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All of the information, photographs & schematics from this website and much more is now available in a 374 page printed book or in electronic format. Unfortunately, the 737-700 was particularly prone to a dramatic shudder from the main landing gear if you tried to land smoothly. The standard 737 brakes are a steel alloy called Cerametalix(R) with versions made by either Goodrich or Honeywell.
There are four thermal fuse plugs in the inner wheel half which prevent tyre explosion caused by hot brakes. Emergency Stop PushbuttonsThe 3SB35 series of pushbuttons are available in either metal or plastic.
From simple witness light that lit when you turn the lights, there are lights telling us that we have chair heat on. Currently, more board clocks are digital, just to show the multitude of symbols in order to warn the driver that something is happening. Some time ago, the witnesses were simple board light bulbs wrapped in a transparent plastic that was printed on control panel: low beam, high beam, door open, malfunction, hand brake etc.

If somehow you do not know what a symbols light means, here are some examples of some board witnesses and their explanation.
Skoda car number 18,000,000 came from the factory manufacturer Kvasiny on January 19, 2016. US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that Volkswagen has used deceptive devices emission tests in the US and other engines than originally announced.
While we enjoy a pleasant late summer, Chris Harris entertain us with his video of the Ferrari 488 Spider.
Finally a glimpse of the much awaited 911 model from Porsche named as GT3 R has been captured. The last Mini S was a half hatchback having half-station wagon, five door and entirely weird. Volkswagen?s Vienna engine has completed its 36 years providing excellent service year after year for uncountable customers of VW. Since 2008 the 737NG has had a carbon brake option from either Goodrich with Duracarb(R) or Messier-Bugatti with SepCarb® III-OR.

But now you are seeing on your board absolutely every detail, from spoiler inclination and tire pressure, to indicating the moment where you have to shift gears. It could be something important and if you solve the problem in the right time you can save unnecessary expense and you can even save your life.
If, for example, now we see for the first time witnesses light on brands like Mercedes (eg the cruise control with braking function alone with radar or automatic warning if a collision is imminent) in the future we will see in all cars. There is an externally mounted trunnion bearing on the gear, a re-located gas charging valve, and the uplock link is separate from the reaction link.

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