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This Book Explains About Microsoft Office 2007 Word ,Excel And Powerpoint .This Is A Simple No Nonesense Type Book And Covers The Basics That Are Used Most Frequently . Updated Pricing For Data Recovery Services For [ Hard Drive ] In Chandigarh For CDRLabs " Chandigarh Data Recovery Labs ] Is Done On Website . International Shipping Via IndiaPost And Recieving Money From International Clients Is Not Stopped .We Are sorry But Its Too Much Of a Hassel In India Gentlemen . Octopus Box - Samsung And LG Mobile Phone Software Repair Box Now Added To Website .We Also Have Cableset For These Two Boxes . Mobile Phone Repairing Tools Like Software Repair Box And Dongles And Cables Are Being Added To Website . Added Gskill [ USA ] Micro SD Cards In 32GB And 64GB Class 10 To Website .These Come With Micro SD To SD Adapter . Restocked Few Units Of Autoelectric TL866CS Programmer And Also Sofitech SP8A Programmer To Sell As China Is Closed And My Inventory Was Depleted Before i Could Import . Goot [Japan ] Soldering And Desoldering Products And Accessories Are Now Being Added To WEbsite For Online Sales .We Will Also Look After Chandigarh Territory Soon By Gods Grace For This Brand .

All Saturday And Sunday Order Placed On Website + Ebay Store Are Being Packed And Dispatched . Guys Low Cost, Low Priced Soldering And Desoldering Products Are Now Sorted ,But in The Last Minute We Have Arranged Siron Micro Soldering Station , Siron Analog Soldering Station , Siron Digital Soldering station And Siron SMD Hot Air Station .We Would Be Adding Those Also To Website ASAP Tommorow .
Sangeetha Mobiles in the business of retailing mobile phones, smart phones and tablet devices. His deep understanding that nothing is constant but change, and that the customer always wants more saw Sangeetha step into the mobile retailing business from the very inception of the introduction of mobiles into the country after economic liberalization. His insatiable hunger to expand, whilst refusing to compromise on business ethics, and the realization that Trust is all that he has to sell has him now overseeing an empire of 250 plus outlets in India that keeps growing by the day and arguably become the first Indian retailer in its category to enter foreign shores.
Our new business model of inviting Franchisees and Business associates are aimed at being able to reach out to consumers in every nook and corner of the country no matter how far flung the area might be. We have a turnover of 500 crores (USD 100000000), seven million happy customers and 70,000 more that join our family every month. We pause for a moment to allow the joyous reality to sink in and appreciate the fact that it was the TRUST factor that got us here in the first place.

We however would desist from that but gently remind you that we have been pioneers in insuring mobile phones , insuring phones from theft and servicing phones by picking them up and delivering them at your doorstep. A value instilled in us by our parents who we humbly revere to a point that no matter how big we grow, we as an organization will still be a family business. We understand what emotions are and that is why we are market leaders in a “do or disappear” business. Subhash Chandra the son made a quiet entry into the business and simply drove the business to what it is today.

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