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We’re not sure how this one slipped by us, but in March 2009, Ideal sent out a press release detailing their new Mess-X Paint Shields.
The Parrot Vise swivels a full 360° like most bench vises, but you can also pull it from its base and replace it on its side to hold things vertically.  Shop Fox designed the vise so you only need to tighten the jaws to stop the vice from swiveling.
Milwaukee is currently offering a free tool with the purchase of some of the combo kits in their M12, M18, and V28 power tool lines. This special rebate offer runs through June 30, 2009, and you can find more details on Milwaukee’s website.
From everything we’ve heard, the big red “M” plans to roll out just shy of a dozen new tools in the M12 line alone this year. Kckid { Just take the batteries into an approved battery recycling center, they can be refurbished and reused. Superheroes and comic characters have been popular as coloring page subjects since the very beginning. Batman, the popular fictional character and comic book superhero appears in the Batman comic book series published by the American company DC Comics.
Batman coloring pages are particularly popular among boys as these activity sheets allow them to go on a fantastic adventure to some unknown land where they can stand beside their favorite hero to fight against evil and save the day. This is another commission to repaint this Hot Toys Iron Man MK 6 to Stealth Version Iron Man. This Temporary Tank Arena Diorama(Simplified Version) Project was commissioned by Singapore Army Museum. Be it a purchase or any form of order or commissions, there will be no refund if buyer cancel the deal after making payment. Ok, this is another repair workz order on this 12 inch Medicom RAH Spider Man figure's left leg.

This is another commission to scratch build this custom design  Live Size Red Hood Helmet . Superman, Spider Man, Iron Man – all these characters are highly searched for coloring page subjects throughout the world with the Batman coloring pages being one of the most sought after varieties.
The character, originally created by American comic book artists Bob Kane and Bill Finger, made his first appearance in the Detective Comics #27 in May, 1939. Although batman’s costume color is black without any stripes or checks of any other color, these activity sheets are fun enough as they allow kids to use their coloring skills to fill the pictures properly and neatly. Why we call this temporary is because the actual design suppose to be more detailed and complex then the current one but we have only 2 weeks to produce it. It features a 0 – 1,500 RPM high gear and 0 – 400 RPM low gear as well as a ripping 250 in-lbs of torque that’ll keep it in stride with the other competitors in its class. We got our hands on one for a short time at the recent Milwaukee event and it seemed very solid. Batman is different from most other superheroes because he does not have any superpowers; instead, he uses his intellect, strong will power, detective skills, martial arts skills and advanced technology to fight against evil.
Here is a collection of some of the best Batman coloring pages that you can print easily for your little ones. So I designed it with colour combination of midnight blue(gloss finishing), metallic blue and minimum silver. The entire ship's original colour was faded over the years(17 years).Therefore, he sent it to me to repaint it. Therefore, I suggested to our client to make a simplified version first so as to meet their event(Last Man Standing) opening day. I had repainted these areas for serveral clients but always too busy to take the progressive photos.

Not only to repaint it, I also repainted it with 3 different grey tones, shading and some weathering effects.
Took me quite some time to dismantle most of the parts then masked areas that are not able to be remove. They include HDB Flats, Commercial Buildings, Hospital, Shop Houses, Factories, Shopping Malls, Bus Stops, Trees, Traffic Lights, Road Signs and a big floor board of 35sqm. It was also added on with an additional protective layer to give it a matt but smooth finishing. The props buildings were placed in such a way that having 6 entrances whereby 6 RC Tankers will roam into the arena to eliminate each other. On top of these, I added toys customization courses for those who have the passion in more than just model kit building. High quality car paint and super car gloss finishing were used for this repaint commission. This is really an brand new challenge for Custom Workz and our best satisfaction is that our client are very pleased with our production and services. Thanks to Army Museum of Singapore who gave us this opportunity to serve them and also many thanks to David, George and Moses who contributed their best effort in making this project a successful one.

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