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The service we offer include product conceptual design, mechanical design, mold design, pre-production sample (prototype) and related technical service which cover the whole process of the industrial product design.
Our design covers the area of Home appliance, consumer electronics, medical treatment, healthcare equipment, transportation and toys, etc. PickleBrix retro PC accessories are an electronic Product design concept for your PC or MAC.
The accessories include 5.1 surround sound satellite speakers, an external hard drive,A  web-cam, desk lamp, and also connectors for docking specific mobile phones and devices. Picklebrix are made from a ceramic outer case, with a plastic box insert to encase the components.
We benefit hugely from resources on the web so we decided we should try and give back some of our knowledge and resources to the community by opening up many of our company’s internal notes and libraries through mini sites like this. Please feel free to comment if you can add help to this page or point out issues and solutions you have found, but please note that we do not provide support on this site.

Sketcher Digital Sketchpad concept is a design proposal for Wacom as one of the world’s leaders in professional graphic devices. Realism Pen Scans Color From Any Surface and Use it Instantly Let us be clear, this not official design from Wacom. The revised publication, which will launch in February alongside a re-designed web site and e-newsletter, is dubbed Electronic Product Design & Test and has a claimed print and digital circulation of over 30,000.
We have good cooperation with clients in Mainland China, the United States and Asia as well as Europe. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. They are a range of connecting PC accessories and base unit, which all connect together via USB to USB connectors, or cables if you wish to spread them out. The system also functions as a powered USB hub for connecting any other USB device to your PC or MAC.
This cool tablet has been designed specifically for illustrators and designers to enhance their drawing experience. There are 8 buttons that can be programmed to launch different functions according to the user’s needs while the jogdial enables you to turn or zoom the canvas without having to change the tablet position. Realism Pen is only a concept, a design proposal for Wacom that can scan any color from literally anything around you and use the […]Electric Hyper Touch Guitar Replaces The Strings with Multi-Touch Screen As sleek as it looks, the new Hyper Touch Guitar is amply customizable and flexible to musician needs as well.

As an international & professional product design company, we advocates global view for the design and pursue innovation always to offer our client top idea design. We know that our current tablets can be used to draw using special graphical applications, however, they usually don’t provide great accuracy and pressure levels sensitivity. Keeping left handed people in mind, Sketcher tablet has been designed in symmetrical shape, in this way, everyone can use it comfortably.
A multi-touch screen has replaced the strings and allows myriad possibilities […]Nissan Guardian All-Terrain Vehicle Design For The Year of 2030 Nissan Guardian concept was an all-terrain vehicle design proposal for Yu-lon Nissan's "Future Car Concept Design" in Taiwan.
Sketcher digital sketchpad concept tries to propose new technology to enable all designers to sketch anytime anywhere just like a real sketchpad. At the back of this device, there’s 5.0 Mpx rear camera that can be used to acquire hand sketches done on paper and finalized it digitally.

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