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This emergency preparedness checklist will help you to get ready against a sudden emergency beforehand, as when disaster strikes, you may not have much time to act.
Preparation for the air vacation is actually the beginning of the trip, because when you start planning, it gives you a thrill of anticipation.
In order to increase level of your preparedness you should fully study each of possible disasters – where they come from, what are their main traits, why they are so dangerous, what kinds of accidents create the highest mortality rate during each of these emergencies, what you can do in order of getting specifically prepared, etc.
Consider different places where you or your family members can be at when emergencies could happen (at school, at home, at work, etc).
Develop an escape or action plan coordinated with the emergency plans accepted at places where you or your family members could be.
Take some trainings to know how to remedy the most usual types of injuries (disinfection and treatment of wounds, bandaging, etc).
Demonstrate to your family members how they can turn off the water, gas and electricity at your home (with a help of main switches) when it could be necessary.
Provide your trusted neighbors with spare keys to your home; show them where they can turn off your utilities and give them a list of contact phone numbers. Create a list of essential family information (names and ages of your children, their chronic illness and disorders, contact numbers, etc), and contact information necessary for your healthcare providers. Store up Emergency kit including usual first aid package along with some specific medicines which can be required by your family members. Supplies include flashlight with extra batteries, battery-operated radio, unbreakable bottles with clear water, credit cards and cash, change of clothes, rain gear, sturdy shoes, blanket or sleeping bag, candles and lighter (water proof), walkie-talkie set, any other necessities needed (especially for babies, elderly or disabled family members). Store up some sanitation supplies: disinfectant crystals, all-purpose liquid soap, tooth brush and paste, feminine hygiene items, disinfectants, etc.
Ensure that family records, documents, extra set of car keys and other things like these are kept in a water- and fire-proof container. When constructing your house or some auxiliary buildings on your land – make sure that they are constructed observing basics of anti-emergency projecting (for example, using anti-flood architectural techniques).
Ensure that interior of your home meets elementary anti-emergency requirements – flammable products are stored away from potential heat sources, heavy objects are placed on lower shelves, electricity wiring is safe, etc. Ensure that all emergency supplies and items (such as flashlight) are within an easy reach. You can find more detailed instructions regarding different specific kinds of emergencies in our Safety Checklists section.
When making decisions that will save lives in a medical emergency, planning and preparation must be given consideration. The professional background and experience of SOS Technologies and AED Results offers each client help on developing  an Emergency Preparedness Program to meet their specific needs. This storm-preparation checklist, updated for 2012, was developed by a team of our editors who have endured and covered more than a dozen hurricanes.
This storm-preparation checklist, updated for 2012, was developed by a team of our editors who have endured and covered more than a dozen hurricanes.In making the list, the team members drew on their own experiences, as well as advice from the National Hurricane Center, American Red Cross, National Weather Service, the state emergency management agencies for Alabama and Mississippi, and other sources. They tie in quite nicely with NAP4 recommendations and are an example of what we should all be doing in our own places of work… Coming up with agreed upon checklists and action plans for critical procedures, that are suited to the environment they will be used in. Finally a€” before I forget a€” if you doubt the power of checklists, read Atul Gawande’s great little book, The Checklist Manifesto.

Firstly, no one cares if there is no air in your patient’s stomach if they are dead from hypoxia! RSI is a concept, first described in its common current iteration in the seventies by Stept and Safar. Here is a a more comprehensive idiot proof check list that ensures nothing is missed and serves as comprehensive documentation of who was called when, who arrived when, which drugs were given when etc. I have been running an airway registry in the ED at The Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney for the last 2 years. I presented the first 18 months of data at the ASM in Sydney last year and I must admit, they showed room for improvement!.
I am happy for people to download the file and use it as is, or with appropriate modifications. Furthermore I would love to hear from anyone keen to undertake an Airway Registry in their own ED -- a Pdf of the data collection form we use is also on the website. As the authors of the NAP4 study conclude, it is essential we all audit our practice of this potentially high risk procedure.
Try CentriQS complete task management solution for planning, tracking and reporting tasks, projects, and schedules. If you want to learn basic ways of protecting yourself and your family against emergencies by planning ahead, then this list is a right document to read. Check with your local Red Cross and authorities to learn disaster preparation guidelines provided by them. Define and agree with your family what you should do in cases of different emergency situations. Agree a place(s) outside of the home where family members can meet in a case of certain emergency (agree several options for different cases). Consider the cases when it is necessary in order of preparing your house against emergencies.
If you have not placed your important documents in a bank safe-deposit box, collect them, copy them and take them there. George’s checklist and action plan emphasize the need for communication, the need for multiple plans and the need to recognise and prepare for failure (defined both clinically and in time). Key areas of interest include: the ED-ICU interface, toxicology, simulation and the free open-access meducation (FOAM) revolution. As one of the New York ambulance companies, battling traffic forces ambulette service members have to often take drastic measures to keep patients healthy during their trip.
Our Team, headed by Mike Cadogan & Chris Nickson, consists (mostly) of emergency physicians and intensivists based in Australia and New Zealand.
Of course, you’ll want the day to be perfect and run smoothly – but what if an accident happens along the way? Increase productivity of your small business or office by better organizing your employees' tasks and time. This checklist gives you a number of tips and recommendations on supplies you need to store up and steps you need to take. Be ready that in a case of really serious disaster telephone landlines (as well as your cell phone) can become just disabled.

He says that these documents are stuck on top of his department’s difficult airway trolleys as an A3 poster.
It is also useful to use positive pressure for maintain apneic oxygenation after drug administration. An open appendicectomy was the traditional technique that has been improved in select cases with laparascopic technique.
You can be prepared for all possible situations by making a wedding day emergency kit that you can bring along with you– this is a perfect project for the Mother of the Bride, the Maid of Honor, or bridesmaids can do. Finally, all this equipment, including the checklist and action plan, is put to use in team-based simulation scenarios so that it becomes second nature for everyone. It is useful in select cases when classic RSI( whatever that is currently), may present extraordinary danger to your hypoxic patient. Applying cricoid, waiting till you run into trouble, then releasing it increases your chances of a failed intubation and then having to use bag ventilation between attempts massively increasingly aspiration risk.
Collect valuable paperwork, including prescription information, in a watertight container; be ready to take it with you.
Crank up your portable generator and chainsaw to test them, and buy extra oil and oil filters, as needed. Review your plan to prepare your house for any approaching storm, and to evacuate your family in case of an evacuation order.
We were taught that if we all performed RSI the same way , then we would all have the same success. It does not have to be a huge box, but a small kit with travel sized items should do the trick.
If you own a boat, think about how you would secure it, or where and how you’d relocate it in an emergency. Ask yourself: Would they suffice if I had to unload my freezer, and had no power for a week?
If you are interested in obtaining flood insurance, call your agent or check the fema.gov website for a list of participating companies.
As warranted, elevate furniture a few inches, and cover expensive furniture with plastic sheeting.
Be sure that your fire extinguisher is in working order and is sufficient for your home and property.
Schedule any roof repairs, and to talk with a builder or home improver about installing hurricane straps and clips if you lack them. If you are thinking of buying hurricane shutters, generators or chain saws, this is an excellent time to get that done.

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