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The Elster V100 is the world’s most successful domestic and commercial water meter, its unique design offers a blend of accuracy, durability and security providing optimum accuracy and performance. Elster V200 water meters provide optimum accuracy and performance regardless of whether its installed in horizontal, vertical or inclined pipelines. These water meters have in-line connections and are supplied with BSP threaded unions.
Elster (Kent Meters) V210 water meters are designed to be installed into boundary meter boxes, manifolds, tenant valve assemblies and meter mount kits that have coaxial concentric connections.
Elster V200H hybrid water meters provide optimum accuracy and performance regardless of whether its installed in horizontal, vertical or inclined pipelines.
Elster V210H hybrid water meters are designed to be installed into boundary meter boxes, manifolds, tenant valve assemblies and meter mount kits that have coaxial concentric connections. The electronic register displays real-time flow rate data as well as indicating totalised volume.
When long meter life, good tolerance to contaminants, and high accuracy are needed in an economical totalizing water meter, Carlon's MJL line of multijet meters are what you need. Do you have meters in locations that are hard to read such as behind equipment, walls, or above false ceilings?
Overview: This series of Wireless Remote Water Meteris used for measuring the quantity of cold or hot water passing through pipelines or residential area. We don't have to tell you that late-model overdrive transmissions have become a prototypical upgrade for any kind of performance car. The only time you might need a calibration box would be if you were trying to calibrate a late-model transmission to a factory electronic speedometer.
Another route will eliminate connections to the transmission altogether via a GPS speedometer signal.
Car Craft family member Tim Moore pulled an 85-mph electronic speedo out of a '90s Chevy van for $20 that could be a budget alternative. As a more useful alternative, Hudson told us that he regularly converts older mechanical speedos to electronic, and if that's all you want done, it can cost as little as $300–$350.
So there you have it, a quick rundown of some of the electric speedo options for an aftermarket overdrive transmission in an older car. If you are really trying to keep cost down, consider looking for a suitable electronic speedometer in the boneyard.
The Sky Drive from Classic Instruments makes calibrating an electric speedometer the easiest thing in the world. On this 4L80E automatic, the rear vehicle speed sensor (VSS, arrow), located toward the back of the transmission is called the TOSS, or transmission output speed sensor. Some aftermarket electric speedometers require an electronic interface box like this SN-74 from Classic Instruments that converts the VSS signal to a specific count recognized by the speedometer.
Redline Gauge Works can convert an old cable-driven speedometer to a fully electric version and retain the stock external appearance.

If you want to convert to an electronic speedometer, but the transmission output is still a cable, you can use a cable-driven DC generator such as this Auto Meter unit that will produce a square wave signal that can be converted to an electronic signal. It operates on the velocity principle in which water enters the measuring chamber through a number of ports and drives the inner rotor. The MJL line has a well deserved reputation for excellence in the world of commercial, municipal, and residential water meters. These transmissions typically output a signal from the VSS, which can be wired directly to an electronic aftermarket speedometer.
Auto Meter, Classic Instruments, and others sell a GPS box with an antenna that triangulates from a minimum of three geo-synchronized satellites to establish very accurate speed and distance information that is fed to the speedometer.
The simplest approach is using an aftermarket unit from companies such as Classic Industries, Auto Meter, Speedhut, or Stewart-Warner. The problem is finding a factory speedometer that will fit your dash and still looks like it belongs. This conversion will also create a digital odometer reading, so the revamped speedo won't be exactly stock. There really isn't a stupid-cheap $29.95 option but neither is converting to an overdrive automatic or manual transmission.
Merely mount the antenna where the unit can reference GPS satellites, hide the box anywhere, and power it up.
Most two-wire VSS units generate an AC voltage signal that is more like a sine wave as opposed to three-wire (DC) voltage signal generators.
All you do is wire the box, hit one button, drive a measured mile, and hit the button again. So let's say you've jumped into the deep end of the pool and stuffed a 4L80E automatic or a T-56 six-speed into your Chevelle, and at some point in the conversion, you realized that these gearboxes long ago flushed those clunky gear-driven mechanical speedometers. The aftermarket speedos, such as those from Auto Meter or VDO, are designed to be calibrated by simply pushing a button on the speedo, driving a known distance (2 miles in the Auto Meter example), and punching the button again. As an example, connect the VSS output to the Classic Instruments unit and then wire it to the speedometer.
On the budget side, Auto Meter makes an inexpensive 120-mph electronic aftermarket speedometer in a 31?8-inch diameter that sells for only $135 from Summit Racing.
Of course, if you've ever lived with an ancient, needle-bouncing, cable-driven speedometer, you already know that these should be more accurately called a speed suggestion gauge. To test a two-wire VSS, hook the sensor wire to + and the other wire to ground on a multi-meter, and drive the car while observing the output on the AC scale.
This kit is designed for a ’67–’68 Camaro and bolts directly in place of the stock instrument panel.

As an example, Redline can convert this ’66 Chevelle 120-mph speedometer to 160 mph for a reasonable price that would still look stock using Auto Meter internals. Every late-model transmission now transmits what is called a vehicle speed sensor (VSS) electrical pulse. These electronically controlled overdrives require a dedicated electronic transmission control unit.
This calibrates the speedo to your particular tire size and gear ratio, making the setup ridiculously easy. Hit the button on the interface, drive the car an exact measured mile, and hit the button again. The only downside to these that we see is they sometimes require a minute or so to establish satellite contact and can lose signal in long tunnels. We spoke with Shannon Hudson at Redline Gauge Works, who told us you should be able to use a Dakota Digital or Classic Instruments interface box to adapt the signal from the transmission to the specific requirements of a factory digital dash, but he was not willing to say that these boxes would be compatible in all situations. The connections on the back of the speedo include 12-volt switched power, ground, and the signal input.
These ratings are well beyond what you will encounter for your commercial, municipal, and residential metering needs. Yes, there are aftermarket extension housings that convert to a mechanical drive if you want to go that route, but we were looking for something that integrates the smoothness and accuracy of a late-model electric speedometer. This calibrates the VSS signal into the speedometer from the VSS output, and the speedometer will be accurate. Budget speedometers generally need an interface box to calibrate the signal between it and the VSS sender. We've been there, and that just makes an electric speedometer much more attractive for a host of low-stress reasons. This box, the SN-74, is an upgraded version of Classic Instruments' original box that eliminates flipping dipswitches. Although non-resettable counters are standard, we also can offer a resettable counter, if that is required for the application.
If you are using one of these control boxes, all of them output a vehicle speed signal that will work with most aftermarket electronic speedometers.

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