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Standards allow a scuba instructor to take up to 8 beginning students into the open water at a time.
We choose to greatly safe-side this standard because each instructor has two hands, one for each student.
When DiveTulsa has local events we utilitze a diver tgracking tool from DAN (Divers Alert Network). DiveTulsa will not allow students to enter the water if an electrical storm is detected in the area.
This plan clearly states how to best handle emergencies at that location with information such as nearest hospital, 911 availability etc.

Following an asthma attack it is recommended that an appointment is made with your GP within 2 days.
We station a certified assistant with the students who checks then out to instructors and checks them back in when they return.
That means we have been trained to respond to diving emergencies such as a diver getting lost or injured. This information is not designed for people using either a Symbicort inhaler on the Symbicort SMART regime or a Fostair inhaler on the Fostair MART regime. A 3 step emergency plan for on the spot treatment for someone suffering from a serious asthma attack.

If you are on either the Symbicort SMART or Fostair MART regime, please speak to your GP or asthma nurse to get the correct asthma attack information.
The use of a reliever like Ventolin or Salamol relaxes the airways and reduces the production of mucus thus aiding breathing.

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