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A couple of months ago I had posted about the sudden demise of Kuwait’s first Indian FM radio station. While this may be good news for some, how bout the people who don’t have a data plan on their mobiles or an internet connection at home? This entry was posted in music and tagged 98.4 Ufm, kuwait, Malayalam, Music, radio on 2013-04-27 by mathew. The buzz for the last few days has been the new Malayalam channel that’s started in Kuwait.
This entry was posted in kuwait and tagged FM, interesting, Kerala, kuwait, Malayalam, radio on 2012-03-24 by mathew. This entry was posted in funny and tagged funny, Kerala, Malayalam, Trivandrum on 2012-03-07 by mathew. This entry was posted in movies and tagged funny, Kerala, Krishnanum Radhayum, Malayalam, moronic, movies, Santhosh Pandit, viral on 2011-11-16 by mathew. This entry was posted in movies and tagged Malayalam, movies, Oscars, Salim Kumar on 2011-10-01 by mathew. One of the movies I was eagerly anticipating this summer was Salt N Pepper coz it featured Malayalam rock band Avial and the tag line for the movie was interesting as well.

The highlight of this movie for me was the clean comedy, simple story and my favorite in the whole movie was Baburaj. This entry was posted in movies and tagged Avial, Malayalam, Malayali food, movie, Salt N Pepper on 2011-07-17 by mathew. This entry was posted in music and tagged Avial, Malayalam, movie, Music, rock, Trivandrum on 2011-05-23 by mathew. This entry was posted in internet, music and tagged internet radio, Kerala, Malayalam, Music on 2011-04-25 by mathew. This entry was posted in movies and tagged Akkarakazhchakal, comedy, funny, Malayalam, movies on 2011-03-15 by mathew. This entry was posted in music and tagged Avial, fusion, Kerala, Malayalam, Music, rock, rock bands, Trivandrum on 2011-01-08 by mathew. Now according to their Facebook page, it appears that they’re coming back on the air but as an online radio service on May 1st 2013.
I guess now we don’t have to tune into Dubai Asianet radio to get a dose of Malayalam music. Personally I don’t think that getting a movie submitted to the Academy is any indication of the quality of the film (look at the endless series of crappy films in the past few years) but this should be interesting to Malayalam film goers and fans of Salim Kumar.

The movie starts of with a mouthwatering journey through Kerala cuisine and some of the popular joints in Ernakulam and Trivandrum make an appearance and you get the feeling that everyone in the theater is collectively licking their lips at all the juicy delicacies shown in the movie.
He started out as a villain and has mostly done violent roles but he was fantastic in his role as a dedicated cook.
For now there seems to be just an endless stream of music on 98.4 FM but I hope in the future they start variety programming or stuff with a local flavor like they do in Dubai. I’m eagerly waiting for their second albums to hit the shelves and you can expect a review as soon as I get it. I tried calling the number posted on their website but wasn’t able to talk to anyone.

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