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This checklist is provided only to identify an employer's need to develop an emergency action plan in compliance with the Emergency Action Plan standard (29 CFR 1910.38). Fire alarms must be maintained and tested and employees must be able to identify the alarm, either by its distinct sound or visually. Web-based technology can be utilized to improve consistency, accessibility, and efficiencies for companies that are required to develop and maintain EAPs for multiple facilities. An emergency action plan (EAP) is usually a written document required by particular OSHA standards.
An emergency action plan (EAP) is a written document required by particular OSHA standards [29 CFR 1910.38(a)].
Preparedness involves a continuous process of planning, equipping, training and exercising. An underground area, such as a basement or storm cellar, provides the best protection from a tornado. Personnel should also be aware of what to do if caught outdoors when a tornado is threatening.

Your local emergency management office can provide information about your community’s tornado warning system. Assign specific duties to workers in advance; create checklists for each specific responsibility. At the direction of Campus Safety Personnel, two individuals will be sent to wait for the arrival of first responders at the entrance to the campus and direct them to the incident location. If a major spill occurs off campus that will affect WJU, campus authorities will make a decision to Shelter in Place or Evacuate Campus.
If the caller hangs up, use another phone to call Campus Safety ( if someone else hasn’t already called). It does not alert you to other OSHA standards that may be associated with your emergency plan or to the additional OSHA standards that apply to your facility. For smaller organizations, the plan does not need to be written and may be communicated orally if there are 10 or fewer employees [29 CFR 1910.38(b)]. The purpose of an EAP is to facilitate and organize employer and employee actions during workplace emergencies.

Planning for tornadoes requires identifying a place to take shelter, being familiar with and monitoring your community’s warning system, and establishing procedures to account for individuals in the building.
Well developed emergency plans and proper employee training (such that employees understand their roles and responsibilities within the plan) will result in fewer and less severe employee injuries and less structural damage to the facility during emergencies. If one is not within walking distance, try to drive in a vehicle, using a seat belt, to the nearest shelter.
A poorly prepared plan, likely will lead to a disorganized evacuation or emergency response, resulting in confusion, injury, and property damage. If flying debris is encountered while in a vehicle, there are two options: 1) staying in the vehicle with the seat belt on, keeping your head below the windows and covering it with your hands or a blanket, 2) if there is an area which is noticeable lower than the roadway, lie in that area and cover your head with your hands. In addition, workers need to be trained and plans need to be practiced to ensure that personnel are familiar with what to do in the event of a tornado.

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