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When it comes to survival kits and tactical gear, you want to ensure that you have the best that is offered.
Cheaply made products or brands which have not been established as being reputable, will prove to be a waste of money.
Here are the 10 most influential brands for survival gear and what these brands specialize in.
As your knife is the most critical tool in your survival pack, it is essential that you chose a knife that will not only get the job done, but one which will last as well. Cold Steel makes it to the top brands as the company not only offers survival knives but also busman bowies and other such knives needed for off grid living and tactical gear. This brand of knives are sold to manufacturers with extreme use and abuse as the main focus.
In terms of durability and use the 7 to 12.3” blades are ideal for not only hunting and gathering but for survival tool usage as well.
You will need to have dehydrated food in your survival pack which can sustain youfor a minimum of 3 days.
MREs were designed with the sole purpose of providing food to soldiers which is not only filled with the vitamins and minerals needed to survive, but with durability and longevity in mind. Ideally, your survival kit will contain only dehydrated foods to ensure the longevity of use. The Sawyer Mini is ideal for outdoor recreation, hiking, camping, scouting, domestic and international travel and emergency preparedness. The family system can purify up to 12 liters per hour where the individual lifestraw can process up to 264 gallons.
It is recommended that you have both in your pack even if you do not have a family in which to provide water for.
As water will be your #1 need, ensuring that you can process the maximum amount of water is critical to your survival. Specifically, the ever ready first aid bag provides you with everything that you could possibly need in a first aid kit. However, the kits do tend to be a bit on the bulky side and may even need to be strapped to the bottom or top of your pack.
Phoenix Lazarus offers a great many medical supplies so be sure that you pick the complete survival kit. Where this kit may not have some of the survival gear of the full tactical first aid kit, it does have all the essentials and then a few extras to keep you alive. This survival kit was designed using advice from experts in the emergency preparedness industry.
You do need to bear in mind that this is a 72 hour kit, though since it is designed for 4 people you can probably last a bit longer. Regardless of the brand you choose, you need to ensure that the make and model of the products you purchase are geared to the functionality not to the marketing.

It may be appealing to buy the most popular brand, but if that brand does not provide a functional purpose you are really limiting your chances of survival. Remember, the best way to evaluate a product is to find out what others who have field tested the product are saying. At Sovereign Survival, our mission is to provide the best survival knowledge to people interested in prepping. To save money and keep the same caliber on the R700 you could switch to a Savage or Ruger American Rifle. I have both a Remington 700 and a Colt AR15 but the rifle I grab going out the door is a La Rue PredatAR® 7.62. Self Defense Tool: It is a great way to show your support for domestic violence awareness while at the same time making a trendy fashion statement. Flying Outdoor Tool:Special design for fishing, camping, climbing, Recreation and competition. High quality products and honest business guaranteed, please trust to purchase from Qubie Inc web store! If you get any problem about the items, please feel free to contact us, It is my pleasure to service to the customers all over the world.
So this kit isn’t exactly a million dollars, it’s probably more in the region of about 100k! More like the million doller waste of money, no way youll need all that stuff, go read some books on pioneering and camping in the early 19th century. How did you make the picture with all the products on it, looks cool but must have taken a year to make?
Electronic and mechanical components are for giving you a good head start and should not be expected to last forever somtimes low tech can be a beter way to go.
One of a series of signs that helps maintain safety on the campground, letting campers know which areas venomous predators inhabit. According to Medical News Today’s website, approximately 11,000 people are injured every year while camping throughout the United States.  Last year, Yellowstone Park experienced its highest ever fatality rate, mainly caused by campers failing to follow beaten paths and failing to adhere to park regulations.
While being adventuresome on the campground may seem thrilling, the consequences can be dangerous.  Already this season, a 9-year-old Cub Scout from Lockport, Illinois was killed after falling into a ravine on a camping trip after tripping and falling on a rocky and hazardous path. One particular issue that has been ever-rising on North American campgrounds is a lack of awareness regarding venomous snake habitation. To maintain safety on the campground, know where the nearest first aid station or emergency equipment storage location is located. When camping this summer, remember that not all campgrounds employ overtly direct approaches when it comes to safety regulation.  A little research can go a long way – particularly when it comes to hazardous animal habitation. Locate your campground’s medical facilities or First Aid room as a rule, and keep a spare First Aid kit at all times just in case.
The knives are perfect for hunting and fishing as well as providing a tool which will not easily be harmed by weather and use.

It is critical that you get an authentic MRE and not just a product that is packaged like an MRE. Generally, I am against such packs as they are more costly and tend to be lacking in one area or another. You will need to add items such as clothing and a modify it to meet your disaster plan, but all-in-all it is a great start. Once you have made a decision on a brand test it for yourself prior to being in a survival situation. We share blog posts about tips, tricks, tactics and skills for all things related to survival and preparedness.
I know you wont get the same range out of it but most people without training g couldnt make use of all of its range anyway. It has a sub moa and a .30 cal round so I can shoot deer or pull head shots all day long at 600 yards.
In either case, we believe this has everything you need to survive the collapse of America and all the turmoil that will surely follow. It is particularly important for campers to be aware of snakes and similar, potentially fatal, hazards. This blog focuses on issues surrounding emergency preparedness, digital distractions, and signage. Many of our posts are for the absolute beginner who is interested in learning about living off the grid. We believe in charity but a line needs to be drawn when your own families survival comes at stake. I know that because I have that boat, it can only hold 4-6 people or about 400-500 lbs on the rim of the boat.
Other posts are more advanced and detailed posts to help the expert further their skill development. As for some of the other suggestions, I would recommend that the Grey Man approach be considered. The gear listed below are pricey, but we feel you should never cheap out on gear when it comes to urban survival because the quality of your gear could mean the difference between life and death. Keep in mind that this kit is a work in progress and we would greatly appreciate any input you could give us. If you want to contribute to this site and the prepping community at large, offer your feedback below.

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