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Whether you’re brand new to computers or a master electronics technician, you can learn electronics online at Cleveland Institute of Electronics. Distance learning makes education more convenient, especially for people with busy schedules and other responsibilities. Cleveland Institute of Electronics offers Diploma and Certificate programs designed for different students. Whether you’ve got a busy family to care for, a hectic work schedule or the traditional college setting just isn’t for you, consider Cleveland Institute of Electronics.
We’ve helped lead countless students to success through our innovative distance curriculum.
Now that you have a fair understanding of what a semiconductor, and have studied logic circuits - lets delve into some basic microchips.
To the right you'll find a handy circuit - one that will find its place onto any bona-fide electronics workbench.
To the right is another handy piece of test equipment for your home lab, designed using the LM384.
One of the properties of semiconductor materials we've already discussed is their ability to generate light when they conduct, which is the basis of a Light Emitting Diode, or to conduct when they see light, which is the basis of a photocell (photoelectric cell) or a solar panel.
The CNW135 Optocoupler is one of the handiest devices around if you want to transfer either switching pulses, or low level signals betweeen two devices that may be riding at different ground levels. Let me give you a practical example: Years ago, I needed to move a large satellite dish (think VLA). During 2009 the team was joined by Huw Brassington, a graduate mechanical engineer who is also National Diploma Course Coordinator on the Dolgellau Site. Photo July 2009 - left to right: Richard Bufton, Hefin Williams, Huw Brassington, Richard Tudor.
During November 2006, the team included Andrew Ferguson, a marine engineer, who gained his B.Sc.
During the last three years, students of the marine centre have been accepted by several universities in England and Wales for their degree courses. This page is being developed separately from the main college web-site to provide additional information on marine engineering courses. This next component, the Thermostat, is actually more of a mechanical device than an electrical one. The Automotive type Thermostat is of little use to us electrically, but should be mentioned here to rule it out. So the basic purpose of the Automotive Thermostat is to keep the engine WARM until it reaches a certain temperature, then it lets the coolant flow through to regulate the temperature throughout the engine. What happens if we join (say, tack-weld) two slim strips of differing metals (copper and aluminum for instance) together.
In clocks with springs, if we take 2 different springs (one aluminum, one copper) and bond them. Somewhere along the way, somone found out that if they connect a switch to that spring, they can use temperature to trigger the switch. In the case of a ball switch, as the coil unwinds, the switch changes position until the ball 'falls' and makes contact.
Another interesting implementation of this, which I've heard of but never seen, is taking one end of the coil, and instead of connecting it to a switch - connect it to a potentiometer or rheostat. Finally, someone did electrical tests on that bimetal junction, (the point where the two metals were joined) and found that when it was heated - it tended to actually change not only its physical dimensions, but also its electrical resistance value.

If you were to connect a termocouple to a millivolt meter, and begin to heat it up, J-type thermocouple, for instance, would follow the line on the chart above such that when the temperature was 0 degrees, you would read 0 millivolts.
What sets us apart from other institutions is our Electronics Engineering distance learning programs.
If you’re new to the world of computers and electronics or have already received previous training, you can continue to learn electronics online through CIE. At CIE, you can learn electronics online whenever the time is right, and you can be confident that help is always there when you need it. The LM384 is a 14 pin package that is intended to use 28 Volts instead of the 18 used by the LM741.
The Signal tracer is used to track down problems in (typically) audio circuits, although it can also be used for some video or RF amplifiers. What happens if we put an LED and a Photocell in a dark box, so that no light can come into the box.
Because the two sides are "electrically" disconnected, but rather are connected optically, no electricity passes from the dish's drive motors to the computer. Richard was a former North Sea diver, before gaining degrees in Science and Electronics after leaving the oil industry. Hefin also delivers PEO machine shop courses in the use of lathes, millers and general engineering shop practice. Fibre-glass repair and manufacturing terchniques are also taught and the college is soon to produce its own rigid hulled inflatable which will include laying up of the hull itself from a mould constructed at the college.
This demonstrates that students who have not taken conventional A-levels can still enter higher enducation through following a National Diploma course. If you have the need for short or full-time specialist courses for your staff or students, please use the email links below. Since it is actually the electrical properties of the junction, or coupling point, of the two metals that makes the resistance change - the Electrically Resistive Thermostat has been given its own special name - the Thermocouple. CIE instructors are easy to reach and provide personal, one-on-one online support throughout your program.
At the end of the day, a microchip is just a smaller version of a much larger "transistor" circuit.
When you are looking at a microchip, (with the lettering facing you) there is always an identifying marker that tells where "pin 1" is.
This anti-inversion (or non-inverted if you so please) makes the output the SAME phase as the input.
Note the special "R1", which can be switched (you pick the switching method - but I prefer an old fashioned 10 position rotating switch). When we apply power to the LED, it conduct, and generates light, which will in turn cause the photocell to conduct, turning it on (as a switch). The outgoing signal from the computer lights up the Light Emitting Diode inside the CNW135 optocoupler, which turns on the Photocell inside the CNW135.
Modern electronic equipment is made to exacting specifications, and do not operate well with fluxuating voltage levels. If we have 15 volts coming in (too much), it passes the 15 volts to the Series Pass element. Certainly you can build it, and have the pride and satisfaction of saying you made it yourself, but I have to be honest with you. National Diploma, normally delivered on a full-time basis over two years , is considered equivalent to three A-levels, but has the advantage of comprising of 17 different units, including Business Studies, Electronics, Electrical principles, Computers and Mechanical Engineering.

Some digital chips require a "clock" signal, while some analog may require a crystal oscillator input - with the key difference being whether it is an analog or a digital input. Because it has 2 inputs, an inverted and a non-inverted - the circuit lends itself well to applications as oscillators - requiring positive feedback, and gain control - requiring negative feedback. Connect a "test probe" to the input of the circuit, then simply touch the probe end to an audio circuit, and if there is sound - you'll hear it! Oddly, if you put an input signal on 7, you get output on 6 just like it were a normal transistor. This device "couples" the output of the computer (via the LED) to the input of the motor drive circuits (via the photocell). This "too high" voltage is seen at the Error Amplifier, which controls the internal "variable resistor" (actually a transistor), which sends current to ground, lowering the output voltage. You can purchase a 12 Volt power supply with decent regulation nowdays for far less than the cost of building it yourself.
Although Andrew has now returned to industry, while part of the Hafan team, Andrew introduced the college to new opportunities in the field of marine engineering.
During the second year, students are expected to project manage an engineering design project, which they must develop and construct from first concepts to a prototype stage. Finally, many analog chips can pass digital signals, and some digital chips can pass analog signals!
Microchip pins always go counterclockwise, so after finding the dot or the notch, pin one is the first pin counterclockwise from the notch. Once we have bias, and feed the input to either of the two inputs - we should arrive at a larger, amplified output on pin 6. Now there was no more problem, and I could find any satellite in the sky without worry of destroying my computer.
In short - they do the same job as a zener diode, but are much more effective at it, and can handle more power. In short - if the voltage coming in is higher than 12 volts, it drops it down until the output IS EXACTLY 12 volts. However - if we leave pin 7 unused, and put an input signal across 2 and 3, it lights up the LED, which turns on the internal photocell, and applies power to pin 7. The Voltage Reference is basically an internal zener diode that is compared t the input by the Error Amplifier, which then Amplifies the difference (error) between what you want going out, and what you have coming in, and adjusts the Voltage Controller accordingly. By placing a resistor of the appropriate value, you can have either negative or positive gain, with a common mode gain of upwards to 90dB possible!
By monitoring the signal on 7, we can tell whether the LED is lighting up, and whether the photocell is working. Well, an MP3 player that stores music in digital format would be of little use if it couldn't play analog sound for your analog ears to hear - and that is but one example. Many pieces of equipment do this by putting an LED between 7 and ground as an indicator of whether input signal is applied or not.

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