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Revolver, the digitally-enabled PR agency, is providing PR support to Pulse Interactive, the American mobile lottery and gaming specialist.
The digital PR specialist has been tasked with providing PR support in an effort to raise the profile of the company as one of its international partners.
Pulse Interactive, which has its headquarters in Austin, Texas, allows partners to offer secure mobile gaming and lottery services to state run lotteries, Native American Indian reservations and cruise ships which it is looking to expand globally. These electronic stimulation massage device has not been reviewed as much as the others and that seems to be because it is just not well reviewed as the others. It comes with 4 electrode pads to stick to but some reviewers have noted that it can’t seem to stick very well.
The ability of this device to mimic the nerve signals of the body doesn’t really mean much. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
JSB HF61 Electronic Nerve Stimulation Pulse Massager is a user friendly product, which delivers electric impulses to tired and sore muscles.

The nerve stimulation electronic pulse massager tens machine works on 4 X AAA batteries and comes equipped with 10 speeds and 10 intensity levels to serve different needs.
Extremely user-friendly microcomputer automatic control system makes it easy to understand all functions. It is supposed to be able to relieve muscle soreness and muscle discomfort from maybe overuse. Based on physiological principles, all muscle movement in the body is based on electrical signals. It is helpful in relieving aches and pains in various parts of the body such as the waist, shoulders, joints, hands and feet. The massager has dedicated modes for Waist, Shoulder, Joint, Hand, Leg, Sole Pain and the stimulation adjusts as per the body parts needs.
With the integration of bio-electromagnetic technology and western medicine theory to control the device by using high-tech computer chip control features of digital technology, with the design to fit with the feet points by adding low-frequency pulses and sending electromagnetic waves into the body through the soles of feet, with the plasma generator to kill bacteria and infrared thermal temperature effect, this machine is to achieve relieving pain, clearing the meridians, detoxing skin beauty, eliminating fatigue and other health effects.
Plasma functional and effective sterilization, dust cleaning, and odor elimination, and improving air quality.

50 kinds of massage modes, each of which has targeted the decomposition of fat, elimination of toxins, and effective physiotherapy foot. Enclosed slimming belt and eight electrode patches to facilitate the various parts of the body massage to help treatment in shoulder pain and eliminate excess fat in the back, legs, waist and arms. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here.
It requires only 2 AAA batteries and that suggests that maybe the amount of intensity will be too low, and if the electrical pulse is too high then the device would have a short time to be used since it will run out of battery power. With 4 X adhesive extra large electrode pads, this device is a physiotherapist's best choice for doing nerve stimulation routines for their patients.
This means that you can increase the intensity and frequency of the electrical pulses in a certain way to simulate certain types of massages.

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