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All pools should have an Emergency Action Plan (EAP), and regular drills should be conducted during the regular season. This checklist is provided only to identify an employer's need to develop an emergency action plan in compliance with the Emergency Action Plan standard (29 CFR 1910.38).
Fire alarms must be maintained and tested and employees must be able to identify the alarm, either by its distinct sound or visually.

Web-based technology can be utilized to improve consistency, accessibility, and efficiencies for companies that are required to develop and maintain EAPs for multiple facilities. The membership will be notified that a drill will be taking place so that no undue panic will result.
It does not alert you to other OSHA standards that may be associated with your emergency plan or to the additional OSHA standards that apply to your facility.

It is important for the membership to know how to respond in an emergency situation – the pool must be cleared immediately so that all guards can come to the assistance of the swimmer in distress.

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