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ER™ Emergency Candles are a great addition to your emergency kit, automobile or office environment. 12 HQ ISSUE Emergency Candles for disaster preparedness!When disaster strikes, these emergency light Candles keep you out of the dark! View DetailsTriwick is an ingeniously designed emergency candle that burns for 20 hours, not just providing light and heat, but also an easy way to cook food. For use in Rituals, Ceremonies, Holidays, Religious, Parties, Vigil, Electrical Outages, etc. These are not your typical candles and they are certainly not the smell good, decorative kind. These emergency candles can be used for heat, light, and cooking in case of a power failure. Step 4: Pour melted wax over sawdust or shavings one cup at a time, and stir using the paint stick. Step 6: Once they are packed and somewhat cooled, pour a thin wax seal on the top of each can.
Place your finished emergency candle on tile or non flammable material before lighting, be sure there is nothing overhead or surrounding it that could catch fire. To use as a cook stove, hammer 3 larger tent stakes (2-3”taller than the can) around the edge of the candle against the can.
ER™ EMERGENCY READY Candles provide both emergency light and warmth for your hands following a disaster when power-outages are likely.

When the power goes out or you find yourself stranded in a roadside emergency, these candles provide a good solution for temporary lighting. Continue adding wax and stirring until its like graham cracker crust mix consistency and each piece seems to be covered with wax. Place a metal (stainless steel) cooling or grilling rack onto of the stakes and place pot onto of the rack. At no additional charge to you, I receive a small commission whenever a product is purchased through these links. The best part is they are super easy to make, and you can make them pretty quickly for bulk gifts to friends and neighbors.
Emergency candles keep well in cars (smaller cans only), 72 hour kits, homes, or for use when camping and hiking. This packs really well if you let it cool until you can handle it, but not so much that it is starting to harden. The candle does come with a warning sticker saying that they should not be left lit for no longer than four hours at a time.
I think when I clean out my cupboards, I will keep a couple of the pans I would have thrown away just for this purpose. Melt a few chunks at a time to avoid having tons of left over melted wax in an old pot and no more cans or sawdust. Setting the candle on something like a saucer or plate should work to mitigate the problem.

The bottom of the pot will also be blackened, but at least you’ve been fed a warm meal. I initially bought them to keep on hand for power outages, but ended up using them the first time as decorative pieces in my fireplace and around the house during a party. The stickers are fairly easy to remove, and once done you have a lovely but simple and nondescript candle to put anywhere. They lasted at least 12 hours each, and I'd guess quite a deal longer - indoor and with no wind - and provide an impressive amount of light.
The 6 or so that I had in my fireplace I used one night during a power outage and could see well enough in my living room. I am not sure how they would do kept in the car in the hot summer as an emergency candle, but am planning to try a couple out in my emergency kit (who ever remembers to take these things out in the summer anyway?).
All in all, I'm very happy with these and will continue to keep plenty on hand for a variety of uses, both emergency and decorative.

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