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Living in California for most of life (except for a couple years that I was in college out of state), earthquakes are a part of normal life. Thanks for the great post, it reminded me I need to update this portion of my family binder.
Things you don’t think you need and would never remember in a real emergency – love this!
Countless disasters have shown that pet owners can quickly become a vulnerable population in the face of a natural disaster or emergency. Should you stay at home with your pet? Should you take your pet with you? It is extremely important for the safety of pet owners and pets, to have a plan for caring for pets during a disaster.
With pets, the best way to protect your furry, scaly, or slimy family member is to plan ahead.
Pets rely on you to care for them every day and you rely on them for comfort and companionship. Comment All comments posted become a part of the public domain, and users are responsible for their comments.
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With the 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan in the headlines, we extend our heartfelt empathy and condolences to the people of Japan.
2.  Have you arranged to have a list of all your prescription medicines, dosages and instructions online on a service such as GoogleDocs where you or someone out-of-area can access it for you or your doctors? 4.  Does your Homeowners Association have a plan for checking on the safety of all in the development?
Jim Berkland, former USGS Geologist, predicted the 1989 San Fransico Earthquake (The World Series Quake) four days in advance. There is always form over function to consider and granite isn’t the easiest material to maintain.

Former Assemblyman Steve Clute offers a solution to the current severe drought…for a second time! The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) helped provide emergency shelter and care for more than 8,500 animals displaced by Hurricane Katrina. They can’t do it for themselves and so it is up to you to have an emergency plan in place for your pets. If you think it through and prepare in advance, you will know what to do in order to protect yourself, your family, and your pets. There are a few reasons why it is a good idea to identify friends or relatives that will be willing to care for your pet if you are unable to do so. Before you find yourself in an emergency situation, pack a pet emergency kit so that you are ready to care for your pet if a disaster hits.
Don’t let an emergency or disaster prevent you from caring for or separate you from your pets.
It features food and water that is sufficient for 4 people and have a five year shelf-life. It was known as the Water Conservation in Landscaping Act, AB 325 (Chapter 1125, Statute 1990) signed into law by Governor Deukmejian in September 1990. After 9 years and thousands of ideas, I realize I'll never be able to check them all off my list. Following Hurricane Sandy, the ASPCA assisted more than 30,000 pets in New York and New Jersey. Before an emergency, make sure you figure out where you will go that is safe for you and your pet.
You may not be home when an emergency occurs, so line up a neighbor or friend that can check on and care for your pets.
Pack 3-7 days worth of pet food (dry or canned), bottled water, medications, veterinary records, a pet carrier, litter and disposable litter trays, manual can opener, food dishes, first aid kit, and other supplies with you in case they’re not available later.
Make sure identification tags are up-to-date and securely fastened to your pet’s collar.
A typical microchip costs around $45, but shelters and organizations often hold events where the cost is much cheaper.

The ASPCA stickers are used to make sure rescue workers know that you have pets inside your home, the types of pets, and your vet information.
As much as we’ve talked about the beautiful resort area of Palm Springs, we must also be mindful of the potential of an earthquake throughout California. We're also social media evangelists and use it extensively both personally and professionally. We are passionate about what we do for our clients, and we'll show you why we are becoming the Entertainment Industry’s Preferred Palm Springs Area Realtors. Berkland sees a convergence of signs especially following New Zealand and Japan quakes that compel him to make this prediction. Go to the link and register for notifications (you set geography and magnitude) on your desktop or mobile. It is estimated that 30 to 40 percent of the people who refused to leave their homes after Hurricane Katrina were staying to care for their pets, and over 600,000 pets were killed or left without shelter. Find out which hotels are pet-friendly, and make sure you look into hotels in your community (for short-term needs) and hotels out-of-town that are pet-friendly in case you have to evacuate. Also, ask friends and relatives outside of your immediate area if they would be willing to take in your pet should you have to evacuate. Pet-friendly shelters, kennels, or boarding facilities that you arrange ahead of time will need to be able to identify your pet and know your pet’s medical history.
Contact your vet for a list of boarding kennels and facilities that will be open to taking pets in an emergency.   Does your local animal shelter provide emergency shelter or foster care for pets? Pets most likely cannot survive on their own, and if by some remote chance they do, you may not be able to find them when you return.
I figure if I commit to sharing here, that will ensure that I get it done for my family, right?

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