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Now that we have a good mechanical connection, and a tested HOT soldering iron, it is time to begin soldering - almost.
DON'T TOUCH THAT SOLDER until you are absolutely positively certain that everything is ready - and by ready I mean CLEAN! To clean off the connection - use whatever it takes - alcohol, rubber pencil eraser, sandpaper, Scotch Brite ® pad, heck I don't care if you use a (clean) brass bristle brush - just make sure all your connections are clean before you get started.
Note that the tinning process does not mean GLOBBING massive amounts of solder onto something. Once everything is cleaned off and tinned up, you are FINALLY ready to solder the connection - but we won't discuss that here - as doing it right will take a page all in itself.

If either your solder iron, or your connection is dirty - you are going to have a heck of a time getting the solder to "stick" to it - no matter HOW hot your iron is! If you don't have a sponge, you can substitute with a damp cloth, or even a damp paper towel. If that doesn't work, "tin" the tip of the iron with a little bit of solder (remember - it is made of lead and tin), then wipe it with the sponge again. Let the iron cool down, then break out the file, and carefully (not losing the normal shape of the solder iron tip) file the grit off the tip, taking great care not to harm the tip itself. In some cases - this is forbiddingly destructive, as some tips are actually coated (electroplated) with REAL SILVER!

However, in a pinch with the bombs going off around you - this will guaranteed clean off the tip of the iron. Make sure whatever you use is clean and free of dirt or oil, and whatever you do - don't use your mom's table cloth!

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