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A key to understanding how to create authentic fake doctors notes is recognizing the important components of actual doctors notes. The date, and in some cases time, is one of the most important components of official-looking doctors excuses.
At the top of the form, usually to the left of the date and time, is a blank line for the patient’s name. Keep in mind that some novelty notes including branding, a company name, or an indication that it is for novelty purposes.
When many students are first introduced to the concept of printable fake doctors notes, their eyes get big.
In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, friends and her three cats, Mika, Linkin and Oki. Use this printable medical release form to ensure your child's medical care in the event of an emergency. If you share legal custody with your ex, make arrangements to have the form notarized together so that you can both sign it. In this article, we’ll break down the parts of a novelty doctor's note that are significant to creating a fake doctors note. At the very least, the doctor's excuse will have the doctor’s full name and all appropriate licenses. This information can be typed, and it can be written in handwriting other than the doctor’s own. This type of information is optional, and it is usually only filled in for prescriptions and similar purposes. None of those aspects are viable for a note intended as a fake because they are an obvious clue that note is indeed a forgery. The Note Must Look AuthenticA fake doctors note has to look like an actual doctor's excuse note. The Note Must Be Clear of Obvious GiveawaysThe most obvious giveaway is a novelty indication, or the branding or company name of a business who deals in novelty items.
The Note Must Be Printed with High-Grade Paper and InkDoctors don’t generally print out their own notes. Rexford, a native of western Pennsylvania, earned his Bachelor of Science degree in animal bioscience from the Pennsylvania State University.
Miller received her undergraduate degree from Wellesley College and went on to receive her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Cornell University in 1991. Miller enjoys spending time with her husband, five-year-old son, Golden Retriever Augie, and three cats, Lilly, Rudy and Dave.
Elissa Allen graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2000 with a degree in biological sciences. Kallem's large family consists of two dogs, three cats, two birds, two lizards, one sugar glider, two boys, and one husband. Kristen Krisulevicz is a 2011 graduate of Michigan State University, College of Veterinary Medicine. Krisulevicz enjoys exercising and spending time with her family, friends and her Himalayan cat, "Earl". Lindsey Rademacher is originally from Sharon, PA and completed her undergraduate degree in bioengineering and science at Penn State University. Daly enjoys being outdoors in her time off, doing anything from biking to scuba diving with family and friends.
Tricia Tovar completed both her undergraduate degree in biomedical sciences and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Texas A&M University, College of Veterinary Medicine. Tovar enjoys traveling, spending time with her Giant Schnauzer, "Gillian", her two cats, “Norman” and “Pablo” as well as cooking, running and painting. Mooshian became interested veterinary medicine when she volunteered at a veterinary clinic in high school.
Brendan Cloonan was born and raised on the North Side of Pittsburgh and returns home after earning his veterinary degree from Ross University (with clinical year spent at Louisiana State University).  He graduated from Mercyhurst College with a Bachelor of Science in biology.

Cloonan is a “die hard Steelers fan”, an avid golfer and is the proud owner of a black lab, “Bubba Gump”. Carol Park graduated from New York University with a Bachelor’s Degree in journalism, which led her to work in documentary television production for several years.  Following volunteer work with animals,  Dr. Park shares her home with two cats, “Nala” and “Stella” and, in her free time, enjoys skiing, biking and cooking. Victoria Chu received her Bachelors of Agriculture in Science majoring in Animal Science from Ohio State University in 2010.  In 2014 Dr.
Chu is a competitive ballroom dancer, certified scuba diver, recreational tennis player and rock climber.  Dr. Click below to view the Emergency & Critical Care medical message previously airing on Fox 53 and MyPittsburghTV. Say your child suffers a broken bone on the playground while you're at work or out of town. This is an additional step that may seem unnecessary, but having each copy notarized ensures the medical facility treating your child that it is, indeed, your signature on the form. In multi-doctor environments, it is possible for the doctors note to have multiple doctors’ names on it. The reason this is important is that the date and time must be in the same handwriting as the signature. It has to have all the crucial aspects, and it can’t include any novelty markings that would be a dead giveaway.
Another obvious giveaway is a detail that makes no sense, such as a doctor’s office in another state or a patient name that differs from your own.4. He completed his education at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and work as a mixed animal practitioner for 18 months. She received her VMD from the University of Pennsylvania in 2006, happily returning home to Pittsburgh to start her career with Veterinary Emergency Clinic (PVSEC-Emergency) upon graduation.
She began her career at Veterinary Emergency Clinic (PVSEC-Emergency) in 2005 and has since enjoyed the many challenges of a busy ER. In the rare moments she is not cleaning up after some one, she enjoys reading fiction and training in martial arts.
She and her husband Josh, have two cats, “Marble” & “Yoda”, who are quite the trouble makers.
Mooshian received her BS in Biology from Lebanon Valley College in 2009 and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Ross University in 2013.
Kenton Rexford of the PVSEC Emergency service was interviewed on the PCNC Night Talk program about keeping festivities pet-friendly. That's why you need to print copies of this free medical release form, so you can give clear, irrefutable consent for medical treatment—even if you cannot be reached by phone, text, or email in the event that your child suffers an injury that requires medical treatment. You don't want your child to have to wait for treatment—including pain relievers—until you can be reached.
People in positions of authority do scrutinize them, and if the fake doctor's note doesn’t stand up to that scrutiny, the student could find himself or herself in a lot of hot water. The good news is that there are actual doctors excuse templates available for download on the Internet free.2. Miller began her career in Rochester, NY where she split her time between an AAHA small animal practice and an equine ambulatory practice. She later returned to the United States to accept a position at a small animal practice while working part-time at an animal emergency center in upstate New York.
Krisulevicz obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Allegheny College in 2007. Rademacher earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2010 from North Carolina State University. Following her undergraduate studies, she graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Ross University, and her clinical year of studies was completed at the University of Florida.  In 2013, Dr.
They have also recently taken a doberman puppy, “Ostera”, into their home, who keeps them on their toes at all times.

Tovar traveled a great deal while pursuing training and experience in emergency medicine, first completing a rotating medicine and surgery small animal internship in California.
Cloonan’s clinical interests include surgery, anesthesia and pain management.  Following his internship at PVSEC, Dr. Park completed a small animal rotating internship at the Veterinary Medical Center of Central New York, where she then worked as a full-time emergency veterinarian before joining the PVSEC Emergency service in 2014. Chu completed a rotating internship in 2015 at the University of Pennsylvania.  In the summer of 2015 Dr. With that in mind, we present the six most important considerations when making replica doctors notes. Rexford practiced small animal medicine while working part-time at Veterinary Emergency Clinic (PVSEC-Emergency).
She moved to the Pittsburgh area in 1995 and continued to practice small animal and equine medicine and surgery.
Throughout veterinary school, she served as vice president of the Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society. Mooshian completed a small animal rotating medicine and surgery internship at PVSEC in 2014 and is currently completing an emergency and critical care internship at PVSEC. Mooshian shares her home with Ripley, a 3 year old male mixed breed dog she adopted from St. Chu joined the PVSEC team as a doctor in the emergency department.  Her clinical interests are in both Emergency and Cardiology Medicine and she would someday like to pursue a residency in Cardiology. Doctors excuses must be adaptable because you have to custom-tailor them to your specific situation. Dutra was drawn to emergency medicine and accepted a full-time position with an emergency animal hospital in Saratoga, New York.
She enjoys an exciting and fast-paced work environment and has a clinical interest in small animal emergency and critical care.
Tovar then practiced emergency medicine in Texas, Australia and Massachusetts, before completing an emergency and critical care internship at PVSEC.
Be sure to include your ex's contact information, if he or she shares custody or parenting responsibilities.
If a note has information that is clearly false, then there is a good chance it is spotted by someone who otherwise wouldn’t scrutinize it. Stay as close to plausible as possible, and consider using an emergency room if you fear intense scrutiny.5. Rexford accepted a full-time position with Veterinary Emergency Clinic in 1998 and has been with them ever since.
Miller began to practice small animal medicine exclusively, working part-time at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic (PVSEC-Emergency). She simultaneously worked part-time performing spays and neuters for the Upstate SPCA and did per diem work with another small animal practice.
The Note Must Not Be Pre-signedMany novelty notes come pre-signed, or you may be tempted to sign it with software like Photoshop prior to printing it out.
However, doctors must physically sign such notes by law, so a pre-signature is a clear indication of a fake. Dutra moved to the Pittsburgh area in 2004, working with a small animal general practice and emergency veterinary hospital before joining PVSEC in 2008.
You should plan to keep one at home (on the refrigerator for easy access in an emergency), store one in your child's backpack, and give one to every adult or establishment (such as a child care facility) that cares for your child.

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