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Lone Peak CEO, Mark Meadows talks about his vision for Lone Peak unique perspective as a nurse. An estimated 450,000 patients will see a doctor over the Internet this year for basic ailments like colds, infections, aches, and pains per the American Telemedicine Association.
When you arrive at Lone Peak Emergency Center in Draper, one of our experienced triage specialists quickly assesses your medical needs.
You will receive medical attention according to the seriousness of your symptoms, illness, or injury as determined by the triage nurse.

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Utilization of telemedicine is estimated to increase from roughly 250,000 patients in 2013 to an estimated 3.2 million patients in 2018, according to theAmerican Hospital Association. If you have a seriously urgent issue or rapidly changing condition, one of our physicians will see you immediately. After you are assigned to a room in the Emergency Department, a nurse and a physician will evaluate you.

It features ancillary services that support diagnosis, including an imaging suite with MRI, ultrasound, CT scanner and X-ray capabilities.

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