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If you want to be a good at troubleshooting electronic equipment, then buy books that is related to electronic repair.  I know that one can always surf the internet for free repair information and even visit electronic repair forum to get help and repair tips but somehow i felt that the electronic  repair and troubleshooting  books have its own unique ways of helping fellow technicians like you and me.
Sometimes all these books were quite expensive but worth it as they could help you to repair more equipment and will payback by itself in a very short time. Those of you who are just now getting into the electronics part of arcade repair might wonder about where to start. How I Solved LG 21" Television Intermittent Dead Symptom-for members only-It is FREE to join!!!
Electronic repair is a skill and once you had mastered it, no one can snatch your knowledge away.
To find the component your looking for, either search by Part Number or visit the relative department. This book is full of case-histories explaining service methods, common problems and paths to follow to overcome them. Now in the Third Edition with expanded coverage of new consumer electronic devices including DVD Players and consumer gadgets. The new edition includes coverage of SMD parts and also a variety of new consumer electronics.
Can you imagine if you own many of the electronic repair books and all these books were written by those famous electronic guru like the Homer L Davidson, Robert Goodman, Stephen J Bigelow, Joseph Desposito, Art Morgalis and many more, your electronic repair knowledge would definetely never be the same again. Why not invest in some repair books today (physical or ebooks) and you will see the different in your repair skill.

This post contains some recommended books that will help you understand the basic electronics principles that are applied in arcade games.
As you might expect, The Book assumes that you have little to no knowledge about electronics so it’s great for beginners. Together with some quick problem solving graphs and flowcharts, to enable you to find a solution quickly and easily, without a wealth of experience. How to use the various test instruments required and some excellent construction projects to build your own equipment.
Forrest Mims uses simple explanations to help you understand even the most complex electonics ideas. There is a 2009 edition of this book coming out soon but the 2005 edition should work fine for most of you. The flyback usually looks just as you described with a wire coming out of the top of it that goes to the tube. This book includes some great examples and sample schematics that will have you well on your way to becoming an electronics expert. Comparing electrons to little green men (greenies) on their way to a killer party and capacitors to parking lot sized traffic jams is unorthodox but actually helps in comprehension. One of the great things about the book is that you don’t have to be a mathematical genius to understand it. Use a multimeter to measure the power getting to your board to make sure it’s correct.

This book is a great complement to the more conventional books we’ve talked about here.
It’s a great book for someone who feels that they are past the beginner phase but not quite yet a pro.
If you can email us either your monitor chassis brand and model or pictures of your chassis we can assist you with getting a new one.
So I can not go to school.I read electronic journals Found advertised for sale a video tape series taught about a TV repair.
But I like built an electronic circuit, and more science.So change comes as a writer electronic book instead. And important the purchase of e-book, you should have after sales support is good because when you have a new problem. If you are interested this e-book Click below Learn Electronics Troubleshooting TipsThese books.

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