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Genius Chip(Shenzhen) Limited as a professional manufacturer designs, develops and manufactures a broad spectrum of electronic control-board for electronic gifts, novelties, premiums, home appliances, especially with original ideas and rich experiences in massager and medical treatment instruments. High-perceived value, innovative and user friendly design, fast delivery, good after-sales service answer to the need of customers from different corners of the world. Brain cells perceive pain.Secondly, TENS stimulates the body release its own natural pain-control mechanism.

The advantageous strategy of our company lies in standing in customers' position realizing the max of product function at the lowest cost and holding the safety and stability of product quality with the most precise attitude and scientific testing way. Before washing the massager, please take massage movements and batteries out of the it.For its constantly contact with people, please wash it once 1 or 2 weeks, which can avoid harmful factors existing in it, such as perspiration,blot,scurf,mycete,caro. It adopts various power supplies with super power, long use term, convenience, and setup program and embedded software technology.

The combination of bioelectricity simulation, simulated massage and acupuncture manipulation forms wonderful waveforms to dredge the meridians of human body.YIN and YANG are balanced by the regulation of biological chain for the purpose of cure.

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