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For people with hearing loss, if they first have to be treated or the operation is proved to be invalid, a hearing aid is available after the lesion is completely stable.
Already added to cart sorry,for a reason unknown,temporarily sunpring can't take your order(s). Buyers can receive a refund and keep the item(s) once the item(s) are not as described or possess any quality issues by negotiating directly with the seller. We are engaged in the development, production and sale of health care products.Our company has advanced management and a group of experts and senior managers with more than 12 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing. In the case of the recent deaf or in the active stage, it will be decided one year after the condition is stable, but for hearing impaired people of slow genetic disorders, they shall be careful in using a hearing aid, and had better use it under guidance of hearing audiologistsEars serious externa, otitis media, double plane pyorrhea than are not completely atresia gas guide, can consider to use hearing the bone. Other kinds of deafness in gas guide hearing aid patientsBefore choose a hearing aid, a pure tone hearing test shall be made, and then choose an appropriate one based on the audiogram.

For patients with sensorineural hearing loss, they should be tested on the threshold function to determine language favorable effectHearing aid users should try the hearing aid for 2-3 weeks.
You can just relax in the comfort of your home while enjoying the 6 different program selections that will offer you muscle development, total body sculpture, a relaxing acupuncture and massage, tighten, strengthen and build all your muscles. Pocket size, portable and convenient Effective and safe, simply follow operation instruction booklet, educational manual and placement points chart. Our state of the art devices allow users to choose between various massage modes, intensity, and treatment time.
The unit is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that allows the product to be portable and the compact design fits nicely in your pocket or purse.
Users can attach the self-adhesive pads to various muscle groups for a targeted, effective treatment.

Dual outputs also allow for treatment to be applied to two different areas at the same time with a single machine.
The pads do not require any additional gels or creams to be applied and we also offer various replacement pads in multiple sizes and colors.

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