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It will provide you with the background required to venture into the realm of Arduino, more complex circuits, other microcontrollers, robotics, amateur radio, and many other areas of interest.
It was great to know Marilyn and the amount of experience and information she brought to the course was tremendous Ronnie and Lisa were very professional and brought a lot of real world experiences that helped the class a lot.
What I liked most was meeting and being in a environment with people from various background, hearing their views and ideas. I'd recommend this course to ANYONE - I said midweek I'd recommend this course to anyone, from IT to my VP of Marketing. Being out of mainstream engineering for years, this course helps better prepare you for the style and difficulty of the questions asked on the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam.
If you are OK with a team structure and working onsite on single project over 5 days, check out Rutgers' Intro to User Experience Design course.
The lectures from people currently in the industry who were able to give real-world examples of their experiences applying theory and practice - and could answer questions about how to handle different challenges in the workplace.
This is the training course I did with my colleagues of CCBRT-Hospital Maintenance Workshop.
If you have ever thought of learning basic electronics, then this electronics course could be ideal start for you. If your answer to any of the above is yes then “Introduction to Basic Electronics Course” by Greg might just be what you want. Start to learn about basics of electronics the easy way with this fantastic electronics learning program.
With Introduction To Basics of Electronics, you can learn basic electronics online from your home, and at your own speed.
This course of Online Electronics has inspired many people across the world to turn their dreams into reality by learning electronics, and some have eventually gone on to study an electronics degree at university. This product includes 2 main e-books (both in pdf format), a few bonus eBooks & an mp3 audio files collection which summarizes the major points of this product. Your will also learn about what the voltage and current will be in different parts of the electronics circuit and why.
Learn crystal set radio, An Old Time Radio That Can Help You Understand Basic Of RF Theory. Prior to knowing what’s inside it, you must first of all know what isn’t inside this superb tutorial of basic electronics. Inside 9 brief chapters the author manages to provide you with all the info you must know about most electronics projects which you may encounter being a hobbyist.

To conclude, whether you’re a total newbie or you’ve been making electronics projects for quite some period, this product is sure to make plenty of difference. If you have ever thought of learning electronics, but haven’t spent the time or money to learn it, then this electronics project could be ideal start for you. Jones, the world's most popular electronics video blogger says about learning basic electronics ?
I take in quite a lot of learning from the course - not just the content but from the personalities of each of the great instructors and the peers that I interacted with.
This intense, comprehensive course is led by experienced, knowledgeable, and personable instructors and guest lecturers, and covers topics crucial to those in, or considering working in, the UX design field.
The passion and inspiration demonstrated by the instructors is authentic and translates fluidly throughout the class.
This Basics of Electronics project is a great way to start learning or even refresh your electronics knowledge, with easy to understand concepts and diagrams. The fact is, in this regards there’s very little which you’ll ever require while dealing with basic electronics which won’t be in this introductory phase.
The course you presented was far superior in every way, and I'm speaking as a professional educator.
What you receive are the necessities which you want & are most likely to use whenever you’re battling with electronics. It is a sure fire way but it might remind you more of old school than latest printed electric circuit boards. Nevertheless, you will gain sufficient information in order to be able to go thru the datasheet. He has completed Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Kantipur Engineering College, Kathmandu, Nepal and Master's degree in Electronics and Communications from the University of Turku, Turku, Finland. I've also heard positive comments about the Everblue LEED Green Associate exam prep course offered at Rutgers.
Conversely, the author tells you how to create the same circuits with modern solder less bread-boards.
Finally you will learn how to add other devices such as LEDs, pull-up resistors and filter capacitors. Fundamentals of the first e-book are reinforced with the offering of a few easy electronics projects for users to create. However, please make up your mind for extra 1 day (6 hours) just in case we cannot finish the course within the expected duration.

If you are interested in making some basic electronic projects  for your personal use, then, this can be the right course for you. You will learn how to read simple electronic schematics, build circuits on a breadboard and solder DIY kits.These days many hobbyists are inclined towards Arduino projects.
Keeping that in mind, an intensive introduction to Arduino has been included in the course. It is good to start Arduino with some knowledge of basic electronics, so, the course should make a strong foundation for Arduino lovers. You will also get several components for continuing Arduino.- The main purpose of including Arduino in this course is to demonstrate how an Arduino makes electronics projects much simpler and saves your time. At the same time, we will show that without the knowledge of basic electronics, you cannot build anything original for yourself or the Arduino community. Comprehensive content: The course content covers several components and touches different fields of electronics. We first build one project and build another by making simple changes to the first project. For example, we first build a light sensor and later we will make some changes in the circuit that will make it work as a heat sensor.
Likewise, we will make an audio amplifier and an FM radio separately and later use the audio amplifier in the radio to amplify its sound.2. It is impossible to try all the known possibilities, so, during the course, we will see some of the possibilities which will give more experience. Likewise, you will first learn to make an FM radio using discrete components and later you will make another FM receiver using Arduino. Components for all the basic projects of this course: Breadboards (3pcs), resistors pack, capacitors pack, transistors, Integrated circuits, speakers, buzzer, etc. He has Master's degree in Electronics  and Communications from the University of Turku, Finland, with specialization in Electronics Productization. You will get an overview of steps of product idea to commercialization from the instructor.

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