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Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". I made up this circuit, as this is my first ''big'' BEAM creation I have no idea if it works properly.
2 The (usual) Nv only works when the input receives a HIGH, and that is the job of the schmitts. 6 As an extra (Yupeee), when the bot reverses it also makes the ''spinal column'' think that light is fully comming only from one direction. UM3561 IC includes  oscillator and selector circuits so few external component is used for construction of four tone siren. It consists of three almost identical oscillators connected in a chain, each generating a squarewave signal.
It divides voltage depending on which side is more iluminated, then, the schmitt changes the signal from a wave to a straight pulse.

If the first schmitt outputs a HIGH the the lower strip of Nvs will work, the upper strip should stay calm because the second schmitt inverts the signal to a LOW. Only the first motor is affected by light, the others follow (in a wave pattern) the one before themselves. I took the 4 transistor circuit design and modified it to be used with only one input signal. Since the millipede is moving forward while all this happens, a nice wave should appear when the bot has locked his path towards the light source.
I know I won't be able to drive the 16 motors with 2N390X transistors, I used them in the schematic only because I need to find more powerful ones. The pairs of 100 k? resistors divide the asymmetric power supply voltage (between 5 V and 30 V) so that, in conjunction with the 100 k? feedback resistors (R3, R7 and R11) either one third or two thirds of the supply voltage will be present at the non-inverting inputs to the opamps. The (now LOW) output of the schmitt will reverse the PagerMotors, thus, reversing the whole bot.

I'm also thinking about using the Baby GMs that Solarbotics sell instead of the Lego MicroMotors. The frequency of the second oscillator is about 13 Hz, and optional LED D3 ?ashes when it is running. The frequency of the third oscillator is around 1 kHz, and this is the tone that is produced. The second oscillator is not absolutely necessary: its function is just to add a little modulation to the 1 kHz tone. A piezo sounder is connected to the output of the third oscillator to convert the electrical signal into an acoustic one.

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