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Job-specific training is the responsibility of the supervisor and their department.A  Both verbal and hands-on instruction is required for any activities that involve hazardous conditions or present a risk of injury. Diagnostic Criteria: Severe Hypertension Severe hypertension that is accurately measured using standard techniques and is persistent for > 15 minutes is considered a hypertensive emergency. When to Treat: Metrics All pregnant or postpartum patients with systolic blood pressure ? 160 mm Hg or diastolic blood pressure ? 110 mm Hg that persists > 15 minutes require treatment.
Severe Hypertension in Pregnancy Checklist [ ] Initiate magnesium sulfate for seizure prophylaxis (if not already initiated). Guidelines for Documentation In documentation of assessment and plan, include: Whether a diagnosis of preeclampsia has been made and, if not, what steps are being taken to exclude the diagnosis Whether antihypertensive medications are required to control BP and, if so, medication, dose, route, and frequency Current fetal status Whether magnesium sulfate is being initiated for seizure prophylaxis and if so, dosing, route, and duration of therapy Whether delivery is indicated and if so, timing, method, and route. Postpartum Surveillance: Inpatient Once a hypertensive emergency is treated and the patient is delivered, additional monitoring, follow-up, and education is necessary to prevent additional morbidity.

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