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The FA138 Tactical Trauma Kit #3 was designed and used by professionals and combat lifesavers(CLS) in military combat units. The FA138 Tactical Trauma Kit #3 has a variety of contents and is preferred by professionals including medics, first responders, paramedics, combat lifesavers (CLS) and army personnel. The Elite First Aid Tactical Trauma Kit #1 is designed by an ex- Para-rescue man for use by the police, firemen, the military, hunters and tactical groups. Tactical Trauma Kit #1 by Elite First Aid comes in a very good pouch (you can choose color) and contains a lot of things. When registration is complete, you will need to logout so that customer service may enable your account with reduced pricing.

The list says all the great stuff it has, but its all little, cheap, "first aid," material. For $200, you can buy a 511 bag, and order cheap medical supplies in bulk and be better off.
This kits provides everything you would ever imagine needing.This first aid kit comes in an OD Green colored nylon backpack (measuring approximately 13 x 13" x 10") with hand carry straps. Keeping everything safely stored away there are four adjustable chinch straps to keep things safe inside.
Opening the bag, you will find that it rolls open to reveal its contents which are contained within one of its six individual interior pockets inside its three-fold design.Contains over 300 items including an assortment of bandages, wraps, ointments, medicine, ice packs, syringes, latex gloves, safety pins, pill bottles, tape, cotton tips, hemostats, sponges, airways, wipes, inhalants and suture sets.

If you don't own this kit, we recommend that before you buy another kit, to give this one a try, you won't be disappointed.

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