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Electronics Weekly is the market leading and longest-established electronics magazine, read in print and online by key decision makers throughout the industry for more than 50 years. A computer module is bringing an ARM quad-core processor, usually found in high-end tablets, to the industrial market for as little as ?50. Developed by Austrian design house Theobroma Systems, the module is based on the 230-pin Qseven pin-out standard, comes with a Linux board support package (BSP) and with a full implementation of Debian 8.
The module’s Allwinner A31 quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor clock frequency is scaled up to a maximum of 1.2GHz according to application requirements and thermal capacity.
The supplier reckons this will mean the module, which measures 70 x 40mm, can be used in battery-powered handheld designs. Suspend power consumption down to 25mW is feasible, while typical operating power consumption is around 2W. There is up to 2Gbyte of DDR3 RAM, and interfaces include a Gigabit Ethernet port, dual-channel LVDS and a HDMI 1.4 port.
A separate on-module ARM Cortex-M0 processor subsystem can be used to run an offloaded CAN bus interface.

Corintech has invested ?300,000 in a surface mount production line at its manufacturing facility in Fordingbridge, Hampshire.
The Europlacer pick-and-place machine and ancillary services will be located in Fordingbridge, Hampshire and will start production in March. The new machine will give the company a capability in intricate PCB assembly for products used in high reliability medical and aerospace applications.
Tim Waterman, technical director at Corintech, believes having these high quality and advanced capabilities onshore in the UK will give our customers huge advantages. As well as production runs, the line can also be used for prototyping or design revisions, as it can be up and running within hours from when Corintech’s team receives a revised design. It can print solder to 0204 size pads without a stencil, offers component traceability to individual PCBs and has vision recognition for components’ package shape, size and identity marking.
The new surface mount facility adds to Corintech’s range of electronics manufacturing capabilities, which includes conventional electronic assembly, thick film hybrids and chip on board wire bonding. The EPS-65S industrial power supply range from Ecopac Power are 65W-rated and measure 3 x 2-inch in size.

Manufactured by Mean Well, the units have efficiencies of up to 91% and a low no-load power consumption of less than 0.1W.
The power supplies carry a three year warranty and are protected against short circuit, overload and over-voltage. Electronics Weekly is at the heart of the electronics industry and is reaching an audience of more than 120,000 people each month. This new machine allows us to take surface mounting to the next level by being able to work with smaller and more intricate components, and at a faster rate,” said Waterman.

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