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To find the component your looking for, either search by Part Number or visit the relative department. Just starting out in Electronics, this book is ideal for the beginner or High School Student. This book starts from the very beginning, with the first chapter introducing soldering and using a meter. Learn how to combine electronics and mechanics, in the latest installment of the Evil Genius series.
This excellent project book includes 28 interesting and inexpensive projects you can build.
This is an ideal refresher book or as a quick learning guide to teach practical design skills.
Really?straightforward reader question to be answered for nowadays like a Gerber LMF II electronics for books What about bolt cutters, pry. I was fortunate enough to be a fourth generation scale technician so I laeaned the basics from my family, but it was not much.

I use the Internet a lot but a good electronics book is always my first point of call when I need some information (or refreshing) quickly.
If I ever buy another “hard copy” electronics book in the future it will be the next edition (whenever it happens) of “The Art of Electronics by Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill”. This great introductory book for Electronics is an ideal starting point into the world of Electronics. If you enjoyed, Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius, you will certainly like More Electronic Gadgets. Project theory and circuit is explained in detail, providing good background and knowledge for further development.
The Net is packed with good information for all levels but it tends to be all over the places and somehow can be time consuming. This book follows a teaching approach with each section clearly divided with tests and plenty of examples to quickly develop your understanding and practical knowledge. The reason i talk about this book is because i do get quite a number of emails from fellow ERG members that asked what books that was suitable for beginners.

There are excellent references sites though, like the one recommended by Beth on this Blog. Plenty of clear and well explained illustrations, ideal for the hobbyists, student or technical graduate.
Great new book in the Evil Genius series for Auto projects, learn as you build these exciting projects. I will be purchasing and reading the one you suggested Jestine, because even though I have studied so much about electronics over the years I think a good technician should always keep reading and also going back over the basics, again and again, this is the way to become a master of your trade, study and then study again. If you click on the above photo to visit the amazon website, scroll down and you could see that there are many buyers praise on this book. If you have other good electronics book that you wish to recommend to others, you can give your comment and we would like to hear from you-thanks!

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