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To prevent false alarms produced by a single sensor activation, the alarm will be triggered only when at least two sensors activate simultaneously. Students will become familiar with the various electronic components and systems in a typical automobile. Students will become familiar with the various automotive communication busses and be able to select an appropriate bus for a particular application. Students will learn to obtain information about a vehicle’s status or performance by monitoring the various communications busses. Students will become familiar with automotive design and development cycles and how vehicle electronics fits in to this process.
Students will learn to recognize factors that are likely to impact the cost and reliability of electronic components.
This 3-credit graduate course is part of the new Automotive Engineering graduate degree program at Clemson.

When the Vc is less than VT-, Vo goes high (3.4V) and starts charging the capacitor C1 through R1.
When Vc crosses the threshold voltage VT+, Vo goes low (0.2V) and discharging of C1 through R1 begins. To get an approximate 60Hz clock, add a Divide-by-4 Ripple Counter at the output of this Schmitt trigger RC oscillator.
By adding a divide by 16 and then a divide by 15 counter (divide by 240, 16*15=240), you can obtain a 1Hz clock frequency. To derive the frequency equation of a 74LS14 schmitt trigger oscillator, we will make use of the universal time constant formula for the RC circuit. The following diagram shows a 3 bit digital to analog converter implemented using a summing opamp amplifer. The R-2R Digital to Analog Converter uses only two resistance values R and 2R regardless of the number of bits of the converter compared to the summing amplifier implementation where each bit resistor has a different value.

Depending on the state of bit B2, B1 or B0, the respective current I2, I1 or I0 is switched either to ground or to V- of the op amp. To analyse this circuit, first we observe that since the output is connected to V- through Rf, the opamp is in a negative feedback configuration. Due to the nature of the resistance network and values, we can obtain the current values by inspection. It is a required course for the MS degree in Automotive Engineering at Clemson and is offered each year in the fall semester on the CU-ICAR campus.

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