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I’ll be updating this post if there are changes in the school details or if there is an additional courses accredited by Tesda Cebu. Hi I want to study in cost controlling here in Cebu, may I know the location and the time and costs?
I am interested for instrument technician, (biomed,industries or processing) any of what available may fits best of me. Hi, may i ask you for where i can find the school for electrical instrumentation and requirements?

The Quezon City Polytechnic was created on March 1, 1994 by virtue of the City Council Ordinance No.
The Three Year Technician Curriculum was introduced in the SY 1994-1995 designed to develop highly competent technicians for industry in the areas of Automotive Technology, Electrical Technology, Welding Technology, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology, and Fashion Technology. The QCPU established its reputation among local government units as a show window and model technology-based institution paving the way for its recognition of the Technological Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and developing a strong alliance with the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The Quezon City Polytechnic University, now under the leadership of Mayor Herbert Bautista, more meaningful access to higher education is now possible with a ladderized concept of pursuing higher education. Currently, the UPH caters to a student population of 4,000 - a dramatic increase based on its initial 700 enrollees. I remember there is one comment from one of my post asking about the list of courses and schools in Cebu.
Recently in Saudi arabia and would like to upgrade my knowledge and capability, upon my return.
SP-171 is an institution to primarily undertake the training and development of qualified technicians and skilled workers.

Added to the Three-Year Curriculum in the school year that followed were Electronics Technology, Mechanical Technology or Machine Shop, Computer Technology and an industry-led pilot course in Boiler Technology. The idea is every person should have the opportunity for education and training commensurate to his abilities.
In response I’m going to share here the details so others that have the same queries may also benefit from it. Now, QCPU offers numerous Programs, Technical-Vocational Courses, as well as Special Short-term courses.

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