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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Raspberry New Millennium Bar is formulated and packaged to endure temperature extremes and has an extended shelf life of up to five years!
A Lock Pick Set is an often overlooked but sometimes necessary tool that should be part of any well prepared Urban Bug-Out Kit. Legacy Essentials' 100% USDA Freeze Dried Meat combo pack will become the main staple of your survivalist supply.These survivalist meats taste great and are easy to store and prepare.
Stocking your food storage with foods your family likes, will ensure your family will enjoy what they are eating in an emergency. When it comes to food storage, having foods your family are familiar with will help make an emergency situation a little less stressful. Let legacy help you and the peanut butter lovers in your family be able to indulge in the taste of rich, creamy peanut butter even in the middle of an emergency. Useful for rescuing other survivors trapped behind locked doors, or searching for food and supplies.

The freeze dried meat assortment pack is loaded with nutrients, especially protein: 25g per chicken serving and 23g per serving of beef.
A lot of families love the taste of smooth, creamy peanut butter, but don’t think to include it in their food storage. It is a great idea to include fruits, snacks, and even peanut butter in your food storage, to help break up the monotony in your food storage meals. Don’t let the just add water part fool you into thinking you won’t enjoy the rich, smooth, creamy taste of peanut butter.
Being "Prepared" for the unknown can include just about any Emergency, usually the type that you are least prepared for.
Pack real chicken and beef into your survival supply and make any meal heartier and more filling with freeze dried meats; easily satisfy even the biggest of appetites. Most people don’t think about including peanut butter in their food storage because they are afraid of it spoiling.
Legacy’s powdered peanut butter mix is made from slow roasted peanuts, and then blended into powder letting you enjoy the smooth texture, and nutty taste you have come to know with every bite.

Legacy wants to help your family enjoy the foods in your food storage even in an emergency, by offering the little things such as 10-15 year long shelf life powdered peanut butter. Legacy offers a long life powder peanut butter mix which has the smooth, creamy taste of real peanut butter, but can be stored for up to 10-15 years.
Having peanut butter is not only nice to have on hand for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but is also great to add to your cookies, breads, cakes, and other meals.
Peanut butter is packed with fiber and protein to help fill you up and keep you fuller for longer. Peanut butter has health benefits such as magnesium for building strong bones, vitamins B6 to help boost your immune system, and mono unsaturated fat to keep your heart healthy, and help decrease your risks of diabetes.

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