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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Practical and light emergency’s bag with two adjustable inner separators and a rack pocket in the flap to ease the organization of the sanitary material. High capacity and padding emergency’s bag designed to place the most fragile sanitary material.
Padding emergency’s bag designed to keep sanitary material related to oxygen therapy. It has always been a strength of Spencer's production, but now it has changed design; it has become more aggressive and catchy. Compact-sized bag conceived to carry the necessary equipment for a proper response to a cardiac arrest inside the hospital.

We have concentrated on the functionality of the product: a lightweight bag, easy to handle and easy to clean. In these times of great mobility we need backpacks which accompany us in a capable and reliable way.
This dry bag is a medium capacity first aid kit, contains for 4 removable colour-code compart- ments. Secure payment gateway, our online payments are handled by Sage Pay for extra peace of mind. Paramedic is an emergency bag for professionals, nurses and rescuers who require practicality and robustness. Eliminating the superfluous, all you have left is the handiness of the product and the convenience of its price.

This is the reason for which one of the most sold backpacks has been equipped with a trolley system. As a consequence, please note that we cannot take any, consequential liability resulting from failure to comply with the legal system of your country of origin.

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