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Vertical Medical Co2 Fractional Laser Beauty EquipmentVertical Medical Co2 Fractional Laser Beauty Equipment   This is Amy come from Sea Heart Company,Thanks for your kind care to our product. Body Massager Health care TENS unit SM9028TENS UNIT Low Frequent Massager SM9028 SUNMAS Low Frequent Massager SM9028 is a new health-oriented product to relieve the tired body. Most of the videos on EMP generators are fake or only show the device but do not tell you how to build it.

Magnetic Pulser for PEMF therapy as par Robert Beck protocol but modified to eliminate high voltage.
The advantages of a Rife machine, ultrasound, Earth pulse sleep machine and magnetic Pulser.
I was inspired by DadHav's latest video where he shows his beautiful magnet bearing "window" motor.

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