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Adam relates, first-hand, with the students and parents who struggle with the issues that can come with being a teenager or a parent.
Kay is an ANCC Board Certified clinical specialist in child and adolescent psychiatric mental health nursing.
Anne has taught a wide variety of populations, including college students, adults, gifted elementary school children, and ESL learners. As Clinical Director, Christina supervises Shortridge’s counseling program and clinical operations.
Joe was hired in 2008 as a residential staff member, and has worked with teens and families at Shortridge in a variety of roles since then. A Milton native, Joe grew up spending most of his time in the nearby woods, fishing, biking, and building forts. Prior to becoming a counselor, Audrey was a Track and Field coach at the University of Massachusetts.
Audrey is originally from the Iowa, where she was born and raised, and has been living on the east coast for the past 17 years.
In August of 2014 Shelly returned to Shortridge Academy and is delighted to be counseling adolescents and their families again. Shelly has a strength-based approach and has extensive experience using Mindfulness Meditation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Family Systems approaches to address family issues, depression, attachment, oppositional defiance, generalized anxiety, and addictive behaviors.
Shelly has her masters degree in Counseling Psychology.  She is a graduate of the New Hampshire Leadership series through the Institute of Disability at UNH, and an approved candidate for licensure in the State of New Hampshire.  Shelly is married and the proud Momma of two beautiful children!
James first began working with children and adolescents as a volunteer baseball coach after having played both travel and collegiate baseball. James uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing techniques to help his adolescent clients and their families lead healthy lives, in all senses: physical, mental and spiritual. James grew up on Long Island; he and his wife, Hilary, are thrilled to be making their home amidst the peace and quiet of New Hampshire.
Alison has come to Shortridge from Charlotte, NC where she was in private practice for eight years. Alison’s work and volunteering experience has given her varied exposure to all kinds of mental health and life issues that teenagers experience. When not at work, Alison likes to hike, bike, swim, kayak, cross country ski, garden, star gaze, cross stitch, go geocaching and, most of all, spend time with her grown children and her young granddaughter. A native of Portsmouth, NH, Ken has taught Ethics & Culture and Composition at Great Bay Community College, various History and Social Science courses at Phillips Exeter Academy, the Holderness School (NH) and the Woodward School for Girls (MA), where he also served as Chair of the History Dept.
Matt has been involved in teaching and counseling for over twenty five years in a variety of settings, both mainstream and alternative. Steven has been at Shortridge since January 2014, having moved north from North Carolina with his family to begin a New England adventure! Scott is a dual-state and nationally certified school psychologist with over 15 years of professional experience providing learning support to educators, students, and caregivers. Born and raised in Peru, Martha has been teaching for more than 23 years, starting as a kindergarten teacher in the American School of Lima Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Having over twenty years of nursing experience, JoAnne brings nursing depth and seasoned wisdom to our Health Center team.
JoAnne enjoys creative cooking, reading and outdoor activities to include snowshoeing, hiking, kayaking and camping.
Prior to joining our Shortridge Academy family, Becky, a fairly recent Associate Degree RN, had worked in a variety of nursing and nurse assistant positions to include the Birthing Center and the Cardiac Unit at Wentworth Douglas Hospital. Diana joined Shortridge Academy with 20 years of experience in Accounting and Human Resources. Roland completed a course in maintenance technology in 1984 and has been fixing things ever since. Don is a native of Rochester, New Hampshire and has lived in the Lilac City his entire life.
As the head of technology at Shortridge Academy, Aaron brought with him his love for art and a range of multi-media projects for the students. Katie has been a valuable member of the Shortridge Team before ground was even broken to build the academy. Compare and save online, read product reviews, find the best deal from a choice of brands and stores online and on keyboard. Shortly after graduating from a therapeutic boarding school himself, Adam realized that his personal life mission was to help other teenagers struggling to find success in life. Initially he was a financial advisor to the founders of the school and then became a full time employee as Director of Business Administration in November of 2005. A freelance writer for many years, she wrote narrative obituaries, book reviews, and features for the University of New Hampshire Alumni Magazine, and articles about architecture, design and history for various publications; she also wrote corporate histories for various clients. Christina has been at Shortridge Academy since 2006, coming to the academy after five years working for the Crossroads Program for Struggling Teens in Massachusetts. During this time she has acquired training and certifications in DBT, EMDR, Energy Psychology, Psychodrama and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention. He earned his master’s degree in social work from the University of New Hampshire while working as a support outreach provider in Manchester, New Hampshire, eventually working as a therapist in a community mental health agency.
James’s goal as a therapist is to serve as a guide to families who are struggling with anger, anxiety, depression and grief, ultimately empowering them so that they can overcome future obstacles as a successful family system.
When he’s not working, James relaxes by engaging in Crossfit and Olympic lifting, listening to music and cooking. Prior to that she worked for Pfieffer University as Clinic Coordinator at their Master’s level therapist training clinic and was the program counselor for students. As a parent of a son with ADHD, she understands the parents’ point of view and frustrations of finding the right kind of help. He took mostly math and physics classes in college and received a bachelor’s degree with honors from the University of California at Berkeley. Matt has worked as a counselor and teacher at the Portsmouth Pavillion in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and was a founding staff member of the Portsmouth Alternative Secondary School, (now Lister Academy) one of the country’s first stand-alone alternative high schools.
While completing his doctorate, he held positions as a university residence director and as an operations manager at the Boston University Tanglewood Institute, a school for musically gifted secondary students. He has worked as the Outdoor Recreation Director at the Academy at Swift River, adventure instructor at the Devereux School, and as a Physical Education teacher. He has worked as a Course Director for Outward Bound, a Master Instructor for Phoenix Outdoor Wilderness, and a Teaching Assistant with the University of New Hampshire. At that time, as the Director of Nursing for an assisted living community, Mary welcomed an opportunity to work with the adolescent population and thus came on board. She and her husband enjoy traveling and spending treasured time with their grandchildren, whom they cherish.
Although Tiffany is a relatively young nurse, she became aware of her calling prior to attending nursing school, having worked in the health care field in a variety of care settings throughout high school. He has been active in many local groups and has assumed various leadership positions, including serving on the board of directors of the Rochester Elks Lodge, the NH State Elks Association, the Social and Fraternal Association of NH Licensed Clubs, the New Hampshire Association of Volunteer Administrators and Volunteer NH.
He has been married to his wife Joan since April, 1967 and has three adult daughters and six grand-children.
His studies at the University of New Hampshire included a well-rounded program in studio arts with a concentration in sculpture and woodworking. She has supported the school and its students as a mentor, most importantly, but also moonlights as a painter, landscaper, and shopper as needed. For over ten years, he has been preparing for, and realizing his vision of, opening his own boarding school that is now Shortridge Academy. More recently John became a part-time employee and was appointed Chief Financial Officer and is an active member of the Board of Directors of the school.
She has provided advanced practice outpatient care to the community sector, to private associate groups, and as an independent practitioner.
She lives in Maine with her husband, two daughters, two dogs and two cats, and enjoys reading, yoga, cooking, hiking, knitting and volunteering in her community. Christina has a great deal of experience in treatment planning, crisis intervention, authoritative parenting and counseling, and supervising staff. Joe has experience working with youth who struggle with depression, anxiety, oppositional behavior, identity issues, self injury, substance use, and challenging personality traits. When not at work, Joe loves going to Red Sox games at Fenway Park with his wife and grandmother. Her coaching experience comes in handy working with troubled teens being able to motivate them, as well as, being assertive in encouraging new behaviors to be routinely practiced. She began her career as a Peer Group Leader and Lead Wilderness Counselor at  the Academy at Swift River (ASR). Before moving to Charlotte from Connecticut in 2007, she worked in a community counseling center providing in-home therapy for children, tweens and teens with their families as well as an Emergency Mobile Psychiatric Services for Children team member. Her training as a Marriage and Family Therapist was systems based giving her an understanding of the importance of addressing all aspects of a teenagers life: school, home, friends, work, and community. Ken began as a Film Major at Emerson College in Boston, and worked at various jobs in the film industry in Los Angeles.
He went to New York University School of Law, receiving an American Jurisprudence Award his first year and graduating in 1990.
While at PASS, he developed and taught curriculum for English Literature, Earth Science, General Science, Art and History.
She also taught courses at the University of New Hampshire while she worked as the Associate Director of the Mathematics Center there.

As a former director of special education, substance abuse counselor, and caseworker in psychiatric intensive care, Scott’s career has been dedicated to serving those in need. In her first year as a teacher in Massachusetts, Martha was offered a position as Alternative School Spanish teacher, and she particularly enjoyed challenging her abilities to work with students with different needs.
Jamie is has also is a former backcountry ski guide and has been an alpine ski instructor for many years.
Will was a founding member of the UNH Outdoor Education Club, and here at Shortridge he continues to help students to achieve their personal goals in a strength based manner.
An astute and skilled RN and a breath of fresh air to all the Academy students and professionals, Mary accepted a full time position as the Health Services Nursing Manager. John’s Hospital in MA and in the critical care unit at Portsmouth Regional Hospital in NH.
A Licensed Practical Nurse, Tiffany looks forward to furthering her nursing education to acquire licensure as a Registered Nurse. Becky plans to continue her education towards obtaining a master’s degree in nursing, aspiring to pursue a career as a Nurse Practitioner. He enjoys family, travel, the gym, volunteering, drum corps, reading, sports and meeting people. He enjoys teaching communication skills, establishing values, and self-motivation to teenagers today. Katie is always ready for a task or challenge an enjoys sharing her creative energy with Shortridge students. Incorporating many fabric techniques, she used recycled metal, wire, wood, canvas, and paint, to create sewn metal sculptures about pollution, habitat loss, complacency, human rights, extinction, and many other environmental and political issues. While planning this endeavor, he sharpened his business sense and managing style by working in business, commercial real estate, and financial markets for seven years. Prior to Shortridge John had been retired from a career as a financial executive in various investment banking firms.
She greatly enjoys helping counselors and residential staff to develop their professional skills and increase their knowledge base.
He focuses heavily on healthy communication within the family system and developing strength-based relationships. He also plays and records music in his home studio, or in the on-campus music studio which he helped build here at Shortridge. He has seen three of his stage plays professionally produced, and won the state championship at the NH Drama Festival two years running. Matt also created and established the MANTA program at York High School in York, Maine, and taught Earth Science and Physical Science at Portsmouth High School’s summer program for fifteen years.
She has spent the last two years teaching middle school and high school art in Concord public schools and is thrilled to start her journey at Shortridge Academy. Prior to joining Shortridge Academy, he was a researcher of applied educational psychology and assistant professor at East Carolina University and at UMass Boston.
She has taught all levels of high school Spanish, at Braintree High School, Everett High School and Triton Regional High School in Massachusetts, and York High School in York, Maine. Jamie brings an even keel approach to everything he does, and strives to help students break through their barriers on their own.
Will is an excellent leader and provides a consistent, good natured presence in the residential milieu. A strong proponent for health education, Mary has enhanced the health center nursing role to also include responsibilities regarding student education relevant to health related themes and issues.
JoAnne’s nursing proficiencies and her genuine capacity to care with compassion and skill is an asset to our nursing team. Tiffany has an uncanny way of connecting with adolescents who find comfort in her presence.
In her spare time, Becky enjoys going to the lake, spending time with her husband and her two children. In addition to her Finance responsibilities, Diana serves as a Notary Public for the School. His current Master’s level work is focused on technology integration throughout the curriculum. Katie is also the proud mom of twins Charlie and Lucy who were born the very same year that Shortridge opened its doors!
Today, he maintains very strong relationships with his parents and family, largely due to his experience at boarding school.
Having worked as a case manager for a national youth mentoring program, Kay strongly believes in the power of modeling and mentoring through connection to promote positive and healthy development in children.
Joe believes in helping teens to be their own best advocate, and often uses DBT, CBT, and Motivational Interviewing to help his students gain skills and insights. Audrey has developed clinical skills in working with teens with an array of mental health, social and academic challenges. Ken was introduced to Shortridge by his good friend Matthew Gats, who teaches English and History here.
Having moved his family to New Hampshire in 2002, he started teaching mathematics while enrolled in the University of New Hampshire’s graduate mathematics education program.
Amy has instructed students in Mathematics at Shortridge Academy for twelve years including Algebra I and Pre-Calculus. Being an artist and teacher, she is constantly inspired and excited by the insightful, honest thoughts, ideas and art pieces produced by her students. Scott also held fellowships at the Massachusetts Institute for College and Career Readiness and at the E.J.
She enjoys traveling, NASCAR races, spending time with her eight-year-old son, Alexander, and trying out new Peruvian recipes. The mother of one son, Tiffany spends a great deal of her free time attending Boy Scout outings and sporting events.
Specifically Becky loves to attend her children’s sporting events, supporting Alexis and Noah in their athletic endeavors. Aaron had lead and facilitated projects on campus that include wall sculptures, multi-media sculptures, recycled art, web design, computer animation, digital photography and filmmaking. She received an Individual Artist Fellowship in 1998 from the NH State Council on the Arts. YAMAHA PSR275 review, price comparison and where to buy online at Compare Store Prices UK for cheap deals Shop for Yamaha Psr 275. He also has a love for travel, and enjoys golf, tennis, soccer, and visiting his children Chris, Shauna, and Jess. By incorporating individually designed expressive and cognitive behavior therapy modalities, Kay provides individual and family therapy as well as medication management. She also specializes in physiological psychology, often engaging students in psychoeducation on how their brain and body function best.
In addition, she believes in Family Systems work, and has extensive experience planning and implementing Psycho-educational and Group Psychotherapy Family workshops.
In her spare time, she enjoys reading, walking, knitting, snowshoeing and teaching Sunday school to five-year-olds.
An advocate for animals, Tiffany and her son share their personal time as foster parents for many puppies and full grown dogs who await adoption. Becky typically works part time during the evenings and weekends, while in Shortridge Health Center.
Aaron is responsible for maintaining the technology at Shortridge and continuing to develop more efficient methods of communication for students, staff, and families. Through the State Council on the Arts, Kim has worked with students as Artist in Residence for many years in New Hampshire schools. As Medical Director she oversees the medical aspects of the school and Health Center and is part of the clinical leadership of the school.
In her new position, Anne supervises teachers, and works to strengthen the academic curriculum by building in activities that promote cognitive intelligence in all aspects of life at Shortridge.
Christina has three children of her own, and enjoys the challenges of the adolescent population. Scott lives in Durham, where he enjoys spending time with his family and learning about social entrepreneurship.
Mary and her husband enjoy boating and attending all and any events involving antique vehicles. She loves spending time at the lake, and is often seen fishing or kayaking the local shorelines.
At Shortridge Kim plays an important role in ensuring the safety of students as they are transported to appointments, trips, etc.
As such, she partners with the counseling team and Clinical Director to develop each student’s Positive Development Plan and collaborates on strategies and interventions that help our students succeed. She has a true love for teenagers, and enjoys the time she gets to spend interacting with them.
When not at Shortridge, Kay enjoys time at home on her farm with her husband, her gardens, visiting with her children and caring for her animals. John is teaching at Shortridge because of the tremendous potential he sees in the students and because he feels that Shortridge is the right place for him to help students learn.

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