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During an emergency, where power and gas may be hard to come by, a thermos can be a great way to cook a wide variety of slow cooking foods. Using a thermos can be a great way to save that precious fuel when cooking things that have a long cooking time.
Cooking with a thermos is pretty easy; in fact, if you can boil water you should be able to pull it off. When looking for a good quality thermos, look for something that is well insulated, large enough to cook with and something that has a wide mouth so you can easily get food in and out of the container.
Preheating the thermos, prior to adding your ingredients, will help the bottle maintain heat throughout the cooking process.
When selecting what foods you can cook in your thermos make sure you pick foods that would normally be cooked in liquid. Typical Cooking Times: While cooking times will vary depending on your Thermos and its ability to retain heat, here are some general guidelines. Some foods will require a bit of precooking, especially things like meat or beans which require high amounts of heat.
Cooking things like rice and beans can take hours, using a huge amount of fuel that you usually can’t afford to waste during an emergency. If you’ve ever cooked with a crock pot, then the concept of cooking with a thermos is pretty similar.
The key to using this method of cooking is time, so you’re going to want to plan ahead and make sure you have a good quality thermos that will retain its heat while cooking the food. Deciding what you’re going to eat an hour before mealtime is not going to work so you need to give yourself enough time to properly cook the food. I’ve been using a Stanley Thermos for years, but some of the newer models have received some poor reviews lately so you might also want to check out brands like Sigg, Nissan, Hydro Flask and Zojirushi. Once you’re ready to add your ingredients to the thermos empty the water and add the new boiling water with your cooking ingredients.

The First number is how long you should boil the food before putting it in the thermos, the second number is the amount of time required to cook the food inside the thermos. These foods should be cooked to the point where you would normally turn down the stove to start the simmering process.
Natural disasters caused by tornados, floods, blizzards, droughts, earthquakes and hurricanes are on the rise and occurring in areas that have never been hit! It allows you to simmer foods for a long time, with only the fuel that’s required to boil the initial water.
I personally use the Hydro Flask 32oz bottle because the extra-large opening makes it easier to work with when cooking. I would stay away from anything that can be easily overcooked, or foods that cannot be brought to a full boil. Once you reach this point, they can then be added to the thermos to finish the slow cooking process. Hence: wrap the thermos in a woollen blanket or some other very good insulator, before laying it on its side on a table, to slow down the heat loss from the thermos to the cold air. Technology allows terrorists to attack targets without being discovered until its too late and social unrest is growing with an increasing unstable international economy! When a disaster strikes and the electricity is down along with your local water treatment plant it is very important to have a quality grill and stove to cook your food and boil your water to sterilize it killing any kind of bacteria, viruses or parasites that could be present. Just imagine if there was a disaster and you had no way to easily cook your meals and boil your water!!! People that think ahead and want to always be ready for any emergency situation will always have a quality survival cooking stove along with their emergency preparedness long term food storage system! This is because its unique design allows it to cook with biomass fuel (any wood including sticks, twigs, pinecones, scrap construction wood), charcoal or propane!
You can switch from one fuel source to another in seconds and the volcano grill portable cooking stove ‘s sturdy portable design enables you to set it up fast! You will be cooking in just a couple of minutes and your wood or coal fuel will burn up to two hours allowing you to cook plenty of food. Our garden fresh Green Cabbage can add a delicious texture to soups, stews, or other dishes.

Its also super portable and easy to store or transport when on the go because the Volcano is collapsible down to only 5 inches high and it comes with its own easy to carry storage bag. This is large enough to handle 6 ---¼ pound burgers or 3-4 nice size steaks at a time. Its handy adjustable side vent allows you to adjust the airflow going into the stove to control the flame and burn rate of the fuel when cooking your food.
When cooking with propane the volcano grill portable cooking stove will heat up to a whooping 19,500 BTU's. This is great for cooking and a real comfort when using the Volcano as an outdoor fire ring heater. However please know that any kind of wood or charcoal also cooks a great meal without any problems at all. SAFETY---- The volcano grill portable cooking stoves double wall construction with sturdy support legs makes it extremely safe in many different environments whether it is cooking on your patio after losing your electricity, camping, a day at the beach or partying while tailgating on your truck at the game or races! The sides and the bottom of this grill and cooking stove always stay cool to the touch so if you like you can pick it up to move it to another location while cooking without problem. You can also grill and cook on plastic tables without any heat transference to the table at all! It is our hope and desire that you now know how great this portable grill and cook stove really is.
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