teaching basics electronics, electrical laws & circuit theory. With Circuit Magic’s easy to use Schematics editor you can construct electrical circuit schematics consisting of direct and alternating currents devices such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, impedances, DC voltage sources, DC current sources, AC voltage sources, AC current sources. We offer a wide range of electrical, software, mechanical, health, safety, and the environmental design capabilities.
The AIS design cycle consists of four major stages as they relate to the objectives of the new product development.
From complex, military qualified, real time software design, to easy-to-use graphical user interfaces, AIS is your total embedded product software solution. From measuring instruments, automatic teller machines (ATMs), retail point of sale terminals (POS), to factory automation equipment (FA) and touch screen kiosk, AIS integrated TFT-LCD panels have all the earmarks of superior performing panels and monitors.
With a typical display the reproduction of images is visibly different from the original source because of display device characteristics and design. In line with these goals, AIS performs many base line tests to guarantee the best monitor performance, viewing and image quality achieved. Providing the "sight" or "vision" to the equipment greatly enhances its capabilities, resulting in improved product quality, increased productivity and decreased costs. The processed information can be displayed on screens or announced via acoustical warning signals.
AIS integrated multicore processors meet the demanding requirements of mission critical functions in a variety of military and aerospace applications. This presents increasingly complex issues and requirements for manufacturers to continually create new applications and maintain existing ones.

This comprises hardware and software services to create complete industrial systems, including integration of microcontrollers and processors, LCD displays, touch screen interfaces, video and audio subsystems, connectivity stacks and device layer integration and optimizations. Our software integration strengthens the performance of the hardware and reaps maximum processing power. Functional safety is an integral part of the overall safety of AIS embedded system and HMI display, including the safe management of likely hardware failures and environmental changes. It provides the assurance that safety-related systems will offer the necessary risk reduction required to achieve safety for the equipment.
They employ a comprehensive process to managing the entire lifecycle of an embedded software solution. In addition, AIS always considers requirements for EMI, fluid sealing, thermal transfer, ease of assembly, and cost when designing a mechanical solution.
AIS integrated LCD panels with original Natural Color Matrix optimization technology separates color data and luminance components, while controlling individual display colors (red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow) for optimized performance. With expert integration experience and knowledge, AIS’s market-leading TFT LCD modules, applications processors and system-on-chip solutions offer the perfect combination of programmability, performance and power for both mobile devices and industrial systems. AIS computer-based systems and displays are being used in all application sectors to perform safety functions.
The AIS lifecycle management process includes: project planning and scoping, architecture design, coding and integration, system design testing and debugging and support through entire life of the solution. Moreover, AIS’s video and vision design capabilities help their customers realize success in the embedded vision market for areas such as automotive vision systems, industrial machine vision and more.

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