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This shield supports any of four popular GPS modules and stores data on a standard DOS-formatted SD flash memory card.
You can build a waterproof GPS logger by putting the shield, Arduino and small power supply in an Otter Box!
A Nvidia revelou hoje que a sua consola portatil chega em Junho deste ano pelo preco de 349$ (aproximadamente de 270€). Ainda pouco se sabe sobre os pontos de venda europeus, mas na America a Shield ira ser vendida nas lojas GameStop, Newegg, Micro Center e Canada Computers.
A Shield foi apresentada em Janeiro deste ano e conta com um ecra tactil de 5 polegadas e e capaz de correr jogos a partir do PC (desde que o computador em questao disponha de uma GTX 650 ou superior). Tegra 4 – O processador portatil mais rapido do mundo fornece fantasticos graficos e desempenho gracas aos 72 cores GPU, 4 cores CPU e 2GB de RAM. Android Puro – Ultimo sistema operativo Android Jelly Bean da Google, para acesso a jogos Android e apps.
Fundador e actual director do Gamer Source, website jornalistico de videojogos com ja varios anos de experiencia, dedicacao e orgulho. And now, for the first time, the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation has released photos of Elizabeth Taylor and Larry Fortensky's lavish 1991 wedding at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch exclusively to PEOPLE. In the photos, the blushing, bronzed bride is dressed in a pale yellow $25,000 Valentino gown (a gift from the designer).
Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor Herb Ritts As about a dozen helicopters hovered overhead, a brazen paparazzo even parachuted into the ceremony, landing 20 feet from the shocked bride and groom. Taylor, then 59, is seen in the photographs sharing a laugh with an upbeat Jackson, and standing with her new hubby, then 39, under the gardenia-draped gazebo where they became husband and wife.

Taylor met Fortensky, a twice-divorced construction worker with rugged looks, in 1988 when they were both battling drug and alcohol dependencies at the famed Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California. Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor Herb Ritts Fortensky's best man was Taylor's hairdresser, José Eber (shown in the picture). Hollywood self-help guru Marianne Williamson presided over the nondenominational ceremony (Taylor was Jewish; Fortensky is Protestant), with the couple exchanging vows and rings. Jackson and his date, Brooke Shields, cut into the couple's first dance as guests sipped Dom Perignon and chardonnay from a nearby winery and dined on platters of rolled salmon and five tiers of chocolate mousse cake. Kelly Rowland, plus Hailee Steinfeld and Bailee Madison, Tina Fey, Jesse Tyler Ferguson & More! Or make a custom GPS device that can log sensor data along with the precise time and location? Simply plug it into your computer when you've finished your data capture and the plain text files are ready for importing into Google Earth, GPSvisualizer, or a spreadsheet. Os que escolheram receber informacoes da consola no website da mesma podem fazer a pre-reserva a partir de hoje.
21, 1991, cover story on the biggest and most media-saturated wedding in Hollywood history. As famous faces including Liza Minnelli, Eddie Murphy, Nancy Reagan (Taylor moved the wedding date to accommodate President Ronald Reagan, but he was still unable to attend), then-Twentieth Century Fox head Barry Diller and his date, designer Diane Von Furstenberg, Arsenio Hall, George Hamilton, Merv Griffin, Quincy Jones and Macaulay Culkin looked on, Taylor walked down the aisle, escorted by Jackson and her eldest son, Michael Wilding Jr., then 38. Wearing her pavé diamond-encrusted wedding ring for the first time, Taylor placed a loving hand on her new husband's cheek after their first kiss as man and wife.
Syndicated newspaper columnist Liz Smith predicted that Taylor's marriage to Fortensky "will be fun for her.

Model Nicole Trunfio Shows Off Her Dazzling Diamond Wedding Band from Husband Gary Clark Jr. There is much greater involuntary exposure now, and it is nearly unavoidablea€”even for those who choose not to go wireless. Forensky, now 62, still lives in California and says he remained close friends with his ex-wife after they split, reportedly speaking for hours by phone a few times a month.
Cell phone users, parents-to-be, young children and pregnant women are at particular risk.Health Issues Linked to EMF ExposureThere is more evidence in this updated report that electromagnetic radiation damages DNA, interferes with DNA repair, and creates greater toxicity in the genes.
Here is my design for a Arduino shield that is perfect for any sort of project or artpiece that requires GPS precision time or location data.
It also cites studies showing pathological leakage of the blood-brain barrier and altered immune function. Also increased is the incidence of acoustic neuroma with the use of mobile & cordless phones. The correlation between wireless technology and the conditions of hyperactivity, learning difficulties, and behavior problems has been seen in both animal and human studies.EMF ProtectionFortunately, all this doesna€™t mean that you have to give up your cell phone in order to protect your health. And you dona€™t even have to limit your calls, get a headset, or watch how close to your body you keep your cell phone when youa€™re not using it.

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