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We're happy to introduce a brand new Electronics Soldering Q & A site where you can ask questions about soldering.
CuriousInventor launched in late 2006 (pre-arduino era!) as a place to enable hobbyists, students, and musicians to create their own technology. The store is now mostly empty, but we've kept the product pages and guides up since they have useful information.
Of all the skills that an electronics technician can have, one of the most important is Soldering.
I've taken courses in precision soldering in the past, and can do 100 pin postage stamp IC's regularly and without any failures.
The box is a standard electrical outlet JBox with a power plug going in, an outlet jack, and 2 toggle switches. Basically, it works like this: You plug it into the wall, and plug your 45 Watt solder iron into it. Many of our guides and videos still rank on the first page of google searches and have been seen millions of times.

When you are buying on eBay, it is a good idea to ask the sellers some questions, as there are many sellers, and many models available with varying quality.
You are binding in a legal contract once you place an order, please don t buy or bid if you don t intend to complete the transaction. For jewellery and model making, minor repairs, brazing, welding, rope cutting and shrinking. This set is supplied in a handy fabric storage wallet and comprises the following:1 x soldering iron. A Handy Professional Quality Portable Powered Soldering Iron That Is Suitable For Most Light Soldering Applications.
Soldering (for the sake of this course, and electronics in general) is the bonding of two metals together in order to form a good electrical connection.
I was certified in MILSPEC soldering techniques and have over 35 years of soldering experience. There was a time when you could use a thick, hefty screwdriver heated over hot coals to do soldering. In its normal position, 115 Volts is applied to the "hot" lead of the solder iron, and allows the soldering iron to run at a full 45 Watts.

That might be great for doing stained glass work, but if you try to use that on a transistor - you'll be buying a new transistor, and perhaps a whole new circuit board! A fix for both of these problems was a magic little box I made to go between my solder iron, and the wall jack. At the same time, schools, parts manufacturers, and even employers will suggest that you purchase the most recent, most expensive soldering and rework stations known to mankind. So the purpose of switch 1 is to remove this possibility by simply lifting the ground on the solder iron via a toggle switch(S1). If you already know how to do these forms of soldering - forget everything you think you know.
Instead - I offer an inexpensive "comprimise", that will allow you to easily handle 90% of all electrical soldering you will encounter in your lifetime.

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