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This is the training course I did with my colleagues of CCBRT-Hospital Maintenance Workshop.
Short Courses and Bespoke CoursesHere’s a group of popular short courses perfect for developing a skills profile to exactly fit a specific role within the workplace. Industrial Electronics TrainingThis 3day course overviews a wide range of electronic components including:- Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, Zeners, Transistors, Thyristors, Triacs, Thermistors, Leds, LDRs, Timer ICs, Logic ICs, TTL and Cmos.
Electropneumatics TrainingThis is a 2day course covering the fundamentals of Electropneumatics.
Inverter Drives CourseThis 1day course assumes no previous knowledge of motor speed control and allows a specialist field to be undertaken  with reference to only basic electrical principles and motor formulae. Skills Assessments or ReviewPractical Skills Assessments can be carried out at BTMC Blackburn to assess training needs.
Written testing or examinations can be carried out at BTMC Blackburn or online if preferred. Introduction to PLCsThis 2day PLC course assumes no previous knowledge of PLCs but uses the Mitsubishi FX to give a thorough understanding at basic to intermediate level. Industrial SensorsThis 1day course allows correct identification of industrial sensors in terms of their physical and electrical characteristics so that the correct replacement be sought for maintenance purposes.
An instructor teaches a basic course in electronics, to cadets from both Indian and foreign navies. Whether you’re brand new to computers or a master electronics technician, you can learn electronics online at Cleveland Institute of Electronics. Distance learning makes education more convenient, especially for people with busy schedules and other responsibilities.
Cleveland Institute of Electronics offers Diploma and Certificate programs designed for different students.
Whether you’ve got a busy family to care for, a hectic work schedule or the traditional college setting just isn’t for you, consider Cleveland Institute of Electronics. We’ve helped lead countless students to success through our innovative distance curriculum.

There are lots of soldering exercises on the course which culminates in the construction of an IC based project and calculation of simple waveshapes using the oscilloscope. The course delivers practice at selecting the correct motor for the drive, setting general parameters and then setting up more advanced drive parameters for given load characteristics.
The course identifies the hardware componentsof the PLC, its Inputs and Outputs and their addressing.
What sets us apart from other institutions is our Electronics Engineering distance learning programs. If you’re new to the world of computers and electronics or have already received previous training, you can continue to learn electronics online through CIE. At CIE, you can learn electronics online whenever the time is right, and you can be confident that help is always there when you need it.
Jones, the world's most popular electronics video blogger says about learning basic electronics ? The many practical exercises undertaken ensures that a good evaluation of  components and circuits takes place. As usual i told all my students that I provide support after the class just in case if there is any question on electronics repair. CIE instructors are easy to reach and provide personal, one-on-one online support throughout your program.
This is the commitment that i could give to my students as I want all of them to be successful in the electronics repair line. He has completed Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Kantipur Engineering College, Kathmandu, Nepal and Master's degree in Electronics and Communications from the University of Turku, Turku, Finland.
However, please make up your mind for extra 1 day (6 hours) just in case we cannot finish the course within the expected duration. If you are interested in making some basic electronic projects  for your personal use, then, this can be the right course for you. You will learn how to read simple electronic schematics, build circuits on a breadboard and solder DIY kits.These days many hobbyists are inclined towards Arduino projects.

Keeping that in mind, an intensive introduction to Arduino has been included in the course.
It is good to start Arduino with some knowledge of basic electronics, so, the course should make a strong foundation for Arduino lovers.
You will also get several components for continuing Arduino.- The main purpose of including Arduino in this course is to demonstrate how an Arduino makes electronics projects much simpler and saves your time. At the same time, we will show that without the knowledge of basic electronics, you cannot build anything original for yourself or the Arduino community.
Comprehensive content: The course content covers several components and touches different fields of electronics. We first build one project and build another by making simple changes to the first project. For example, we first build a light sensor and later we will make some changes in the circuit that will make it work as a heat sensor. Likewise, we will make an audio amplifier and an FM radio separately and later use the audio amplifier in the radio to amplify its sound.2. It is impossible to try all the known possibilities, so, during the course, we will see some of the possibilities which will give more experience.
Likewise, you will first learn to make an FM radio using discrete components and later you will make another FM receiver using Arduino. Components for all the basic projects of this course: Breadboards (3pcs), resistors pack, capacitors pack, transistors, Integrated circuits, speakers, buzzer, etc. He has Master's degree in Electronics  and Communications from the University of Turku, Finland, with specialization in Electronics Productization.
You will get an overview of steps of product idea to commercialization from the instructor.

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